About to qualify

In the end of July I started to wonder about how many that will qualify by the new rules. Short thereafter a player from DT contacted me about how their little ally could survive in SW that was so crowded – so I started to do maps. And then the artefacts arrived so I asked for reports.

Two weeks later I had time to continue, finished my maps and start to look for interviews. So this grow bigger and bigger and now it’s the end of August and I need to get this done, Kingdoms test starts again on Wednesday 😀

Let’s start with how many that will qualify so far. I believe that you at this moment need to have at least 5-6 villages if you shall be able to get 10 before end. If you have less now you probably are to lazy to be done in time. Don’t forget the risk that you can loose villages too.

I think this the 10-villages rule is good and that it will lead to more motivated players that qualifies to Final and hopefully plays the Final too.

About the limit Top100 in off or def. I doubt that will give more than a handfull players on every server that qualifies. As many years as I have counted the qualifiers it has been rare to find players on Top100 that not have qualified by pop.

The table includes how many players that have 5-6 villages or more. The off/def points on Top100 for the moment.

International is the biggest server this year and also has the most players that will qualify. The Arabia server has had a remarkable decrease in the amount of players after the new bot/multies detection system has been set in function.

Edit: Turkey corrected – similar to Germany and France

To be continued…

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