Final week 1

Tournament Final 2019/2020 Week 1

The Final has started and I will report from it. Maybe not every week but when I have time. As usual people was so eager to start so the inevitable delay to get inside occurred as it always do.

A surprise awaited us, a new interface. I like it. The Quests has moved up and for buildings and field you toggle between them. Best of all is that the Buy gold button isn’t flashing any more.

The design is different inside the village too, better in the whole but I don’t like that the main building is moved – it disturbs the way I’m used to organize my villages.

The fields view is a bit different too but it is so many info boxes so it covers most of the terrain around.

The tutorial is gone, you start with 3 fields level on 1-2. I think the rest of tutorial is moved to the tasks. To change village name gave 50 cp. That is new isn’t it? And first reward on dailys gave also 50 cp. I was late with settlers. I built too much for cp, should have built more on fields. But at midday on Sunday I sent and got me a 9c 75%, will be enough for a deffer with a low gold budget.

Second village

For the fifth year in a row a Dacia player has been first with the second village and a new record again too. I talked with Madalin on the Luffy account.

Safiren:  Congrats to a new record on settling second. when did you start and when did you send settlers? How many hours from start did it take?               

Madalin: Hello! We started to play at 2;30 pm , we had 44 hours to make the settlers and to get the party. It took 2 hours to arrived to the village c15 150% . My team’s name is Exodus, ally of Dacia, we needed each others.

Safiren: How big team was needed o do this? How many heroes died? Or did you clear with troops? How much gold did you use? And to what?

Madalin:10 heroes died and I lost a max of 15 troops. I’ve used 800 gold to buy the cages .

Safiren: What did you build in your village?  Level on fields? Did you party to get cp?

Madalin: The resources was all to 3 and built crannies in the whole village .

Safiren: Tell us about your account. Do you have duals? Have you played together for long? How old are each of you and what do you do in real life?

Madalin: Yes, I play with my friend from 1 years ago and we met on qualification about last year.

My name’s Madalin and I’m 31 years old and I’m an informatic and I work from home for a factory.

My friend’s name’s Ionut, he is 28 years old and he work from home.

Safiren:  Did you take a day of when done? Your account was standing still 🙂

Needed some sleep maybe? 🙂

Madalin: Until we got the village we slept not much. The account still goes slow up.

Safiren: The start is different, no tutorial, new design. Do you like it?

Madalin: We have had the old design for a long time and we was used with it. The new one isn’t the best but changes are needed and we have to accept it. I don’t like that resources and buildings is the same button, it feels wrong.


Travian is a teamwork, offensive players need defenders and defenders needs protection from the enemies around.

A quick follow home on a guy that had succeeded to steal from a defender the night before and now tried again.

Here we have a Hungarian guy that is very proud to have raided the famous Tirsin Ulan.

It’s always fun – for the attacker – when he finds and kills settlers, not so fun for the defender though. Maybe had been better to extend protection?


First gladiator helmet went for 516.000 silver. Half of the price as last year. I think a second went for 560.000 silver.


is in working progress. Dacia/Exodus/Smurfs/HUN in NW isn’t a surprise neither the Uollas meta in NE. In SE we have something that looks as CUP, ML, but in new organisation and Russians in SW.

Both Uollas and ML has around 800 players counted so far.


I have to confess I’m a bit hesitant to post Top10. They are so often an open reminder on how fabricated some points are. But there are still players with fair points so ok.

Congrats to all players with fair points ^^ 

Screens taken an hour before midnight, to be sure I should have them if I failed to take them at midnight. Which I did, started with a jigsaw puzzle on facebook and was done 00:01.

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