Top10 and reports w8

8 August


Next date of importance is the construction plans release – 21 September! 6 weeks to go  and time to enjoy fighting 🙂 I have managed to find reports from every server this week. My alarm worked so I have all Top10 too. I got the missing Top10 week 7 from Martina so I have added them.





I’ve been wondering if Def&Dest was friendly with the other Russians on International, I suppose not. 33 buildings was destroyed.




Vietnam found a wall at Ghetto



Village destroyed







I counted artefacts, since it was a couple of days ago maybe it doesn’t contain movements but it shall show the bigger view in any case. Winter got the Unique architect, the ru-team has 2 large, РУБОП has one. LT/HUN didn’t got any.



A funny number of scouts



Nice hammer and village zeroed


A wall






Reports: Troja is of the opinion that I have had too many reports showing China (NB) from their best side so they contributes with some of their own. More than 8000 catas died in that wall.






Offensiv village with 45-50K clubs and 8-9K Tks destroyed.




CS and Bier (NL) still going strong












Poland claimed they would only play for tickets, nevertheless quite high activity ^^


Have you seen the review of of the server by Hurugan?














A wall



Don’t forget to check you have culture points



One more residence “snipe” and never send your chiefs with the hammer.





I found it quite amusing when I discovered that the account I was given to use for observation was a member of CheckerC. If you remember earlier servers this ally is usually banned and deleted because of multies, so I wondered if it was a real account or not. I have never spoked with the owner but he has a nice amount of medals and even been holding a WW so he must be real 😀  However he got inactive and become a farm. I can never withstand such challenges so no it’s not a farm any more and oops I got a climbermedal!


Reports: It was a short outburst of activity in the ally and a couple of reports arrived on igm.



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