Landings in SW

Catas has begins to roll in every quad. The fights about the crops is hard and exciting. Many good manouvers from both sides. Today I was tolded about an event in the Grey zone. Yesterday the italians zeroed a russian 15c and settled it. Today when it was time for the natars to attack – the russians also arrived 20 seconds later. Russians are observators and they can count for sure. Italians saved the village and walled 100 horses and 60 catas. Sorry – but I didn’t got a report.


The third quad is a little bit smaller than NW and SE. The ones with the long and fancy allyl ists here is Middle East, South America and Portugal. I stopped counting at 860.

I was down to pop rank 140 in my tries to find other nations. I found Russian allys, 3 of them with a total pop of 70 and 140 players in Turkey allys.

I remember some russians on the forum saying that the bourgoise could not organize a landing or that they haven’t brains enough to unite. I also remember that Rebeled come up with a different opinion about that it was possible that some nations would unite. Not many listened but I think Watcher was one of them.

Well, look at the maps and profiles..









Supreme from A-team

1.Tell us the basics about your alliance.

My alliance are portuguese players choosen by hand most of them are the elite.
And I have only few because its easier to handle them.

2.What is your goal for the server?

Our goal is to expand and destroy and maintain hold of our ground.

3.There is a lot of players in NW and NE, half of it in SE, only SW looks “normal”. Your comment?

NW is the quarter with the most russians but the polish players have the plan that they used from last year so they have a lot of terrain and the russians cant expand as much. Many many players went to NW to try to stop the russians. Because its the strongest quarter for the russians always. Some WW will be in Romanian-Poland-Com team on NW, some will be capture by France on NE.

4.What will the biggest difference between this Final and the last one be?

I think this time the italians and other teams have more ground inside the grey zone. Also more countries started already allied against russia instead of fighting each other like last year. This time the russians dont hold all the 15 croppers inside the grey zone. Alsof rom what i heard MightyRu has left the russian party idk if this information is correct.

5.Anything else you want to say?

Lets play and see what more we can do this time to make it different from the others championships.

6.Tellus something about yourself and your account? Male or female? How old are you? 
Where are you from? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game? 
What do you do when not playing Travian? 

Male . Im 27 years old.Imfrom Portugal. Im playing since 2007.
When I’m not playing travian I travel and drinking and hanging out with friends.

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