First maps SE

I’m sitting down in my cellar at work together with 35 crazy friends that thinks that the most fun

you can do is to celebrate New Year here. Of course it is computer nerds..

We have listen on presentations about how crazy the Chinese language is. I recommend this

article that gives a good view of the matter.…


We have also learned about security in BSD systems, how to make applications with QT Creator

and listen on how to do radio coverage in tunnels.


And well, we have some time to sit working or playing on pc’s too but for the moment

they play analogical games 😀


A happy New Year to you all!

Time for maps in SE and I start with Russians. I have divided them in groups due to ally mostly.
I usually don’t count small allys even if I check down to rank 300, but I couldn’t withstand

Bad-baby the name was too cute (chuckle).

BAD alliances is situated against grey zone. 546 players

Alliance rankings pop: 4 BAD, 8 BAD, 12 BAD.
Attackers: 7 BAD, 8 GM, 9 BAD, 17 BAD Nova, 18 BAD.

Players ranking pop: 8 FxqSrg, GM 13 Саня BAD Nova

I got a report from NF – SE

Cerber 294 players

Alliance rankings pop: 3 CerbeR, 10 Cerber.
Attacker: 3 Cerber.
Defender: 6 CerbeR, 11 Cerber.

Players ranking attacker: 16 Волки CerbeR.…

MH 125 players

Alliance rankings attacker:  19 MH…

Boroda  121 players

Alliance rankings defender: 1 Boroda

Players ranking attackers: 11 Billy Milligan Boroda.
Defender: 2 Billy Milligan Boroda, 11 Cleo Boroda.…

Other Russians 159 Players.

Alliance rankings attacker:  4 Bunker.
Defender: 2 Bunker

Players ranking attackers: 1 Bingo Bongo DS, 20 Action DS
Defenders: 1 Vzasos Bunker, 13 Sinergy DS, 20 Cho-Cho Zemlynka.…
In total 1245 Russian players.


Turks looks as they have as fun as always. I have sorted them mostly after alliances too.
Some of them keeping change names, don’t makes it easy to get maps working..

TR-1453 213 players.

Alliance ranking attackers: 11 DİRİLİŞ©.

Players ranking: 14 Kumarji&Alyali DİRİLİŞ©, 17 yaylayagel DİRİLİŞ©.…

Other TR 159 players…

Anadolu 245 players

Alliance ranking attackers: 2 ANADOLU®, 12 ÆNADOLU, 13 *ANADOLU.

Defenders: 2 ÆNADOLU, 8 *ANADOLU, 17 ANADOLU.

Players ranking pop: 18 TIRSIN ULAN ANADOLU.
Attackers: 6 B o M ANADOLU®.
Defenders: 4 ReDEyeS_Tr ÆNADOLU, 11 Başmelek ÆNADOLU,

15 caveman&kuzey ANADOLU1

Other Turks 155 players

Players ranking defender: 18 Machbeth -(@_@)-…

Turks 772 players in total


Other allys

Players ranking attackers: 7 Oldschoolers OFF…



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