Prediction 050214

With one month left to the building planes arrival the NW ally HUN-AVG cleaned a WW for Funcool fromUØLLAS.,8858948d1f4,8859006bb58,88590743b38,88 590804d78,88591062060,885912a8743,8859149c23b,8859 150d2b0,8859161d41e,8859194451e,885920fc8e1,885922 a8135,8859236f3b7

Last time French started the WW-race. They lost it and the Russians took every one except one – to have something to trow their WW hammers on. It ended up with that they took the last one too.

I have also got indications that Russians have their planes too on a early WW. Colapsar:……

This time it will be a different distribution of WW’s. More will try, even if it is realistic or not. Time to try a prediction The picture is complicated. Italians and Russians holds the Grey Zone. A few other nations have a hold in there. That will make it hard for the rest to take a WW. But will they sit down and only look at the endgame and realize they are beaten? I don’t think so. I hope this can be the thrilling endgame I worked for. Will Russians (or independent Russians) win for the third time or will it be the Italians? Or any other nation?

NW-meta have now a Italian one. Russians in NW boasted a lot before start so they have to take one. That makes 2 for NW.

EU-meta have French who wants revenge for last time. Russians have trata, who so far have been the second WW-holder the latest rounds. I think he wants to win this time. I would not be surprised if NE takes up to 5 WW’s. I would be even more surprised if it stays at 2 WW’s. Those buildings always makes players crazy.

SE-meta, Family is not in a good position to claim a WW. Will they try or will they form a coalition with someone other? I wonder about the Clan. They have a good position. MightRU will ofcourse go for it as they have decided. That makes 2-3 for SE.

SW-meta, I don’t think they will be able to agree about a single WW. At least 3. The turks? Probably not, but they will look for an opportunity. Russians – no. 3 for SW.

That gives 9 to 11 partly realistic dreams about holding a WW. Some will only be dreams, some will be attempts, some will succeed.

I think it will end up with 5 WW’s/nations having a chance to survive to the building planes arrive. The resting WW’s will change owner back and forth. Costing a lot of troops. 

My prediction: 9 mars we will have 5 primary opponents in Grey Zone, Russians in NW and NE, MightyRU in SE, Italians and French.

Any bets?

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