International Endgame comments 2 and Arabia

The last ones….




1. Your opinion about this server? Are you prepared for the Final?

<<< I am more then happy what my team showed, like I said it is first time we all play together and I think we made big influence on this server, honestly I am not so happy because final is so fast I would like that players have some time to rest.

2. Which ally (not your own ally/meta) will you remember from this round?

<<< Definitely Dacia they played aggressively like there is no tomorrow and I like that kind of style.

On the other hand HellasDT was biggest negative surprise, I expected more from them as they were 3 years in row winner.




I am very satisfied with our placement. PP have played  Tournament many times and we always have had a cooperation with Arxontas78 and HELLAS.  But before start I talked with Kova and we agreed to  have a cooperation ( !!CS!!, S&G, A, AA and PP). We agreed to not build a WW. Because of that PP don’t had a confed or NAP with HELLAS this year.

PP stayed in the centre and fight against Meeseeks (and they disappeared), then Faguette and then many members went to  Ghetto and Rise. And PP continued to clean those players in our area. Mika ( Tuomiopäivä ) wanted a NAP with us but we didn’t want that.

PP had a deal with ITALY ally to not attack each other but not with Ghetto. Its not cooperation we just had the same goal. Italy took a WW in the middle of my villages and I say to Lucky10: That is my WW villa, and she give me a WW. I asked Kova if he and his ally wanted to help me to build this WW and he didn’t want to because I’m a roman and without an architect bla bla bla… Then Kova needed a artefact, The trainers great talent, and he agreed with Ghetto so Ghetto gave him a artefact and !!CS!!, S&G, A, AA coalition sent defence to Ghetto WW.

We took a 3rd BP 😀 And PP just try. I love my players and they are  good friends. I am very disappointed at the coalition !!CS!!, S&G, A, AA because we played together on our servers many  years – but: this is a game. Isn’t it?


Congratulations to Vietnam for the victory!



abujyad M..G..M ND Arabia

1. Congrats to the coming victory. Are you prepared for the Final?
<<<Thx . about the final yes we are completely ready.
2. Which ally (not your own ally/meta) will you remember from this round?
<<<There is no particular alliance that I will mention in this round.
It was a very easy tour for us.
3. Which player have been most impressing ? Fighting spirit ,Teamwork?
<<<There are a lot of players I do not want to mention some of them and forget others.
So I will just say all the heroes of the ND.

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