About interviews and timing residence for defence

I have worked with this interviews for over a week. I will be happy if I can made 4-5 per week. and it all depends on if I get any answers from the alliances I send my questions too. Or if I found some interesting player that will be kind to participate.

I have added 4 new posts. A short story and a report from Tournament Germany .de. Two interviews from Tournament Russia .ru. And a long Travian Profiles interview.

The swedish beautiful summer haven’t give me time to  update the Link section yet. But I’m thinking on doing it every day!

How many of you have practiced residens timing as a defense? I tried it in last qualification. Together with other tricks  as 125% loyalty, timing hero with tablets, inserts, I once have succeded in defending a village against 11 chiefs. A very useful tool, especially if it’s your main off village which is in danger, you don’t need to change capital to save it.

One other thing whick comes to my thoughts. All those top players who cheats to reach their goal, We players who want a fair game need to show them that we don’t accept such a behavior.

I played the last aux. It was a leader who had his own ally of multi accouts. He was banned later, but not his multis. I had to firmly tell the younger duals (age 18) on our account that I don’t accept such to prevent them to try it.

Leaders should be adored for good leadership and not for their ability to cheat.

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