Sunday night 24 February

Union has so far concentrated on Smurfs WW, maybe as revenge for qual?
A low level WW is easy to take down and they did it again and again and again. Which also tells us that Union saw Smurfs as the primary threat. Dacia has been able to build more or less in peace during the Union/Smurf combat. Maybe it’s their turn now to feel the Union force?

Lowland that was in lead for a while this morning has been taken down, not surprising, they don’t have much def.

In the last report I have seen from Union, their WW lost 2 levels, but we haven’t seen the biggest WWKs yet.

The winning WW will probably be the one that hits level 25 first, we will know in a couple of days and then as usual in Final we have little more than 2 boring weeks to wait for it to go to 100.

So far the new confed system seems to not have changed the basic in WW war in Final with more than a couple of days before we know who is the winner.

Nice hammer but more catas is needed. Have the other metas waited to long the send their best WWKs?

Lowland WW scouted.

Two great warehouses was the target.

And again, as long WW is on less than level 10 its too easy, it doesn’t matter how much def you have.

And the last one, I guess Union will chose another target tomorrow.

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