Why Natars began to build WW

The Natar WW

When I was talking with a french player about all and nothing I was told how it happened that the Natar WW was implemented. It will not happen on this server but it is a funny story.

It happened on a french server 2009. A french ally Lodm engaged Travian Games to create alternative natar end for too long servers. There was a lot of conflicts on travian.fr with TG team at that time when the Lodm decided to go to the server 1 FR and neutralize it.

The coalition created by Lodm was named PAM (Plan Anti Merveille) = Plan Against WW. They took all WW, plans, and deleted with the WWs. After that they decided to destroy all the players in the server that was not in their coalition. The final goal was that all the 200 player of their coalition should take the first 200 place – and they realized it.

After 2 mounths without WW the server was closed. To avoid this in the future TG created the alternative end of Natar victory. Natar built a WW that can not be attacked.

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