WWstats and reports 4 october Part 2


CS and NL have done amazingly well but The COF is in lead. I haven’t had time to check often enough to see which of the 2 in top that has the upper hand. Many hammers has been running, I have chosen the best ones and looking on the dates it seems that most hammers have been used already. My scouts from The COF was sent home so I can’t tell if CS/NL have had any good hits. 80 hours to the end – probably Monday morning if nothing change.







Poland in supreme majesty in top. They got a hit that took them down a couple of levels but nevertheless the server will end on Saturday, approx 40 hours left.



The full report  here




The only opponent lost their WW. This server will also end on Saturday.


My scouts died in the first wave. The WW was chiefed.





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