Monday night 25 february

Even thought they got some heavy hits during the day Dacia is back on top – for a while. An impressing ram hammer hit them and took down the wall and it takes a while to rebuild it.

M.L was taken down to zero, no reports – sorry.

Union WW was down today also and Kira started to build, level 6 last I saw and now down to 3.

Lowland with their minimal def plays in the top again.

Uollas/Arab meta went to INfinitis WW and took it down to zero.

And Smurfs.. I thought Union would chose another target now but they still seems determinate to keep them down.

Tuesday and the winner isn’t obvious yet, a new record for Final.

Rebels? I had expected Union.. but what a awesome ram hammer!

One level less after this report as it seems.

Uollas managed to take down 3 levels.

Someone must have been in there between, Exodus follows up.Interesting with 3 reports with the same result.. Maybe coordinated had done more damage.

Back to 10 again but now a 20K hammer could take it down.

Double shot? But Union zeroed and Kira started to build.

Union/Arab meta used a lot of hammer to take down Infiniti. Full report here,hDRVGaHKBn,S9Ys2cMTxP,Oq9AmoIDRs,6GyAeawsEY,0pCdVgItan,DRbzCExmdN,8SHAgLT6mf,srR17Ae4f9,ecwOsbTlvK,iNw428vZq5,07hkrFt62p,6TVpFRIHnN,KDTdyaw6ip,5vpDWqTmJR,Bkatd3jvLe,Tgy0xznkGp?expand=1

Todays last report from Smurfs

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