Week 5 – 18 December

Week 5 – 18 December


Uollas meta




Gettertools have mended their maps so now it is possible to see the whole Final map again. I started to do new ones and began in NorthEast, the Uollas meta. The meta consists of several nations, from Turkey we have COF with 600 accounts, Uollas with 300 accounts, Shield (arabs) 200 accounts, CS 110 accounts, G&V 80 accounts and TFD (Netherlands), NewOrder, Poilus (France) with together 100 accounts.

Uollas is closer to Gray zone and the most offensive alliances in the meta. Among the COF alliances, The COF and COF ANT seems to have been involved in a border war with CUP.

Shield is building a stronghold around the WW 100/100 as NewOrder also do.

CS and TFD is situated at the NW border but I haven’t seen any real actions from them yet.

It’s only a few enemy alliances in NE, NE-buni (Dacia) and ВЛАДЫКИ (Russian). The reports I’ve seen from NE-buni is that they have been walled by CS. ВЛАДЫКИ looks to have been better on defence.

Due to the high number of accounts, 1400, the NorthEast meta has a significant chance for victory this round. They have a lot of alliances with nothing else to do than building defence for WW or WWK’s.


Questions ally leaders

  1. The server has been running for a little more than one month. How is it going? Have you achieved what you wanted so far?
  2. All metas this year consist of players from several domains.  Any combination that have surprised you?
  3. How about your enemies? Do they give you a fair fight?
  4. Which quad is the most interesting due to expected fights this year?
  5. It wasn’t many wildcards this year. Bad or good and why?


Trafalgar Law, Wallace

1. Hi my dear , we are at a nice point of the finals, for us is going very good, we are happy for the creation of this new meta and it’s like the meta is working very good, we are doing everything we want to do. We are achieving nice things day by day, and of course, we are achieving an increasement of communication in the meta and the organization is growing.

2. Yes a lot of combinations this year.. uhm… I don’t see something impressive, maybe just the fact that Poland is splitted in 3 metas, one with Dacia, one with CUP one with Int SE.

3. We are fighting against Dacia, numbers and reports are talking 😀

p.s. I read nPL saying ” we are in 80 against 2000+ accounts. Dacia meta is almost 1000 accounts, so you are not in 80 players.. if Dacia not support you … it’s hard 🙂

4. I think SE but there are zones in the other quadrants ( borders ) maybe more interesting than the entire SE.

5. I don’t know what to answer about wildcards… I think is a way to obtain more players, multi accounts or real players, so if we obtain more real accounts better, if not, is not good to obtain multies. So we can’t know the wildcard if will be used for a real one or a support account and I don’t know if to say ” nice ” or ” bad ” about a less number of wildcards 😀

In simple words, if wildcards give to finals more real players and there are less wildcards —> BAD

if wildcards give to finals more multi accounts and there are less wildcards —> NICE


Valar Morghulis, UollasL

1. Well, the server has been started for a month now. Our Uollas-META is growing well, there are many new alliances we never played together before and with which we are doing a great job, but there is still a lot to work on.

2. Currently no surprise, we already knew from what alliances the various confederates would have been composed. The only surprise, if it can be defined as such, was the breakup of the Meta between Dacia and ANIMALS.

3. Regarding the enemies, our quad is fairly quiet, so we are focusing on the borders, especially on the one with the Poles (nPL). But, looking at the whole server, it does not seem that the Russians are doing a fair game. They are doing a lot of hammers with the help of multi accounts, you just need to see the top raids, 8 out of 10 were Russians last week, and the first 3 Russian alliances raid an indecipherable amount of resources every week!

4. Up to now the most interesting quad is -/+, it is no coincidence that the first alliances in top attacker and defender are precisely those found in -/+. Within this quad there is war between Dacia and Animals, between Dacia and Russians on the border with -/-, between Animals and Russians on the border with -/-, between nPL and Uollas on the border with +/+ and between nPL and Russians on the border with -/-.

Another interesting sector is the +/-, where the confederates CUP and PRIME are clashing, and Chinese are clashing on the border with the Russians.

5. I think I’ve already answered a similar question before the start. In the first interview I said that I was in favor (because many wildcards are used for multi account) and against (because it penalizes those who could not play the qualifications) . But now, after 1 month from the start, I can say that it was just an idea that penalized those who could not play the qualifications, since the Russians continue to have (even without the help of wildcards) hundreds of multi accounts.


Endgame, NewOrder

1. For this finals we created a completely new Meta and we spent the last weeks partly with increasing the work together. I see a lot of potential inside our group and day by day our work is becoming better. 

For NewOrder it’s a quiet server untill now, since we have mostly no enemy inside our territory. As Meta we started to do pressure at the borders and it’s going pretty good. Still, I think the first weeks are gone for growing and I expect action will increase the upcoming weeks significantly (artefacts are close).

2. I’m not suprised at all, only some changes in subgroups. The big “players” we see as usual with some changes inside their Metas.

3. As I said already before – for NewOrder it’s pretty less action in territory. All in all there is less enemy in our whole Meta area, so we’re fightling mostly at the borders. This may change after artefacts with more moves across the sectors and then we will see, if there’s a fair fight at all. Just have a look at some groups and their top raiders … nothing more to comment!

4.I think the most conflicts we see at the borders. -/+ is exciting since there are different conflicts like Dacia vs. Animals, Russia vs. Dacia and so on. 

5. Everybody who wants to play finals can get a ticket by playing qualification. You do not even need a lot of work to get your ticket. I don’t see the necessity to have a lot of wildcards for players. Less wildcards may reduce multiusing (still there is an option going for multis via qualification tickets). So for me is fine.



Draugr, Poilus

1. Everything is going well, with all the fun expected. We’re doing even more than expected i would say 🙂

I am usually fastly bored during finals but this is the first year that I’m not. There is a very good teamplay in my Meta and every one likes to work together, so that’s quite of a perfect final server for now.

2. Even if every combination were known before starting, I’d say that SE  combinations are the most surprising and interesting for me. We’ve been playing with NB as COQ a few years ago, and we had some hard fights against PL during qualifying, so it’s a strange feeling to see them both united now.

3. For now, well, I’d say it could be more challenging, but still I have seen a lot of nice reports. I also saw several ones from other quad which are very interesting and i think some of these got harder fights because of people’s location inside the quad.

4. I think every quad is very interesting, but i closely follow the fights with ANIMALS, i find this particularly interesting.

5. As I said during prequalifying interview, less wildcards gives less multiaccs, so I think it is a good point. This way, there are more real players playing together. Even though, we had some troubles finding a key for every of our player, which led to a few less account as expected.

Thank you for your job my dear! 🙂


orion981 SPQR™

1 I hope yes

2 No one

3 For now the enemy are sweety

4 Our border line

5 Bad…so much multi account


Patroclus TFD

1 Yes I build a little more troops than I had wished for.

2 In fact….we and the turks.

3 It’s all I expected from Dacia.

4 I think it’s gonna be between Italians and Russia as last year.

5 No wildcards please.

I’m still waiting for a couple more answers, if I get them I will add them later.


I use Chrome and the inbuilt translator when I try to figure out what it is about on other forums. Here is some links if you wants to try yourself. Don’t be surprised if they quarrel more than showing reports =)




Poland off

Poland def






Luffy Dacia has a really nice hammer but RECKLESS SÜVARİ had an ever better wall and look on that zoo!


From Dacia report chat:

A busy morning, we landed again on SUVARI capitals at 4:00 pm, 4 groups from Dacia tm and a group from SMURFS in our intention to destroy as quickly as possible this Turkish alliance placed to the left of the WW zone. On 4 capitals we did not find deff and we caused big damage, and on the Underdogs group a Turkish wall was made … unfortunately for us too much deff, too like the tzara … and we lost some armies.

Let’s also see the reports:

Grupa A, Tinta Ortalık Garıştı (−167|61)

Underdogs: http://travian-reports.net/ro/report/203709dbe49

Sauron: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/71280351202

The Alchemist: http://prntscr.com/lu0brv

Vix Est: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/71280462409

Grupa B, Tinta [00]-Bobbi Morse (−156|59)

Teutonic Steel: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/712810e0c40

Arausium: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/7128078d995

Sapte Pitici: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/7128063d641

Aladdin: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/712809c0ffc

Grupa C, Tinta 00 (−157|80)

AVOCATUL: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/7128125990d

ShowTime: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/71281388492

Grupa D, Tinta 01…MUALLİM (−130|52)

Zalmodegikos: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/71281427f77

CDM Team: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/71281627a9d

DaculibeRO: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/7128152793e

Robert1: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/712811211cf

Grupa E, SMURFS, Tinta 15c Kontes Suvari 00-Kirito (−151|53) http://prntscr.com/lu0er4

Nothing venture nothing have. We have no other direction than before, players who have lost their armies are motivated and confident that they will be riding again on the Dacia train shortly and it will not take long until we see them again on the position of the locomotive. There are four days since we attack nonstop, and we have 15 capitals destroyed partially, some even completely demolished + extended to Reckless Suvari, which was deleted yesterday. It’s okay, sorry, win some, lose some … so it’s at war!

Counter Bulgaria https://prnt.sc/lu1o06

Kontes Süvari vs SMURFS https://prnt.sc/lu2tbx





So close yet so far, few mistakes were made and the cropper survived with only lvl 8 stone mansion remaining, followed by suicide later on.



Animals vs Dacia


Unsuccessful revenge


Expensive “scouting” by raid. https://bit.ly/2S6EUjt

Dacia NV vs TM   and a wall https://bit.ly/2S6EUjt 



nPL vs Animals – and rams!


Hype! vs Animals, this time the wall wasn’t enough but it was an expensive victory. 


The German alliances FC and Dogma have had a hard time in Dacia area but they zeroed this Dacia village. 


Time again for Dacia offensive:

After a short break, needed to sort out Christmas duties and farm lists, we started again our regular OPs in SUVARI area. No losses on our side, this time, 5 capitals were hit and one village was conquered, here are the reports:

Grupa A, Tinta: SÜVARİMİHALGAZİ DOMUZÇUKURU (−154|65) (c9 capital)

Teutonic Steel: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/71291361f23

Arausium: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/71291529063

Sapte Pitici: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/712917ec5d3

Aladdin: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/7129281612b

Grupa B, Tinta: Arya Suvari 01-Aryamik (−172|62) (c9 capital)

Zalmodegikos: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/7129186f15c

Underdogs: http://travian-reports.net/ro/report/203812edb23

SpargToT: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/7129213b18c

Vix Est: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/71292369ee9

Grupa C, Tinta: Yaren Suvari, Yaren 2 (−147|67) (c9 capital)

AVOCATUL: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/71291981154

ShowTime: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/7129163c5b3

CDM Team : http://travian-reports.net/us/report/712914dcda3

Grupa D, Tinta: Jr Suvari 00SÜVARİ (−151|82) (capital)

Robert1: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/712911eaffa

DaculibeRO: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/71290634b2b

Luffy: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/712922d33fc

Grupa E, Tinta: Reckless Suvari, 00 (−138|68) (c15 capital)

Kuby: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/7129241edb2

Teutonic: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/7129250ca8b

Extra Bonus, a conquered village at SUVARI right on the border between our alliances:

Underdogs: http://travian-reports.net/ro/report/203813e0071,2038146cde7

Zalmodegikos: http://travian-reports.net/us/report/71291298da9

More reports from the SW/NW border war






Animals Milyonda vs BAD




https://gyazo.com/313f48df8e66f692681f5dec98c0bda5 +4


https://gyazo.com/2588d19adea80001205b86bf24a958c2 +4/+4 https://gyazo.com/768a0da969c182f01be2520908da82

https://gyazo.com/306fb8708005a57189f7c3cc8dc4b538 +4/+4

https://gyazo.com/633e787ad9ae3340ec2769283f647a0 f+4

https://gyazo.com/9542c6724360874d66beccb7b01e8048 +4

at the end they catch him



Dacia K vs Animals


HYPE! vs nPL and a wall


Dacia K Katarina – nice hammer!



Turkey vs Winter going for an oasis with phalanxes https://bit.ly/2AdhbY3

chiefing without hammers fails


Dacia vs Dogma that got help from friends in Uollas meta.




A small Romania alliance, only 11 members, in NorthEast isn’t scared to go on the bigger alliances but most often meet a wall.



CS vs ВЛАДЫКИ, a russian alliance in NorthEast



Uollas hammers walking again:

https://prnt.sc/lv6eej  +7 vagoni

https://prnt.sc/lv6f1x  + 7 vagoni

http://travian-reports.net/pl/report/3001617cbea da 600 a 300

https://prnt.sc/lvad35 + 7 vagoni

https://prnt.sc/lvadhb conquista e azzera

https://prnt.sc/lvadr tentativo riconquista


nPL vs Wallace https://prnt.sc/lw5i2n

Uollas/Wallace vs nPL, not always successful



but in the same action :

Moscow Mule has conquered a village at (−7|23) from Korona.    today, 02:00

The Gypsies has conquered a village at (−10|26) from Beleth.    today, 02:00

Asterios Waldix has conquered a village at (−10|21) from Kurakwakaju.    today, 02:00

  • another one

and http://prntscr.com/lwaulj 2 erased, 1 with 50 pop, 1 with 100 pop


Most battles have been at the border NW so most reports are there.


[ВАD] Throwbаck vs [NB-朱雀] LSDG, the village was conquered by Hellraiser



Unique vs BAD




Prime vs CUP and a wall  http://travian-reports.net/ru/report/626685c785d



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