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12 september

It’s not easy to understand politics on this server, so many different nations fighting.

Two days ago Thai scouted Mystic Wolf, Germany WW.

Today it was zeroed in a classic operation by SP and NØA alsoMystic Wolf lost his second WW to a guy from PT/BR.

RocknRolla 777 also got a visit from IR, a two player ally.

and one from NØA

RocknRolla zeroed THAI WW

I wrote and asked RocknRolla about  his opinion about the server and their new partner Dacia.

Thank you!

When war broke out in the real Russia against Ukraine, we realized a lot of bad read chats about Ukrainians. Many players from the Ukraine did not want to play more with Russia. We have assembled a team of Ukrainian players and won the last qualification Francés and Spanish.

We began to look for partners for the game in the final. We have found understanding with Romania, and made a decision on the overall game. And we are pleased with our cooperation. We had a tough game last in the final sector of the Arabs and Thailand, but Dacia helps us all the time, and now helps.
We did not even think about cooperation with Russia again. 

This qualification is interesting. than last year in Group C, where we played. On the server, a lot of teams, a lot of good hammers. It is difficult to predict who will win. We have a chance, but we have two strong opponents. We expect attacks in response

Тhe best regards, RnR team

And the last WW stats for this evening




15 september

Mystic Wolf is a popular target. This time hit by Italians.



Thai was hit by 777 again:

RocknRolla holds his position – on 68!! Two more WWs building.



18 september

Thai and Germany cooperated to take down 777’s WW. A nice mix of medium and large hammers. Many was needed to tear down the def.



def from beginning









And def left



The same day there was an attempt from Italians to steal Mystic Wolves Architect. Attacks wasn’t timed so the treasury was rebuilt between waves.




24 september

I got a nice comment from THAI about the qualification and their game on Germany server.

I would like to introduce the history of Thailand Team.

Thailand have played tournament several times, but no one has ever dared to lead the team. Until tournament 2015 Thailand are in Group A. This attracted many people to join in tournament. This is the beginning of our team. Then we finish with the second ranked with GG Team. And nap with German team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba1TBfEQ4iQ

We stepped in to play the Final. We came without any allies. And intends to hold key areas to get a good experience. We joined with ND META by the name ND-TH. We against the teams from Ukraine and Dacia all the time. There are nice defend report several times. Before construction plan appear we had scoring defense as first rank, and ended as second.

In the current round, Thailand wasn’t invited to a special server. We planned to win this round. We thought that in group D we had a good chance of win when the game started. A hope that got smaller because we lived in the same area as Dacia and 777. We modified the plan and tried to hold key areas around WW & construction plan. And we put some players far away to take small key artifacts. Fortunately that is not the best team of Dacia. We occupy area in the early zone instead of Dacia. But we can not intervene in the region of 777. 777 is a very strong team. The game got harder near the end game. We have had very good experiences.

We collaborated with German team to attack 777 and take down their WW. There are several teams with troops. I do not know who will winner. But once again, we have a good relationship with the German team. And everyone in my team always say 777 is a very strong team in group D.

PS. I am very proud when you mentioned Thailand Team.

Best Regards


One of executive Thailand team


Report 23 september

WW stats 4.5 days left if there isn’t enough of  hammers left.



26 september

In a coordinated offensive the German allys attacked building plans and the WW of 777. RocknRolla lost one and also levels on his WW.

First the attack on a Dacia building plan. The first and the last. There were 6 more and several crop fields destroyed.



The first and the last on RocknRollas building plan. There were 8 more attacks.



The attacks on WW started with a scouting. The following ram hammer didn’t damage the wall. The last one was to small to damage WW. 4 levels down on WW.




And WW status 27.9 Thai is 1:38h before Germany.



29 September

Germany ended somewhere between 02:36 and  02:43 in the middle of the night. Potae from Thai was the first to reach level 100, 1h38min before Mystic Wolves from TF representing the Germany WW. RocknRolla building for 777/Dacia had guests in the last minutes and lost some levels.



Thailand WW

WW def



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