Endgame interviews

Seditious AIM

1. Which date will the server end? How do you rate your chances of winning?
April 1? Why not , I think we’ll see a set back. Russians always have an ace up their sleeve. I think chances of winning now are 75%. Can never count the enemy out, and we know better than that.

2. Your opinion about this server? Your role on the server?
I think it was a very telling server. The Russians complained about Family cheating, while usually it is everyone complaining about the Russians cheating. The Russians were not able to use their usual multi-account strategy and it showed how much it hurt them. Russians stepped up to the platform to tell the world how good they are and had their pants pulled down to their ankles. Numbers don’t win wars, but they help; and it showed here that so many dislike the Russians winning and worked to do something about it.

My team’s role was just a piece of the big plan. We helped keep the SE friendly to the Anti-Russian metas of the NW and NE, and allowed ourselves to challenge what the Russians had in our quad. We supporting any anti-Russian campaigns where we could, but had what fun we could find otherwise.

3. What do you think about next Tournament and T5?
I think we will see the same that we saw after the 1st tournament. Many people will leave the game, we’ve done what most of us came to do: beat the Russians.
Next tournament there will be less unity, less concern about 1 nation dominating (though Dacia vs. Uollas would be a good fight to watch)

T5..psfh… most of us disliked T4 for years, wishing for T3.6 again. I think T5 will make us wish for T4 again.

4. Tell us something about yourself and your account. Male or female? How old are you?
Where are you from? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game?
What do you do when not playing Travian? Will you play the Tournament again?

My name is Shayne, I’m now the sole player on the Seditious account. I’m male, and 20 years old. I was born in Australia, but lived mostly in the United States. I’m a student in my 2nd year right now. I’ve played for 5~ years maybe? When I’m not playing Travian I’m thinking about playing Travian, playing other games, or trying to learn something new. If I come back to the tournament it will just be to watch.

Filled this one out this time

Have a good one, and thanks for your effort.





Black Sabbath  Hamsters

Hi, darling!

With pleasure! 

1. I think, 2 or 3 days. Our only hope – sudden help from latinos or chinees.

2. We play for the first time here. Had a lot of fun and impressions. Absolutely different from national servers. Pure adrenaline. 
Our role here is quite modest, we were not ready to play so hard. Now we have got the experience and know how to play better next time.

3. T5 – no problem. It couldnt be worse than this version. The code is really awful, the number of bugs is indecently.

4. On the account there are 2 people: Alena and Max:
Alena from Ukraine, age 25, housewife, first server,
and Max from Moscow, 44, copywriter, 6 year in Travian.

Yes, we are going to proceed and to take revenge from Romania and Poland

Black Sabbath forever! (rock)



Teutonic Steel Dacia 8



1. Which date will the server end? How do you rate your chances of winning?

The end of March 2014 will bring also the end of this tournament.
I am considering myself a winner already, I think my team and I did a great job in NW, who was from start day the headquarter of Russian Team. We’ve killed so may armies and destroyed so many capitals that I’ve lost count.
And this always helps a lot in endgame, we have the first change of winning the tournament.

2. Your opinion about this server? Your role on the server?

It was the best server I’ve ever played. Lots of active players, guerrilla war day and night. This is travian baby !
I am one of the main leaders of Dacia meta and I also lead Shadows, an international group of veterans from com servers.
I was very active this round and got myself involved in everything … from defence / offence coordination to diplomacy or WW support

3. What do you think about next Tournament and T5?

Next tournament will be another great story. But I will not support another zerg meta where 10% of players have to do the work of the other 90%. I will probably play in a small team and play for fun.
Travian 5 sounds great, I like changes and it looks like there will be plenty. Makes people curious and I’m sure it will be a success !

4. Tell us something about yourself and your account. Male or female? How old are you?
Where are you from? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game?
What do you do when not playing Travian? Will you play the Tournament again?

I am a married with children, 35 years old. Living in Scotland for many years, but I was born in Romania, hence my allegiance to Dacia.
I run my own property maintenance business and I have several people working for me. Playing travian at the office, but often I play at home also.
I play travian since the first com1, 2004, using the same email, but there’s no medal invented for 10 years of activity in this game… shame 😛
When not playing travian, I try to do a lot of useful and practical things to wash away my guilt for spending to much time online…
I was involved in lots of church activities and community service projects, helping the poor, the homeless, the elders, everybody who needs support basically.
I also enjoy gardening, but the weather in Scotland keeps me indoors often and that’s the reason I can say, most likely, I’ll play the next Tournament also.

I hope everybody had fun this round, remember this is but a game and please respect both friends and enemies. ‘NO to real war’ !





Supreme from PT1

1 The server will end in about 3 weeks.
Im playing now for the EU WW and i think our chances to win depend on Russians getting more support from other countries that lost their WW like the arabs .

2.This server was one of the worst i have played.
Although i was very organized on my zone most of the zones from our allies failed specially near the russians. Also some people wanted to have World Wonders from our South West without having any experience whatsoever. I tried to put all south west together and we sent many armies to get the WW so we had the role to get the SW Wonder .
But then we saw that the wonder had bad management so we left it and joined the Arabs which had much more experience then the latinos.
The problem was that MH have no shame and they destroy the game.They have deleted 43 accounts also deleted the WW. This accounts had gold in them so they shouldnt be deleted.
Also they had shared the password and not multi accounts, so they should get 10% ban and not get their accounts deleted, this way i think travian games will lose a lot of players because of their abusive administrators and multi hunters. Also delete a WW and a X3 strenght artefact was very random. This accounts were all banned few hours or minutes before the plans came out.
Seams very suspicious, but even if it wasnt on purpose i dont think that a massive number of accounts should be banned few minuts before the plans.

I just captured the x3 Account effect today at 19:52:00 GMT.

3. I think many players will leave travian this year because of the abuse that the adminstrators and MH have been doing in several servers .
People dont want to spend money in a game that after a while bans them and ends their fun. People come to travian to have fun after their jobs and to try to be good in this game.

They dont come to get headhaches and get harrassed by the multi hunters.

About travian 5 i think it will be great and its new functions will be very nice.The one i like the most is the one that the Alliance leader is able to watch the troops in each alliance player and crops and everything.Also the new system about the points that you can make by attacking a king and steal their tresures and take away their points.This way the World Wonder wont be the only decisive goal in the game.

I think this might bring more cooperation and better management by the leaders. So im kinda excited about it.

4.Well my account nickname is Supreme and im the leader of PT My name is Pedro. I am a male.27 years old.Im from Portugal. I have played this game since 2007 .
When i dont play travian i watch tv series and go out with friends. I dont know yet if i will be playing the finals again because the admins have been doing alot of stuff which doesnt seam correct to me. So we will see if some changes are done in travian that makes us want to continue this wonderful game with bad management.

Thank you for asking me this questions and you do a great job for travian players.




Dutch from EU REV

Hi Safiren, I would be glad to answer your questions:

1) The server will end in 159 hours. That means during the night of March 22nd/23rd

2) My role on the server was to lead REVolution (EU REV). REV is an alliance from The Netherlands (with many international players from North America, Europe and Asia), although it started as a Russian wing from the international qualifier tournament last year.

My opinion of the server is that it was a good fight and I’m glad we won it. In the end it was easier that we thought it would be. I still think the Russians are the best players in the world, but it is good to show everyone that they can be beaten with good teamwork and dedication. Number of accounts has nothing to do with it. This game is about teamplay and I think we showed a lot of that, even under difficult circumstances and very different cultural and national backgrounds. It’s great to see hundreds of people that have difficulties understanding each other, working together anyway to destroy Russian capitals. I am also very impressed by the Italians. Without them, we would not have won.

I hope this continues on all servers and that the Russians will get more and more resistance everywhere. It makes for a better game. Also, although there was again much hacking, multi-accounting, pushing and buying of resources and troops by everyone, I did see much less cheating on this server than normally. This is a good development but there is still a lot of work to do for Travian to put an end to this alltogether, or the game will not survive in my opinion.

3) Next tournament finals I hope will deliver another good and fair fight. The qualiying rounds I suspect will not be good nor fair. I might skip them, unless The Netherlands or the USA gets their own qualifying server again. I do question the need for separate country/regional qualifiers anyway, as anyone from any country can play on any qualifying server they want to. What’s the point of this?
Regarding T.5, we’ll see. So far I’m not impressed by the proposed changes but I can’t say much about it until I try it. I would like to see the game move into the 21st century soon. I still feel like I’m staring at a static screen all the time. Let’s add some battle graphics. The more blood, the better! I don’t know, maybe I’m too young for this game?

4) Account is “Dutch”. Male, 40 years old. I’m half American, half Dutch.
Retired CFO, I own a security company with my wife and I invest in residential real estate.

I’ve played Travian since 2006, version 3.0 although I quit for a few years after a particularly backstabbing, bug-ridden and endless USX server. I have also played on NLX & ComX but I only play the x2 TT’s now. It’s a good addition to the game!

When I’m not playing Travian, I play poker (WSOP and WSOP-E) and I enjoy life.
I should do more of that and less of Travian!
 Yes, I will play the Travian Tournament again 

One last comment:
I do want to thank you Safiren for your efforts on every server to provide interesting reports, information, analysis and stories. It takes a lot of time and hard work, but it is very valuable and it keeps it interesting for many players. If we only had the statistics page, I think a lot of players would have quit a long time ago.
It was also a pleasure to finally see you as a player and leader on a server, I hope you will continue!





Purgaz from Dogma


1. I think the server end on March 26. Our chances are 30%.

2.Russian have troops for a heavy server. For me, too. I was going to play in the sector where there was no centralized Russian troops. They played for themselves, but in the end a little help from them. I am pleased now that I played the server, although I can say that some do not trust the leaders. They fell in my eyes just as leaders.

3. I do not care which version is the next championship, I will not be there.

4. My account has 2 players. This is me (Purgas – Dmitry from Saransk, Mordovia) and Raul from Peru. I As he was on the account from the outset, the development of the account was much better. I am 37 years of which 7 years I have been in this game. I’m developing my business building and finishing materials and it is now a very difficult time for me.  Last week only on account was Raul. Again, this is my last server. I can only say thank you to our neighbors and to their leader in Equinox , Jeb. I want to say thanks to the guys of my alliance, all who see out the round with me to the end, special thanks to my wife (account google), for their patience, help and understanding




Selomaniac from NKT

Hi Safiren ! Nice to meet you again… My name is Ersin…we had an interview with you 2 years ago ))

1. Which date will the server end? How do you rate your chances of winning?
i think server will finish soon… its now level 75 and i dont think that it will be destroyed.. may be they lower its level but it will not be destroyed.. i want EU wings win…

2. Your opinion about this server? Your role on the server?
i dont have a special role… we play for fun with our alliance… we fight against russians..

3. What do you think about next Tournament and T5?
T5 is a bit different.. i couldnt decide yet but i know that its too expensive for some countries because of wave at dollar.. we are not playing at equal situations with other countries..

4. Tell us something about yourself and your account. Male or female? How old are you? as i said at first my name is ersin , male from Turkey… i am 31 years old and work at Turkish army…i play for fun… just want to destroy some russian guys..
Where are you from? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game?i play this game for 4 years… 
What do you do when not playing Travian? Will you play the Tournament again?
i think i will play at next tournaments… at this tournaments our best players didnt come and play as situations are not equal but for next server they will come and we will be more active and strong as Turks.. we will see…




Jørgen O from EU_DK 1

1. Which date will the server end? How do you rate your chances of winning?

Think we are ending thi s between 25 – 30 march.

Think the chances to win is bigger than the last 2 years. But for now no ones know, sure there are big russians army out there.
The victory depends most of all on what the anti russians have left to shoot the russians WW`s down with.

2. Your opinion about this server? Your role on the server?

This server for me – a bit boring at least the last ½ ofit. In the start we were fighting a lot against Colapsar in our area. But for now, not much resistance. They are not defing there cities up – sure the defensive troops are in the importtant capitals, artefacts cities and in their WW, leaving the other cities as they are in no important for now.

My role – I have been one of the leaders in the danish team. Leader of 80 players. I started out with Hyde acount before finals start trying to gather danish players and talking a lot with the rest of the scandinavian about how to cooperate and how to get rest of eroupe together to fight the russians – trying to prevent them to win one more years finals.
It had not been easy to get a lot of counties to work together, I exspect that the russinas never thougt that we could get this Meta working.
It have not been easy, a lots of time i s used on endlees discussions, but never the less, we all have to se the bigger picture and forget own ego and get our players to accepts this.
In all we have done it both in NW and NE, not easy and a lot of struggle with it – but never the less, we have done it.

3. What do you think about next Tournament and T5?

next tournament – I will not be there I think. Dont want to use so much time agian and for sure not all that gold.

I think I will look at the T5 servers with some of our danish players – just to try it.

4. Tell us something about yourself and your account. Male or female? How old are you?

Male, and 63 years old. As alway playing alone, no duals

Where are you from? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game?

I am from Denmark. retired from job just fooling around. Think I have been playing from nearly the start of travian

What do you do when not playing Travian? Will you play the Tournament again?

Use a lots of time photografing, a hobby I have had since 1970, from start making photo at my own at home. Now it is all on digtals cameraes.
Beside that it is time with my family, friends. Live alone in Odense but looking for a appartmet in Copenhagen to get near my family – most of them live there.
Sisters, brother, 3 childs, one granddaugther. I was born in Copenhagen but been away for almost 30 years
I had the joy that 1 of my daugthers godt a girl last year. My first granddaughter and I wish to move closer to them and get a bigger part of there lives.

Jørgen O.




Der Deffer from ~TF™~


1. Which date will the server end? How do you rate your chances of winning?
I think and hope fun cool wins in 14 days. We must not win. We prefer
rank 3.

2. Your opinion about this server? Your role on the server?

Com server are dangerous because lot of acc. was hacked.

3. What do you think about next Tournament and T5?
I think if all countries would play close together, Russain would not come high.
About T5 I have not thought about it.

4. Tell us something about yourself and your account. Male or female? How old are you? 
My acc. kaliningrad111 was hacked and so I play now this acc. And soon I will run with all my hammers against Russian WW. We plan this with our Meta

Where are you from? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game?
I am from Austria and live in Prague and I am employer. I enjoy my life and have fun. I am 60 years old and male. I played Travian I think about 9 years.
What do you do when not playing Travian? Will you play the Tournament again?
In my freetime I go by bike and make yoga and TAE-KWON-DO. I think that I play again.






jif from Cynk PL

1. Which date will the server end? How do you rate your chances of winning?
I dont know when server will end

2. Your opinion about this server? Your role on the server?
As i told you in first interview we are just small polish, and we are in top 20 in off, deff and population. Its really great result for us.

3. What do you think about next Tournament and T5?
Honestly, i didnt think about it.

4. Tell us something about yourself and your account. Male or female? How old are you? 
Where are you from? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game?
What do you do when not playing Travian? Will you play the Tournament again?
Right now, we dont have plan to play in next Tournament.




Grog from Colapsar

Opinion: the server is terrible. In an alliance with 60 accounts  more than 20 were hacked.

The top offers hacked and changed the password, the account is lost. All offs after midgame were sent to the point (-15/15). Defy also sent to attack and killed. Just foul play.

Naturally players lost interest in this championship and many left. After the destruction of the DEF alliance could not resist. 

Мнение о сервере ужасное. Из 60 аккаунтов альянса было взломано хакерами более 20, на топовом оффере взломан и изменен пароль, аккаунт потерян. Все оффы после взлома были отправлены на натар в точку (-15/15). Дефы так же отправлены в нападение и убиты. Просто нечестная игра. Естественно игроки потеряли интерес к такому чемпионату и многие удалились. После уничтожения дефа альянс не смог сопротивляться. 




clausro from Dacia 9

1. I hope we win the server as soon as possible.

2. This server is great because I consider we have to do with strong competitors. In this final we could see the organisational skills and competencies of the leaders and also the game tested each players limits.

In this server my role was to mobilize two alliances Dacia 9 and Dacia 4 in order to support our colleagues efforts.

3. My hope is that in the next tournament we manage to create a force balance in order to maintain the challenge of the game.

4. I am a male, 36 years old. I opened this account two weeks after the game started. I play with my friend which is the owner of the account. When I don’t play Travian I am in running my own business, a real estate company in Bucharest- Romania.
I started playing Travian 8 years ago, I would like to continue playing it but that also depends on how much time I will have in the future.

Have a good day!






Demon Fate from MightyRU

1. Which date will the server end? How do you rate your chances of winning?
Когда закончится сервер? Назовёте точную дату?) Как оцениваете свои шансы на победу?

<<<  I think 100 hours and +2 days max, if ru team or someone else didn’t make one thing today or tommorow. About MightyRu 0.00% , but if you asked about ru-team (some european rank us with ru team) 1% if they are make 1 thing they have any chances.
1 я думаю осталось играть 100 часов +2 дня максимум (если будут откаты), если ру тим или кто нить еще не сделают одну вещь сегодня или завтра. Относительно MightyRu  шансы 0.0%, но если вы спрашиваете относительно ру тим(некоторые европейцы считают нас частью ру тим) то я даю 1 % максимум если они сделают в ближайшее время одну вещь они имеют хоть какие то шансы.

2. Your opinion about this server? Your role on the server?
Ваше мнение об этом сервере? Какова ваша роль на сервере?

<<< This server for ru-zone is worst, because not one of the top coordinator of ru-zone not fully played on this server, but other players from other zones showed a decent game, which I was pleasantly surprised. Our alliance was initially playing for our victory away from ru team, not everything was as it should, after the server I can say that not all were ready to play as I would like it, and then started problems, and we were not able to show all that we are capable of, but we look good in principle.

Этот сервер для ру зоны худший, потому что не один из топ кординаторов ру зоны полноценно не играл на этом сервере, но другие игроки из других зон показали достойную игру, чему я был приятно удивлен. Наш альянс изначально шел играть за свою победу отдельно от ру команды,не все получилось как хотелось, по прошествию сервера я  могу сказать что не все были готовы играть так как мне бы этого хотелось,по этому начались проблемы и мы не смогли показать все на что мы способны, но выглядили мы впринципе неплохо.

3. What do you think about next Tournament and T5?
Как думаете, следующий чемпионат будет уже на версии Т5?

<<< 3. I do not think that the next championship will be something different from that of the preceding, it will be more organized victory will be celebrated  . About t5 I’m having too small information.
Я не думаю что следующий чемпионат будет кардинально отличаться от предыдущих, кто будет более организован тот и будет праздновать победу. О т5 я имею слишком мало информации.

4. Tell us something about yourself and your account. Male or female? How old are you?
Where are you from? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game?
What do you do when not playing Travian? Will you play the Tournament again?
Расскажи нам немного о себе и ваш счет? Мужчина или женщина? Сколько вам лет?
Oткуда Bы ? Что вы делаете для вашей гостиной? Как долго вы играли в эту игру?
Что вы делаете, когда не играете Травиан? Пойдёте ли вы на отборочные сервера для того чтобы сразиться в финале сново?

<<< I was one of the top leaders ru team at the European championships, also helped guide the previous championship, in this tournament i’m playing for pleasure and for the benefit of their alliance. My name is Gleb aka ASTA\Imba, male, 25 years old. I’m from Russia(Moscow). Bears, vodka, balalaika etc =DI recently graduated from college + a couple of weeks ago I was 25 years old and I want to change my life where I howl Travian is not the first place. I played in Travian more than 6 years.
I am sleeping, when i m not playing in travian. I do not plan to go to the qualifying server,i m planing to enter the POP top on this server, and my Deff player enters near the top of Deff (thanks to the Chinese=P) But maybe I will come to the final. Will see.

Я был одним из высших руководителей ру команды на европейском чемпионате,так же помогал в руководстве на предыдущем чемпионате, на этом чемпионате играю  свое удовольствие и на благо своего альянса. Меня зовут Глеб более известный как ASTA\Imba, муж, 25 лет. Я из России(Москва). Медведи, водка, балалайка все дела. Я недавно закончил институт и пару недель назад мне исполнилось 25, так что я хочу немного поменять свою жизнь где травиан будет не на первом месте. Я играю в травиан более 6 лет.
Я сплю когда не играю в травиан. Я не планирую идти на отборочный сервер, так как собираюсь попасть в топ 100 по населению на этом сервере, мой деффер попадет в топ 100 по защите(спасибо китайцам). Но может быть я пойду на финал. Посмотрим




Ginger KIds from TP1

1. Don’t know when server finishes, believe when someone builds 100 lvl of WW .
Our chances of winning? We, Poles from TP ally, are not building WW,  we support strongly Italian WW, imo chances of Funcol for building WW are pretty big and I hope he will do it.

2. It’s been much easier to fight against Russians this year than on the previous TT. The Anty-Ru coalition was much better organized, better prepared and united in fight. I wasn’t really interested in other quads, just the NW and here I was really delighted of the cooperation with Simina and Gabi (S U R A), Cristi (Zippo), Emerik (Teutonic Steel), Anelia (RussianRoulette), nicnic (Kronos) and vivacastro (CZ-SK team), and many other teams in our quad. We created team of great people/players. I’d play again with them with great great pleasure (if I ever play again ).

I really liked organization of Chinese play and wonder how it’s gonna look like in few years, maybe we’ll have all-against-China server? Let’s see.
Poles playing in TP (TP1 and TP2) – it’s incredible group of players with wide range of skills, achieving 100% of pre-server targets. TP leaders (bosses Seveno and kepa0 /Alfa, diplomat Zed/E&Z, coordinators: moriii/Black Sheeps, Artur/checkandmate, Ania and Tomek/Starscream69 and myself) is a group of personalities with different tempers but always going in the same direction to reach the goal. Really great pleasure to be a part of this team.
My role on the server – off/ def coordinator (mainly offensive action as there was not much to do in defence coordination).
I was also a great spammer on the international chat 

3. I link T5 with Russian fairy tale – houses covered with snow, matryoshka dolls etc. Although it looks charming, not sure if I like it when I play it (if I play in t5). Right now all I want is to relax, take care more of my family and work. Life outside travian is beautiful, spring is coming and it will be a good year 

I finish this server being proud of my team, Polish players from TP, that proved their travian skills and played hard from the first until the last day. That we kept our word and met all the goals that we were suppose to meet.

Shall we play on the next TT? Time will show, it’s a bit to early to say

4. In the pre-server interview I already told who am I – normal Polish travian player, sometimes nervous girl  But I have really fantastic duals – Conrad and Sim0n. Conrad played on the previous TT in MSE ally on the VaeVictis account. He lives and works in Norway and he’s married to angel-woman Justyna who accepts his travian addiction. Sim0n calls himself travian pensioner of the com servers (he remembers they couldn’t get rid of Purgaz from the quad, as he was great defender and really tough player). During this tournament, he was still able to pass all his exams at the university (he studies in Cracow). They were both incredibly tolerant when I was disappearing in the gettertools (tt) to create a mission or to work on the defense strategy. 
Thanks to them our account has such statistics so truth is I’m just lucky playing with them

Ginger Kids team




Stephane from Terminator ZI.~GOS~

1. Your opinion about this server? Your role on the server?

– This server was chaotic and very hectic on the organisation part but thanks to a great team, i think i can speak for all the meta, that we dragged it through 
– I first was called as France Diplomat in the Meta… but then due to some personal problems of ours, i was asked to take the role of France Leader and take back the powers (feel like god almighty here haha)

2. The best player you have met on this server? Allied/enemy and why.

– Me. Of course. hahaha Joke.
Well for allied best player i can’t really say, all of us did a fairly great job in our ways. For me i wouldn’t say best player, but if you want the best leader i saw here, it sure was that Pasta-Eating guy  Nicnic \o/
– For an enemy… i would say Iskander has been the most “pain-in-the-ass” directly to me… but -NUB- was doing good too…. of course speaking only of my quadrant as i never had to deal with other great russian players, which i know, such as Comedi.

3. What do you think about next Tournament and T5?

– No comments for the next Tournament yet 
– T5 : if it is like T4.4 ? It. Sucks. End of story. 

4. Tell us something about yourself and your account. Male or female? How old are you? 
Where are you from? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game?
What do you do when not playing Travian? Will you play the Tournament again?

– So my account ends up being highest ranked France Off-Player… and maybe by end of server highest ranked France Def-player.. so we can say I had some troublesome server haha. Male.. of course 😎 (Big jerk line here… haha) And i am 18. (Its legal… you and me  )
– I am from a small island called Mauritius… I have a part-time job at the airport hangar and doing courses in engineering at the same time ^^ 
– I have been playing Travian since i was like what 8 ? When it first came out in 2004 ^^ but had huge “gaps” in between years.
– Ok so here this is a bit obvious… when i’m not playing i’m out with my friends.. or someone special 
– No comments on the last question for now


Muumio from EU-FIN

1. Your opinion about this server? Your role on the server?
This is not so stupid that earlier server, (final) But to me really is more funny.
I am only soldier 

2. The best player you have met on this server? Allied/enemy and why.
There is meny, all is best

3. What do you think about next Tournament and T5?
Now I think not at that at all. but time goes ………

4. Tell us something about yourself and your account. Male or female? How old are you? 
I am attacking deff. I have lot of deffs but I like attacks. 
I am female.
I am mymmy of players
I am old,. mummys (muumiot) is very old almost 100 yers 

Where are you from? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game?
I am from Finland
I have playeds about 6 years

What do you do when not playing Travian? Will you play the Tournament again?
I have meny hobbys. I like painting pictures oil paints

best regards


Dansken from EU-SE

1. This server has been a little turbolent, but in the end i think we managed to pull things together.

My role on the server have been a defending one as always

2. Hard to say, but i rank fabio and nicoletta high

3.I belive that I wont be playing there because of things on this server

4. Ny acc are 100% defensive and always there when people need help.

im male and 65 years old.

Not working anymore, retired in february,and I live in north of Sweden near Umeå;
I have been playing travian for 5 years now and will keep on playing 

But no more tournament with scandinavian players





The Snake from EU@CTR


No problem Safiren its a pleasure to answering to your questions 

Best regards

1. Your opinion about this server? Your role on the server?

My opinion are that I’m surprised a little , showed which Russians are not so ‘rageous’ than past servers. i think maybie thats a evolution of the game.
Frenchs players started badly, our COA show many internals problems and organisation of the COA about the French effort on this server and not be clearly about important things like areas in map. As for resolving problem with others allied forces like Germans and essentially for suppress and punish bad attitudes of some french ally who decided to attacking allies. Theses problems caused very troubles between us and our allies. I think some french allys come in a independant spirit and profited of the COA troubles for make what they wants in this game. They’re not the only ones who do thats, others foreign ally do the same but theses attitudes created a trouble between allied. Luckly they been solved …

My role are essentially diplomatic and some other tasks in our ally 

2. The best player you have met on this server? Allied/enemy and why.

I cant define a best player but i seen very good players in this server, allied or in Russian side.

3. What do you think about next Tournament and T5?

Nothing much my future participation is not decided for now…

4. Tell us something about yourself and your account. Male or female? How old are you? 
Where are you from? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game?
What do you do when not playing Travian? Will you play the Tournament again?

im a male ,French , 42 y.o i played the first version of travian in 2003 before Gameforge presence. Thats 11 years of playing i think that this isprobably my last server because in 11 year of game I have seen the evolution of travian and frankly the game have evoluted badly. The game has become much more personal now and i think the spirit of travian are losted by the time passed.
Its difficult to understand for those who not played anciant versions of travian but for give exemples: earlier a friendship existed in alliances. When a wall asked all ally participed the same for the solidarity between members, now its not the case. in majority of alliances that i heard of I always think that travian are a microcosmos of the real life and same as in IRL you find all human attitudes in travian ; frankly, honesty or gentle but also liar ,egocentric or deceitful. Theses attitudes are normal IRL but as years passed they invaded the game to the point of some players become really no life. Its sad to show that travian are only a game not a life ….

So clearely game are changed and “Travian dinosaurs”, ( lol ), iike me have problem for find their place in this new manner of play. On theother side, technically the game is very good than anciant versions, the appears of golds will change this game but its normal too we are not in a freely way lol
The server is practically ended but i think Russians are capable to make some surprises to us but they plays good its a fact …..


Melonidas fron EU-Melon

1. This is the first world tournament we can win, the others was a russian walk. I start like a off coordinator, and end like a leader of spanish group.
2.The best of us, for me, is Terminator, many Russian hammers were there.
3. I don’t know….I’ll see
4.I.m male, 45 years old, I’m leader of spanish group, somewhat forced by circumstances, but it’s been great.
5.I.m from Santiago de Compostela, a nice town in Galicia, in the northwest of Spain. I’ve been playing 5 or 6 years.
6. I like diving, and to be with family and friends, Sure, after win our first tournament, see you in the next.





I got more then one answer from this player. 

tochitsa from BGTANGRA

1. I like this server, because here we play together different people from different countries and..for me this is the real way to win this server..- no matter who will build level 100, people that are playing together..always are the winners..

2. The best player that I met..hm..Reallly I met a lot of nice people here.Some of them are people that we are building wonder together with.. And.. of course my duos..

3.I do not have information enough about them and..it is difficult to have any comment about them now.

4. Well..I like our akk here. it was difficult to grow here..without space on map.
For me was incredibile, to have 9 Capitals on my 7X7 map..To have no one free space on my map, We need a lot of diplomacy for to start play together..and I am proud, that I was part of this diplomacy.
In our akk we play 3 people. First were only 2, then we try to find thirth..then onother one..It was not easy to carry about such a huge number of deff..
Now, we have, without damages in fights and without def, that dies without wheat..we have now from our akk 722 627 phalangues and 121 514 druides, and 496 heduans.. So..we produce from our 35 villages more than 1 250k deff…and I am very proud with this.
I would like to say THANK YOU to my duos..for his play..I think..he is the best player I have ever met in Travian.

I am 46yars old woman from Bulgaria,. Sofia.
I am working in inovative company as Manager and it is my own company. 
I have played this game since 1 year but it is my first international server and it is absolutely different server from any other travian servers..
When I am not played Travian..i am looking after my family and my business..
I have 4 nice children – 2 daughters and 2 sons. Every day I goes to school with my younger son, or to French cultur center in Sofia where he study french, or to singing with other childrens (he is part of childrens vocal group in Sofia..)
In the weekends we usualy goes to have a rest in BG resourts, so..I try to be all the time, that I am not in Travian, or not in the office with my family.
Yes..If I will play Travian again, it will be next Tournament..

I would like to thank you for this lovely inteligent game.I like it..


Here in this akk there are also Kiril – I will be glad if he write you also.., and Andi, – hope he will answer too..

Thank you again for possability to play with all these nice people..


Hi Safiren,

This evening was so intensive with things that happened in Wonder, that I had no time enough to see your corner before. I just saw it..And..would like to say : Congratulation for this place that people could write and have their travian community.
I saw, that I do not answer all of your questions 
You ask me abut my role on the server.
I think..our akk was one of a lot of akk here. But we have chance to be on very strategic place – close to grey zone and to all battles that are important for the server..
I would like to tell you some more about this.
When our Ally came here, we have a big problems with Italian, because off miss understanding between our leaders.
Our leader was asking for this zone for us, but..Italians were not understand well, that our players are so good and that they will get one of the best 15-th and 9-th here.
So, when we settled our Ally here, italians start to settle their capitals so close to our, that our players..start to fight agains them.
Usualy, when we play national servers, it’s unbelievable our attacker to have on his 7×7 other player.
If it happaned, he will destroy him for sure..
So..when italians start to settle so close..it was e big problem.
In this moment, I understand, that it is need a diplomacy for to solve this problem, because..it was the same problem for italian attackers..Probably they was so close for to destroy our capitals and get nice 15-th and 9-th for their capitals..
Then..there was a long period in which we try to explain to our players and italian players that we must play together but not against each other, because..we both has one idea- to win this server against Russians.
So..it was hard to have agreement between us.
Our BG players want to have their space..italian players also do not like to make compromises..
We starts these conversations between our teams 2-or 3 times..and..without succsess
The moment that we start to play together was, when one night, on of our players get message from erba biba – itailian player with one of the most strategic as place 15-th in grey zone. This italian player ask our player for help..with def..because there was incoming attacks from Russians..
This our player is attacker..One of our top attackers. But he is a very skill man and send to all Ally this message.
In this moment we saw possability to solve all problems between our Aliies.
So..our Ally decide to send deff to this italian player for to safe this strategic Capital from Russians..
So..we send our Ally def.
I will always remember what was told me by one of our offensive players in this moment: “I could not belive, that in the same time, I am attacking this player in one of his villages, and defend him in another”
It was really unbelivable..and amazing.
But..we safe this capital for italian player. And..from this moment start to play together with italians.
One of the most difficult problems between us was how to use oasises ..
I was talking with italian leader for this, and told him, thet we must use the rules for oasises, and..give them to players that could have max bonus using them..
So..the players with 15-th getting first 3 oasises if they could..then these with 9th capitals, then 7-th..
So..it was not so easy for some players to understand..but..I belive, that if we play together, it is the only way to use oasises.
Once we decide this..we have no more problems with this.
I tell you this story..because..it was for me the main moment in this server..when people with so many diferent ways of thinking and differend way of playing..start play together..

The main people in this conversationa exept me was Kronos, and Russian roulette. This is the ally leaders of our countries.

You ask me for our akk role of the server.. We have been on the right place in the right moment.
Our akk have from the begining a lot of deff. This deff are close to grey zone and was always in time..wherever was needed deff in grey zone.
So..In this first common battle against Russians when they attacked Erba biba, only my deff and def of 2-3 BG players was in time for atacks..But..it was enough..
I lose a lot of druides..Remember about 700 in this moment was huge damages 
But..I was so proud that I could help..not only for this battle..but for starting play together..

This is the story that I will remember …


And..I forgot to tell you the names of people, that we are plaing together..trust each other and that are looking after wonder in this server.
Chicken Pommes
Teutonic Steel
Ginger Kids
Funcool (of course) – here there are some really nice young people, that is pleasure to play with..

All of these people are correct, and I could trust them..

Oh..I should stop to write to you about this server but..I see..the game will over soon..so..It will miss me..All these people will miss me..very soon..
But..hope, we will stay friends even after the end of the Tournamen 2013


When I told you, that we all play together against Russians, I forgot to tell you why.
I think, the main reason is, that they win all tournaments till now
So..we try to change this..
For me Russians are great players.
I am impressed from Bili Miligan ( for example)! Our players destroyed a couple of times her capital, and she every time build it again..And I think..it is a really great player in travian. I would like her for trios..

Finaly I would like to tell you, that it is pleasure for me to answer your questions.
Thank you for possibility to be your guest.





Kronos Italian leader

1- Im the leader of italian allies (uollas)
Very nice server , dynamic and we had a lot of fun. Our strategy was to stop russian on grey and we succeded on that.
In the beginning everyone was saying that it was a kamikaze move/crazy strategy , but we were sure to win the area.

We were impressed about the video on youtube of hamsters…but against us in grey , they were just some lovely puppets :*:*

2- We played mostly against russian , so there are a lot of them that are really good players ,but i don’t know if they can do the same damage without all the multi account and personal def…

3- We didn’t had the time to think about the next one and i don’t know nothing about T5
4-In my account there is Chicca from Bari , she is a student , 24 years old.
Then me , Nicola , from Bologna , i work in my society on wine sector. 27 years old.




An interview with the italian guy that holds the first WW on the Tournaments. Hmm, he have two now..

Funcool from Italy.

Hi, my name is Rino , I’m the head of the account FUNCOOL. I am from Pompeii, Naples, I am 34 years old, married with a 1 yo child. 

We made it to the Final playing the Hungarian qualifying tournament. It’s the first time I play the World Tournament because last year our Government did not let us play for some reasons with taxes..

In the account FUNCOOL we are 5 people, 4 males and 1 female, Simona 35 yo from Modena, Filippo, 33 yo from Rome , Marco 39 yo from Rome, Vincenzo 22 yo from Turin, and me.

I have been playing Travian since 2009 , I’ ve completed a lot of servers, always in the confederation uollas. I think it is a very organized confederate, and we have became a bunch of friends. Simona and Filippo have similar experiences, whereas Marco and Vincenzo coming from other servers have played for even longer time. I started playing travian following a woman  then she abandoned me and left me alone in the game . 

I was lucky enough to play the finest round ever made in Italy, ” TitanMatch” a clash between the strongest alliances in the Italian S1! On that server there was no gray area , I was in the middle of the map, and I was continually under attack. I finished that server in the top 20 both offensively and defensively, and I also had to manage the WW 24 hours a day . Thanks to that server I have learned many things about this game, I think a TOP PLAYER is a player who uses the troops in attack and defense, not those who create large armies away from the war without fighting. That server was nice , but the ending was spoiled by a rollback, and the result has been distorted.

What is the worst thing I’ve done? Well, no doubt, accept to manage a wonder on this world class server, It will take away much of my life in the next two months at least Just kidding of course.

I am aware that the conquest of WW took place much before the release of the plans, but Travian is a strategy game , and there is a precise strategy behind this . I expect a very intense endgame, nothing is set yet, anything can happen , I just know that I will have very little sleep, I have already warned my wife 

Before starting the server, we all thought that nico (our leader) was crazy to bring us here in the gray area, in the midst of the strongest Russian players. 

The closest enemies to my account were the Hamsters, very strong players, I still remember their u-tube video and their actions in the last World Tournament. The fight was very intense with them, 7 hamsters capitals were in my 14X14. They are really excellent players! They are players who never give up , and that’s admirable! We had a lot o fhelp by the Romanians and Bulgarians! 

At the beginning it was not peaceful coexistence, it is normal to argue for the corny villages, but then everything has worked out, and now there is a great collaboration!

I believe that this is already a half victory of this server, unite so many players from different countries with different cultures, all under one flag!


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