Arab WW

The server is running toward the end. This version T4.2 has been more stable than T4 last final who caused a lot of problems and angry players. Only minor disorders and a some bugs have been reported and nothing of the size that make players very upset.

I think it’s best I mention this and that I’m pleased with TG’s efforts to make the game running smothly before I continue with next part 😀

Last round it was the russians that was accused to be the big cheaters. Not surprising, nearly all sites about how to cheat is russian sites. This round I haven’t been contacted by irritated players claming that this or this russian player is cheating. A progress 😀 Maybe some of it depends on the fact that russians didn’t get they “normal” feed of wildcards. A surprise for us all and I’m delighted but it made the server a bit more uneven then presumed.

Instead it is the arabs that have climbed to the top as the most frequent cheaters but mostly because of the spam igm that tries to trick the players into a false Skype site to steal passwords and mail adresses.

Multiaccounts is said to be the reason that one of the “Port-Arab-Bra-Lat-TF” WW’s accounts was deleted and a lot of other accounts too. I tried to check what have happened,  that a WW-account is deleted so fast is very unusual.

The normal way is that the account involved in a WW and with a lot of gold will have the possibillity to explain and admit what faults they have done and then they get a punishment. It usually takes several days.

The accounts involved, I countered 43 in 4 different Arab allys, was banned a few hours before the building planes was released the 8th Mars and deleted the 9th. The WW got back to the Natars but the Architects’s secret dissapeared.

The WW-holder admitted shared password with an arabian leader,  He waited 6 hours for answer, went to bed and woke up with a deleted account.

Another guy, according to information 60 years old and playing instead of his daughter that have a newborn child (interesting story), wrote to MH, got an answer that he didn’t understand but something was wrong and account deleted.  This guy who only speak french, according to information, also writes in english on the .com forum, complaining together with others, spamming lot of treads,  over the treatment.

Even if MH had reasons to delete this accounts, why was it done so fast?

I know, TG will never discuss individual players on the forum. But this is the Tournament Final and it is about a big group and it is about endgame. For certain it must  be possible to assure us players that  this have been handled in the correct way.

Com admins will never give us an answer, but Russian admins use to be honest against their players.

Hacked accounts have been reported more then usual this server. Most of them belongs to the “Skype igm’s” but all can not be explained so easy. That can  depend on shyeness to admit that they have been tricked of course and of a lot of other reasons as too simple passwords or too easy shared.

The forums and servers have been down depending on massive DOS-attacks, it is said. The breaks have been short so TG’s defence must have improve. Warnings about passwords reapeted times when you had logged in on account.

Has this something to do with the increase of reported hacked accounts? How succesfull have TG been on defending our passwords or is it as usual only depending on the players themselves?

You have to excuse us. Too many times have TG denied existing problems until the situation on the server have been a catastrof, especially in the last Final. So far it don’t looks so bad and more and more are aware about the necessary to be more careful.

But it should be nice to get trustworthy comment  about that too to stop the rumours.

And then I’m done. As I said above the server mostly have run smothly. A relief for us that “enjoyed” the last final. The cases mentioned above probably have resonible explanations but it would be good to hear TG’s point of view of what had happened and not only the players speculations.

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