The World

It’s time for maps 🙂 I started to do maps the 31 July, there have been changes, alliances have changed name and Vietnam has formed an own meta. With exception for Wega that seems satisfied to continue their confed with SH.

I don’t claim that my maps, numbers, artefacts are absolute correct ^^ but they should give a good picture of the server.

First a short look on the whole map. 3062 players today, I have placed 2300 of them in alliances.

In NorthEast We have AOTW and Mordor/Arnor. Thai and CS-players.

SouthEast is housing Vietnam and CUP – that is a meta with players from several domains.

SouthWest is the most populated quad. 2 metas and a lonely alliance. 1. Italians/Arabs/G&V, 2. Exodus, 3. DT.

Exodus is a new constellation lead by Emerik and DT has many players from Denmark.

Finally in NorthWest we have NewOrder and SH/Wega. NewOrder was originally an german alliance but have had an reorganisation. SH is new to tournament and Wega is as mentioned above from Vietnam.

Vietnam is also represented here by VTU-NF

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