Week 3 – 4 December

Week 3 – 4 December



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  • Reports
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A lot is happening now, the battles is many, villages is zeroed or chiefed in the important areas. If you’re not building troops you can be simming as  Chip&Dale that took their third 50% oasis for the 15c cropper.

My Corner crew have been busy gathering reports, I need to find out the best way to handle them. Screens looks nice but are so big so it is a trouble to handle them, multimadness.de gives a copy of the ingame reports. Promter found a way to use travian-reports.net and was kind to share it. I hope they will do the necessary changes so we can manage it more easily. Kirilloid can also be used but still a bit big,  https://prnt.sc/ is also a nice tool.

Something is also wrong with gettertools maps. It seems as they have implemented the small map and forgot that we still have servers with the bigger map.


Guide how to use travian-report.net


  1. you paste the text as usually into the report converter


  1. the you scroll the pasted text down to the attacker’s info and delete the marked lines



  1. then in the “table” with unit’s numbers you type the following:


*both words should be typed with Capital letters


  1. scroll down to the defender’s info and do the same


Also adding the words Units and Casualties.


  1. Then you click save and have your report 😉




Building plans hot zones


I asked my crew for help to do maps where the building plans will come and to add the alliances that is fighting about those areas.

Last year some of the expected landing coordinates changed up to 30 fields. Probably due to a too tight populated area. Plans will not show up in wilderness or oases. They need a free spot. I still think that my theory that the plans is paired is true, if one moves the opposite plan will also do.

It will not be enough to have attention only to the own quad’s plans. An enemy in another quad can try to force the location of them to move. Time for new strategies folks!


NE map



33/12 –> wallace + uollasL , the rest are spawn villages

12/33 —> wallace + uollasL + nPL, the rest are spawn villages

10/56 —> wallace , uollasL,  S.P.Q.R. , SPQR™

55/20 –> wallace + uollasL ( bp box is a spawn of a poilus, uollas meta )


SE map



30/-20 —> PRIME-C + CUP-ac + CUP-ab + Prime_P , the rest look spawns

4/-35 —> CUP-ab + CUP-ac

45/-37 —> PRIME-C + spawns


SW map



-26/-25 —> bad + hype

-10/-57 —> BAD +   西狂-改之 + NB-白虎

-55/-20 seems only spawn villages


NW map



-18/30 —> DaciaNW2 + Dacia NV + nPL + nPLко

-35/4 —> ANIMALS + nPL + HYPE!

-45/37 —> Dacia NV + OTTOMANS + OTTOMAN +  oTToM@N



Player interview


In one of my chats I found a guy that really enjoyed his local battlefield. All the big hammers is of course awesome but let us not forget that smaller players also have a role to play 🙂


DaculibeRO Dacia™


My name is Andrei, I’m 37, from Romania and I currently has lived in UK for 4 years now. This is my first Final  and my first with Dacia. I haven’t played in 4 years and I feel really excited coming back to Travian because I like playing Travian at a higher level with more challenge.

I came to this finals fully prepared, but I must say now after starting with teutons that my favourite race and where I excel the most is romans.
My play style so far in this final was intuitive and even if in micro management I am calculated and methodical, in the macro economy I was all over the place and made a few bad choices mostly because I was not really prepared to the amazing job Dacia is doing and even if all the goals we have as an alliance and all the preparations and targets we have, I miscalculated that I can still achieve a perfect alliance goal even with doing my own game. I have by now a clear view of how strong I could have been doing things slightly different.
That being said, I ended up doing some things for the love of art more then to the actual benefit of my account. That parachute into the dogma was clear that it was not going to do that much more than a psychological effect on him. The whole thing I knew it is not worth it but I still did it because I knew I can make it beautiful and I can make him back off with minimum effort.

Right now the situation with that conflict is on hold since Dogma players have so much gold and last time he defended his capital with 10 heroes, among other tro ops.

So that whole thing was for the love of art and also to let Eneas grow without having problems coming from the East. Knowing I can get a psychological advantage just by moving my hero around the map like in chess was in my mind all along.

My action against Dogma:

4x and I cleared capital of animals but he had evasion (this guy was attacking my sitter last few days) so I put my 4th village behind both of them near the enemy.

The counter after he came online and hit my sitter again.

His “retaliation” on me.





I have probably missed a lot of reports and it takes time to make them fitting into Corner.

I scouted a World Wonder in centre. They have been conquered earlier for each year – and it might make sence – the earlier the less expensive.


SouthWest -/-

Let’s start with a “funny” report.

i’m green scouted a village with UNI… uni guy thought it’s an enemy coz he didn’t recognize the UNI signs and without checking a list sent a home follow on his scouts…


We have an ongoing war between NB and BAD




An offensive at the NW border







Cup vs International meta (Prime, NB and confeds)

Nickz., Viejos Chotos vs Prastoy















Dacia vs Turkey and hammers are growing bigger for each day.



Bulgaria vs Smurfs and some hammers need to rebuild, but better that than not use them.





Turks vs Smurfs








Animals vs Smurfs














Animals vs Dacia and Dogma, chiefed villages




Dacia vs Animals


nPL vs Testere



BAD s Animals



Müfreze vs Winter



Moscow Mule + waves with 1k clubs inside

15 crops from 13 to 0

and other damages on hero mansion+warehouse, granary etc etc

and we are stealing two oasis


  1. Ziolast vs dacia e turchi


http://prntscr.com/loxei0 segue trenino x3

secondo giro :

http://prntscr.com/loxf5k x3


cambio obiettivo :

http://prntscr.com/loxfok x3

http://prntscr.com/loxgn4 x4

altro giro su altro villo http://prntscr.com/loxg4y x3







  1. Lucky vs Dacia



poi circa 10/12 trenini nella notte villo era rimasto a 16 pop ma purtroppo alle 6 ha loggato


tentata falangiata del dacia



Raid vari sempre sul solito
















Top10 and Top 20






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