Serverstart 1 June

It’s time for the Qualification 2016!

The setup is similar to last year, this year it is 6 qualification servers. One host and 3 invited countries on the group servers ( A B C D) plus International and Arab.

I will go for observation accounts on all six servers this round. No real playing. If anyone wants to be my host for ally and chat so I can get information/reports for my Corner it will be appreciated 🙂

With six servers we can anticipate 6×2000 players plus ~1000 off/def qualifying for Final plus wildcards and reserved invites.

Last years result: Qualified 2015

Movie 2016

Tournament page and registration

International or Arab servers is recommended for those servers that don’t have been drawn for group servers.

International lost many players at last years setup and was one of the easiest to qualify on in contrary to the past quals where com have been one of the hardest. Maybe more will choose International this year.

Arab has always many players and is the most affected server when it comes to multi accounts. If you wants to qualify here you have to build a lot of villages. Farming here can be fun. Some players spends an awful amount of gold, auctions will be very expensive.

Group A: Turkey is host. The opponents is Spain, Hungary and Vietnam, all three aggressive servers. Turkey have learned – finally – to cooperate for the bigger goal so the opponents needs to cooperate if they shall have any influence on the endgame.. This server also is one of the most populated and if you wants to qualify you need some pop.

Group B: Russians is host. Opponents is Chile, Poland and Romania. Poland have lost their leader ship, Chile is aggressive players but not much gold. I think Romania (Dacia) is the only real opponent here but it is tough to play against Russians on their own server. Most qualified last year.

Group C: France is host. Czech, Indonesia and Taiwan is opponents. Czech is good players, the other two.. well it is said they are good farms. Most will qualify.

Group D: Germany is host. Portugal, Brazil and Baltics is opponents. In my eyes this will be the easiest server for qualifying. But you never know ^^


Several of the biggest/most aggressive servers haven’t been directed to a group this year. We are missing China and Ukraine, Slovenia and Thai for example.

Where they choose to play will decide how hard or easy it will be to qualify.

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