7-11 and sheep from Family

1. Family is a new ally for me. I’ve heard that most of you are from China, is that true?

Yes,we are pure like the russians because of the language:)
There are  also some friends from other countries to cover different time zones .

2. Internet is censored in China, but apparently it is possible to play Travian. Do you have any restrictions? How do you do to buy gold? 

China is not as closed  as  u think .We just cant use twitter and youtube , for others , its totally the same. How to buy gold? use credit card or by paypal. Be serious, we are in the same planet.We dont use gold to buy gold!!!

3. The Russians remember the Chinese as good opponents from the .com qualification. When did you (ally) decide to play the Tournament? Tell us the story about the Family. 

As a team , we are not as active as before because travian is not as popular as it was in China.The remaining players r very experienced .We r here to enjoy the fight and we believe our opponents will enjoy more with our participation.

“Family” is our alliances’ name decided by leadership team, but some guys dislike it because it sounds too kind.

4. You settled in SE, which only have half as many players as the rest of the server. The main russian ally in SE is MIghtyRU.  Comment? 

Before the start of the Tournament, Intelligence Group analysed the Tournament 2011-2012.
They got a clear conclusion, “SE is easy mode, and NW is hell mode.”
As you know, Family come here for peace…

5. What do you know about the rest of the server? 

No intersting, they are in another planet.
en…We think the situation of Russia is not very good, maybe not enough accounts? The anti-rus power is doing a great job especially the romanian and italian.

6. Tell us something about yourself and your account? Male or female? How old are you?  Where are you from? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game?  What do you do when not playing Travian? 

My name is Chai, one of Family leadership team members.
I’m from mainland china, male, 31 years old, an IMBA student from XMU.
I play travian from 2006, cnx, twx, comx, and this is my first time to conquer the Tournament.
I love cooking and tasting delicious food when not playing Travian.
Thank God, I am not a fat guy…

7. Anything else you want to say? 

Peace in the Catapult scope. Old soldiers never die, they just feel bored.

8. Thanks for the interview 🙂 

U are welcome , we are low-key. Don’t tell Russians too much. 🙂




Timur from Romania

Safiren: Can you give a comment about  the status in NW?

timur: It works really good..The truth is that is better than any expectation 🙂 We attack, we receive attacks..We can’t have only wins but we support each other. The teams from NW are doing their jobs..We support grey, the Poles too, The Bulgarians work trully well..Milan&co (LSD) are super.
Of course we sleep 3 hours/night 🙂 We have “family problems” because of it..As we spend more time with the game than with our families 😐

We have areas that we dominate, areas where we are fighting “shoulder to shoulder” and areas that we will lose, probably

Russians have troubles, Hamsters is a 30 rank ally and the last finals dominated all tops. In our area we are fighting especially with DS and Hamsters.  But we also have Enola’s area- COMEDI & Co.  Hamsters migrated in grey but the Bulgarians and the Italians are doing great job there.

Safiren: How about the moral in your ranks?

timur: Well, there are players who deleted ( a few), there are players complaining but I saw many players motivated by this war..I saw players who were slow in the qualifications, very active and involved here. We phone each other in the middle of the night in case of attacks, we are sending deff in blind if it’s necessary 😀

Safiren: which language do you use for your communication?

timur: We speeks in English – we understand each other quite well.

Safiren: It’s time for midgame. Will you be able to hold your meta togheter the next half of the server? When ppl have fight so hard the first half they not always manage it the second half.

timur: I don’t now, i have to be honest..It’s such a rhytm, such a dynamic game that I can only think for a short period..I prefer to think about the next 7 days and manage well things and do the best that we can than to think what will be in a month or so..Of course we have a strategy but for the moment we fight the Russians nearby and it will be like that probably till the end of the server

Safiren: I checked statistics and most of the top10 players/allies in different categories comes from NW. A lot of russians in top on attacking/defending

timur: Yes and also we have players in top and with ranks in off and deff. We fight a lot in NW, we are doing the best we can. The russians are active, gold abusers and  they are using  auxiliary tools (bots/scripts) that automate various activities of the game (attacking/building/troop training), which is prohibited in accordance with the rules of the game.… 

timur: Last night action, the village was down to 88 pop – now it’s 668 :D, hard push, gold unlimited 😀 and we took markissa’s village at 8 pop two weeks ago, in 2 days she had almost 800 🙂

Safiren: Thank you very much for your view of NW 🙂




Stephane from France

Safiren: You are meta diplomat for France in NE area.  Have you played the Final before?
Stephane: Yes last year. Didn’t make it through because of my username, took the same as on the qualifier and as on one of the russian server ^^ Cata’d straight at the start – SWEEEET.

Safiren: lol, do you have an own account now?
Stephane:Yes. One of the only french players in the top 100 Attackers and population ^^

Safiren: EU-meta is fighting against Russians. It’s midgame now. How have the cooperation between so many nations worked the first part of the server?
Stephane: Hellish to be honest. But that doesn’t mean we are inferior to Russian Meta 😉 What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I sense some stronger bonds being created throughout the meta. If someone asked if we’ve got a chance ? I believe in it 😉 But we’ll have to be ready to lose in order to be able to win.

Safiren: What is the biggest problem to be such a huge meta?
Stephane : Difference of language and culture barriers.

Safiren: This is the biggest meta ever preplanned in Travians history. Even if the metas in each quadrant is selfdependent, they still cooperated about which country landing where and agreed to concentrate on russians from beginning.

It have been impossible on earlier servers to get players to cooperate. Why do you think it worked this time?

Stephane: Its because it took time for it to come to a concrete beginning. If i recall, most of this META is from the past 2 finals. And there they were allied to France too at some point in the server. So its because each one knows each others potentiel now and their investment that this time, it was easier to be coordinated. And to actually agree to work together.

Safiren: How is the fight against russians in NE going?
Stephane: I dont know for the whole of the Meta but from my point of view (and Roadkill’s) i am kicking their bloody asses in my 21×21 and Italians are in a hectic fight with them at the center. So I think that the NE is… “tameable”

Safiren: You are 4 times more than russians and NE is “only” tameable? ^^
Stephane: We all came separately to regroup and unite with our own ego, fears, and game style. Thus we take more time to do things because we have to look for someone who can go in more diplomatic. They came as 1 nation, which they are, why it is easier for them to cooperate for Mother Russia.

Safiren: What do you think about the next half of the server, after artefacts?
Stephane: I think these russians will need God’s divine help to be able to fight us 😉

Safiren: Thanks for your view about NE 🙂




I have got complains about how I have classifyed the russians alliances and the antirussians too. My apologies, I didn’t mean to offend. I have to be more careful about how I do my statistics.

I can’t edit my earlier posts so to make clear that russians don’t always shall counts as russians it should be like this:

Russians:Hamsters38, USSR 5, Azbuka 12, 13, FV 7, Ded 9, + 5 
Independent Russians: MightyRU 21, Mega 10
Antirussians: Italians 292. Bgtangra 74, FL 7, EU-Clown 2, Chinese 5, WPT 4, LAT 16, arab2

Antirussians needs another explanation. It is only the Western Europe alliances in NE that is the EU
meta. NW-meta never choosed a name for themselves. And yes they cooperate.The Arab-meta and Chinese-meta are independent – and yes, there are communication with them too but no pacts except the one to fight against russians from beginning.

A short interview with the leader for the independent russians:

[doctor]:I want only my territory and my idea to create WW for old schoolplayers. Independent International WW without zergs. I don’t like zergs))
It’s too simple) Real skill in fun independent game against all. 
[doctor]: We are MightyRU+Mega+OldSup… no bots, no scripts, ~70% solo accounts and ~60% non-gold account, old school and I think that our rank fine for those game.
Safiren: Now you made me wish you shall win – lol
[doctor]: АntiRU don’t believe that i’m against russians so i’ll get hammers, Ru-team hate me so i’ll get hammers. I’ll win (rofl) it’s impossible – but it’s funny)

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