Week 2

After 10 days of playing we probably have reach the top 6900 players. What I find most astonishing is that I haven’t heard a single cry about unjust banning. Not even a rumour of banned accounts.

They will come – be so sure – but it’s nice that the start have been freed from that disturbing element.

My counting sheet goes slow to update. Only the SouthWest quadrant is finished so far . Russian Union 795 accounts and Other alliances 509. Totally 1304. The quad has 1603 players, 15 of them is Natars which leaves 284 uncounted. As usual I count alliances with 5 members or more.
That the embassy now takes 60 members from level 3 has made my work much easier. Before it have been necessary to count alliances up to rank 300 – now it was enough with half of it.

Quad count



The second week  is when the catas begins to run. This two is the first I got. An exchange between China and Russia. Hmm… DTCAT was in the vietnamese alliance pho from start, now changed to X3 Grey. One village each destroyed.


And maps! I have done maps 😀 Getter is broken but I found another site. I have divided the quad on several maps to make it easier to see how the alliances have settled.

First the Russian Union. The lost of BAD and Cerber have been evened with that all resting alliances decided to play together (except for a small colony in NE, but more about that later. The list shows the amount of villages for each alliance and colour on map.



Power and X3

BG, COT and a couple more

Interview with Kira

S: You are Герман from account KIra in Band-f. If I try to translate Герман goggle says Hermann but I’ve heard other say German. What do you prefer?

Tell us something about yourself: Age, work, hobbies. where do you live?

Do you have duals? Tell us about them 🙂

G. German. Only so. I don’t associate myself with Hermann or anything else.

I live in Moscow. I’m 36 years old. I work with finances of racecourses of Russia. We have racetracks from Blagoveshchensk to Kaliningrad. It is more than 7 thousand kilometres. Hobby is obviously Travian. Well, watching movies with my wife. By the way, she also plays Travian and she is my main helper in the game. We met in a game. Thanks a lot to Travian for that.

My dual is Tatiana. We went through fire, water and copper pipes together, as they say in Russia. I love her very much. Many thanks to Tatiana for patience. She lives a thousand kilometres away. But I visited her twice. She refuses to come to me. ))

S: You are one of the leaders in Russian Union. This year you have decided to play together again. Why?

G: I don’t want to offend anyone who doesn’t speak Russian in our team. But the unification and concentration of the leaders was on the basis of a common Russian language. We are ru-team. We love and appreciate every foreigner in the team, we are all together. Yes. sometimes we fight among ourselves. Especially on Russian servers. But we can always find common ground and overcome our differences and personal animosities. At least I hope we can do it. There is a part of Russian players who decided to play this server not with us, but with foreigners. We respect their choice. But personally I don’t understand.

S: There are no russian settling in NW and it is a rumour on the forum that you have a NAP with Exodus. Is that true?

G: YES! We have a non-attacking Pact until day 100. And while it is observed.

S: There are many smaller alliances in SW this year than it usually are. Germans, China, Arabs, Vietnam. Portugal and France. What do you think about them and why they have settled here?

G: Ohh. I don’t know. Maybe they want a fun game. Nobody will be bored. That’s for sure. Of course, we respect the opponent and do not believe that we will sweep away any team. Such a number of small teams can cause a lot of problems. Especially if they unite (just don’t tell them that).

S: You gave me a report. Are you already fighting for the area around 0/-100?

G: I assumed this neighbourhood would definitely be fun. I was not mistaken. Already lost at the time the top 7 off. The game has just begun. I’m sure I’ll show you a lot of bloodthirsty reports.

S: Your favorite candy?

G: Sorry. I don’t like candy. I like meat. With beer. I can tell you what kind of beer I like.


Then we have the ones that looks as Russians but isn’t. Except for S.W.A – and I got an interview there too 🙂


Interview with MisterXX

Q: You are on the account MisterXX in the alliance S.W.A. Tell us something about yourself Age, gender, work, hobbies. How long have you played Travian?

Do you have duals? Tell us about them.

A: Yes my nickname is MisterXX,leader South West Alliance (SWA), 47 years, male, yes work, hobbies–play travian more then 3 years and I do not have duals..

Q: Have you and your alliance played Tournament before? If you have, what was the name on your alliance by then? On which qualification server did you qualify now?

A: I Haven’t played Tournament before, but members of my ally had played, and I didn’t play quality..

Q: From which countries are your players? Have you played together on other servers?

A: My players are mostly from Balkans, we play here together for first time, but played together on others servers..

Q: You have chosen to settle in SouthWest, a quadrant that usually is avoided by alliances that haven’t a connection to Russians. If not with the purpose to fight them of course, and you have settled your seconds far out. What made you chose this one?

A: We mostly played on -/- coordinates, nothing special..

Q: Anything about your future plans that you can share with us?

A: No future plans on travian.

Q: What is your favourite food?

A: I prefer healthy foods, mostly vegetables and fish.


The biggest confederation after Russian Union is the Germany alliances. They share area with BG. I wonder how many that bounced..

 Interview with Max X

Q: You are Max X from the account nihilus in FC. Tell us about yourself: Age, work, hobbies. Where do you live?

A: I am 29 years old, work as a Marketing & Sales Controller and live in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. I do a lot with friends, for example going to the cinema/to the bowling center or playing poker/soccer. So yeah we often look the german soccer league together. 😀

Q: Your german alliances usually claims that you are independent but last year you supported Uollas meta in the end with artefacts for example so many believes that it has a hidden agenda when we saw you in SW. True rumour or not?

A: I wasn’t part of the alliances who did it. Last finals, I fought with the alliance UNIQUE vs Russia.

But yes, after the win of our qualification-server with 4 german alliances as a team, we thought it’s time to start something together. So finally after a long time you see the most germans united. The rest is a secret 😉

Q:  All quads have enemies inside. Exodus vs Turkey and SPQR, Uollas vs Thai, ML vs Pattanza – and Russians have you =) Where do you expect the most entertaining wars?

A:. Yes, that’s true. So all quads will have nice action, but i think the most will happen vs Dacia, and their enemies and whoever’s the enemy of russia/italy will be have enough to do 😀

Q: Do you have a report for me?

A: Nothing big or special for now, bu i think that will change very fast the next 1-2 weeks.

Q:Your favorite beer?

A:It’s called “Hohenfelder Kellerbier”.


On next map we have Vietnam and China, interesting to find both of them here. No connection as far as I know. Most of Vietnams is in the NW quad.

The last map with Portugal and Arabs and a couple more.


Bad picture but it is the big zoo. He must have spent much gold on that!

I also had some fun 🙂

Not so big zoo but efficient 😀

Which I totally forgot… Due to all I’ve heard abiut tech account the latest days it isn’t a loss.

As usual all faults are my own.

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