I have collected reports from some of my chats. I hope I haven’t published them in the previous tread. I haven’t checked.

As I predicted it would be very difficult to take down WWs after level 50.


French player with Unique Eyes scouts Arab WW.


Italian player from NE attacks Russian WW.

Poland players attacks Russian WW.



Turks attack Arab WW



Arab against a Russian player, I don’t remember which artifact it was about.


Russian reports

I don’t like anonymous reports and have forgot who the defender was but nice ram hammer 🙂

Russian attacks at Logan WW NW-meta.



Russians against Poland WW.

Russian attacks Arab WW

Russians against FR-REV WW


Russians going for the Arab Great architect. I have “only” some of the cleaning reports (18). They took the architect some hours before REV-meta landed. There was nothing left of that village.

Looks as a insider “scout” report



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