Slightly more troops in Natar villages compared with last Final. Most gone within 1½ to 2 hours. Most artefacts stay within the meta that have taken them. Fools and Eyes have been most popular to conquer.



Architects. One conquered from Turks by Arabs.
Boots: One conquered from Dacian by Russians.
Eyes: One conquered from Chinese by Vietnam. One conquered from Russians by Arabs. One conquered from Arabs by Russians.
Diets: One conquered from SE by Turks.
Trainers: One conquered from Turks by Arabs. Arabs holding 3 small trainers.
Storages: All kept inside metas.
Confusions: One conquered from Turks by Arabs.
Fools: One conquered from Turks by Arabs. One conquered from Germans by Arabs, the new owner have spent many chiefs on trying to force the fool to be a trainer. That counts for many of the fool owners too. One have gone from KAK to Dacia to Russians. One from Arabs to Russians.




Architects: One conquered from Russians by Arabs. Dacia holds two, Chinese holds one.
Boots: One taken by Russians, Two shared between Dacia and 777. One taken by Chinese, shared with French.
Eyes: One taken by Dacia, conquered by Russians that also holds one more. One taken by Germans and one by Chinese.
Diet: Two taken by Russians. One by Germans. One by KSN&MoD, conquered by Arabs, rumour says he or a sitter sold it.
Trainer: Arabs, KSN, Vietnam and Russia one each.
Storage: One each for Arabs, Dacia and Chinese. Russians conquered one from Turks.
Confusion: One each for KSN and Swarm. One conquered by Arabs from KAK. One have an interesting story: Taken by Russians, and then by two players in a row that have deleted. Going back to Natars and retaken by Russians.




Architect: Taken by Russians.

Boots: Taken by Russians.

Eyes. Taken by French.

Diet: Taken by Arabs.

Trainer: Taken by Dacia, shared with 777. Conquered by Arabs.

Confusion: Taken by Dacia.

Fool: Taken by French. Conquered by Russians.

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