Cooperation and WW-stats

The days tumbles away faster that I’m able to write here in my blog but I’ve been occupied gathering information and interviews.

I have added two more scandinavian and one spanish interview and a couple of WW-stats. Oh, almost forgot the interview I’ve done with the leader of GoDz, there I’m waiting for a last approval for an extended interview about the cooperation and organisation on .com.

I still need your help to tell other players about my newspaper. I’m aware that it will take a while to make my site known but I have patience and a great deal of stubborness *chuckle*.

My record from the .com forum last Final will be hard to beat. My Corner with attached treads had a totally of over 100.000 viewings. I was banned at 40K viewings at the main tread but my readers helped me to continue to post my reportages to the end.

It was quite fun sometimes. One evening I had to ask more then one for help because of the double post rule. One of them complimentet the other about the good post which was nearly as good as his own. The second one answered that she also had got divine inspiration.

I’m banned on .se, my home domain, too. One reason is that I wrote to much about the happiness to visit other domains.

My biggest problem which sooner or later gives me problems I guess is my habit to not only write about all the nice things that happens ingame. If the players are dissatisfied I let them express thier feelings aven if it is about topics not allowed as bots and cheating or about TGs way to hande the probblems.

That I in an equal way also blame the players for causing some of the problems and strive for a fair game is no excuse in the eyes of TG.

So this is the main reason to why I have started my own Corner. A try to give a voice to the players of Travian, without restriction – but still with a polite behavoir.


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