WW Natar def

This report is not complete but I lost my scout reports. A minor hammer was sent before this.

Date 13 February.


Due to my irl I had to give my WW to Germans. I’m caught in the Swedish bureaucracy, I have been sick too long so the Bureau that distribute money when you are sick craved that I had to search a new job where my shoulder problems should not affect my work. I have problems to work with my arms in front of my body and to turn because of a frozen shoulder. They claims that such work where you don’t have to do such moments is normally occurring on the market…

Next bureau where you go to when you need a new job claimed that they couldn’t help me because I still could work half part in my company.

Third bureau which gives you money when you have no work told me the same.

I have been fighting this since September, now in the end of February I had to surrender and kick myself from my company. Both second and third bureaus was happy – Here you have more paper  to fill in!, I’m not 😛

I still haven’t got money from either of them…

My doctor says I have an acute stress reaction. I believe her.

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