Statistics 12.7

Even if I have a Travian free summer I’m still curious about how you are doing on the different servers so I asked around to get a little information about how many that have registered and how many that are playing now. The rest of statistics is from Getter except for Arabia that for some reason isn’t on Getter, I have complained..

It is somewhat surprising info, especially when it comes to Arabia that usually pass over 30K accounts before MH deletes them. Did the bot makers move to International? Maybe.. but if I remember right Int had the same number of max accounts last year.

Turkey also has much less accounts than last years. The one I talked with had several explanations to that. He said the most important is the issue with leaderships. The players don’t like the past teams and therefore restrain from playing. On Facebook I’ve seen a lot of complains that due to the exchange rate for the turkish lira to euro it have been too expensive to play for many of them.

I found statistics from 31 July last year for comparison.

Feel free to add more statistics, analyses and reports from the qualification servers!

2018 17.206 accounts 31 July

Top20 alliances.

The big metas we have had for several years have split more and more. New have been formed containing alliances from several nations. The new limits on confederation might force a new strategy for next final. We will see.



No getter – no map

A. Turkey

B. Russia

C. Germany

D. France

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