Players 2nd day

Server have started and it’s encouraging to see that we for the first time in several years have a increasing amount of players that wants to play the tournament. It is a challenge for sure! The players will have to be active to qualify this year.

Remember that to be in the 2000 pop rank is the important way to qualify. For off and def I estimate a total amount of 1500 qualifying for all servers together.

Server length: 120-150 days.
Artefacts: 21.07.2016
Building plans: 09.09.2016

With reservation for changes. The TG staff administration… don’t seems to have a full knowledge about facts or don’t check before they posts…

Players Last year
International 8800 4100
Arab 15200 9900
Group A Turkey 12100 6800
Group B Russia 5100 4800
Group C France 5100 4300
Group D Germany 5500 3400
Group E Czech 4750
51800 38050

About the maps. Where Arabs is involved maps always are distorted 😛 The other ones looks more as usual. NE is often the biggest quad but not always.

International: The most striking in here is the dominance in SW by Arabs, hunting accounts for Final. We also have some Romanians, Greeks, Italians and a bigger group of players from us servers. A mix of nationalities as usual.

Biggest village 186 pop.

Arab: As usual the server with most players – and if they follow the same pattern as in former rounds MH will have a hard work keeping up with deleting multi accounts.

Biggest village 170 pop.

Group A Turkey: This server have exploded with players since yesterday. Mostly Turks, some Vietnam allys and a couple of Spanish. I could only find a small HUN ally.

Biggest village 189 pop

Group B Russia: Romania/Dacia, Latinos and Poland did join this group. Romania have splitter on several qual servers. I wish them good luck 🙂

Biggest village 174 pop

Group C France: Czech, Indonesia, Taiwan was invited. China have also choose to play here and I found some Indonesia and Portugal too.

Biggest village 181 pop.

Group D Germany: Quite a mix in here. Portugal/Brazil and Baltics was invited. Dacia, Thai, Turks and I found some Ukraines too.

Biggest village 177 pop

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