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31 July



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I have waited with doing this until the serves was cleaned from the spam bots so finally here is the numbers you have asked for 🙂

Let’s begin with server statistics. To be easier to compare I have added % actives and % online of the actives.

The first the table tells us is that Russia and Arabia still have some cleaning to do, France is affected to to some part, and that Germany have an amazing amount of active players. Turkey have always been above average when it comes to amount of accounts.

One thing I have noticed in the years I’ve been active in different society’s is that the % of active members always is around 20.  It seems to have validity in Travian too and on the plus side of the 20 which implicate a higher degree of interest among the players.

Germany is in top here too and Arabia is just below 20.

Before start I tried convinced others to start on Arabia. I told them it would be the easiest to qualify on and with a lot of easy farming. They didn’t believe me.

Ok – maybe not so easy any more. Spam bots are deleted, Natars have an annoying habit to build both crannies and troops so I have noticed a higher interest for the account that let me in on Arabia. It was quite active after start – mostly with farming. Later on the account owner visited the account more and more sporadic and last week it was turned to a farm. Now I have built a lot of crannies, no more ress lost this week =)



I added Natars, accounts that have been deleted either by the player or by multihunter. Germany have the best numbers in this table too. Russia and France still have too many gauls, the most popular tribe among bots. I’ve seen teuton multies/bots too on earlier qualifications, is that an explanation to the over average teuton accounts on Turkey and Arabia?



This numbers will change and is only an indication but I don’t believe the final numbers will be as high as last year on off and def points. It will be no problem to qualify on any server but Turkey and France needs a bit more effort.

In this table  it is obvious more than in the others that this IS a real summer round. Players are satisfied as long they will qualify. A part of those I met in chats says they jump the qualification and hopes on a wildcard to the Final.

But not all are taking a vacation, simming pop only. Turkey and France have alliances that takes the qualification serious!



Hmm clock is 02, I have to stop here, the rest comes tomorrow. Bed is calling!

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