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Well i have to admit that Dacia’s tactic against Russians by sending small hammers targeting their wonder every 2 hours is a good one. And we do appreciate the fact that they gather a lot of defences early on. Their leadership is really good. However, they are a bit bad-mannered especially their diplomat who asked us to support their wonder and while we are discussing with our council how to respond they have 3 hammers landing on our WW within 24 hours demolishing 8 levels of our Wonder.

We never have NAP with Dacia and we wouldn’t accept their invitation anyway but this kind of sending invitation and not responding you on Skype and sending hammers on you while they treat you friendly is really bad-mannered. I don’t mind if they send out hammers targeting our WW directly or he can choose to revoke his offer. But it is entirely unnecessary to send a diplomatic invitation like that and hold us on with no replies. There’s no way for us to work with Dacia this round or in the future.

For ND, i would say money does matter as we witness the transfer of their 2nd BP via Aegina and a player previously in our team named Hydra who was kicked right after we found out he sold his account to Arabians lol. And those rumours about selling artifacts are real haha. But they do keep their promise and treat allies well as far as i know so I would say they are good teams who can be work with. In fact i think NB worked with ND in last finals so yea! And their hammers are really nice as well. But still Dacia’s tactic against both quads are essential to their current lead.

For RU, I am happy that most of us come together and go against the Russians who were deemed to be the strongest meta and WW in this server with the UA. I wonder if they still have some great WWKs to send out but even if they do have, i believe it is too late to destroy EU WW at this stage. But I am happy to be against Cerber although they aren’t even the main forces of RU. We had a great time in the border and they are well-organised and united. They are really good opponents who stay until the end of the game. Really deserve some credits!

Last but not least on ourself, i must say thank you to my NB team as well as REN, Hellas, KAK, Swarm and TTT. I am glad to have these teams in forming a new NE coalition working together closely. Without them, we won’t be able to get a building plan to build the Wonder and without them we couldn’t reach today’s defence target so I am very glad that we have their support and i am delighted to work with them. However, I would say it is a pity that the North East is still in a mess even until WW but i am still glad that in the end we still prevented war between NB, REN and DI DE. For our WW progress, we knew that we couldnt win from the very beginning since we figure out how little defences we can pull together but still its a good experience in pulling different teams together just before WW war and build one single wonder together. We could definitely do better and we should do more on working out the internal relationship with our allies and with our own teammates but we wouldn’t blame on people who left us in the middle of the game cuz after all real life is more important than the game. No matter how, we won’t regret and we are happy to be in this game among other teams!

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