Update 23 september


My own server and of course I have to name my own meta as the favorite. We will see what they have in the South when endgame begins. We have 3 metas: DI, Hellas; Ghost. Hellas should be the head enemy for the both others but no cooperation between them. In fact one Ghost is attacking our arties just now ^^

The last WW is a player that went out on his own without confirmation from leaders and was asked to leave by herself or be kicked from DI meta.

We have had the usual amount of banned big raiders. For now we have one banned holding 3 artifacts. Wonder if they will be in rotation again.

Notable is the ally from Vietnam that out in the middle of nowhere have most def points.

2076 players. Rank 2000: 256 pop.

8 WW.

DI (International) rank 3, Border North.

HellasDT (Greeks) rank 4, SE.

PP (Balkan) rank 10, Border South.
TTT (Balkan/Int) rank 6, Gray Zone.
BzB (Balkan) rank 28, Gray Zone

UNION (Serbia?) rank 16, Gray Zone.

RIDERS (International) rank 9, Gray Zone.

MPG (Internationa) rank 39, Border East.

Best ally pop:

DI* 58 9659 560242

Best ally off:

DI! 54 68078 3676216

Best ally def:

FinalsVN 27 56368 1521945


All WW taken but only 2 metas – as usual. Siege and Arabia fights about who will lead Arabia in Finals. From beginning Siege’s part of the map was most populated but as it looks they had the most multiaccounts too. That might cost them the victory. Arabia looks better. That is our old enemies from Last Final. My favorites for victory.

10379 players. Rank 2000: 2892 pop.

13 WW: Two metas.
Siege 4, NE, Border East, SE, Gray Zone.
Arabia 8 or 9, the rest 😀

Best ally pop:

ARB 55 9872 542938

Best ally off:

1. ARB 55 102360 5629800

Best ally def:

1. Seige.HS 52 54562 2837217

Germany Group A:

All against China and rumor says that it is not easy to get the cooperation to work. Only 3 WW on this server. I think that is wise to not splitter def and troops on several WW’s. Funny look on the map with that out stretched oval in NE/SW direction. Favorite, hmm.. I of course want that my Germany friends shall win but China have a strong position. They have taken a Gray Zone WW, thereby given the others shorter way, but they have a lot of def as it seems.

2251 players. Rank 2000: 561 pop.

3 WW:

GG™ HS (Thai/International) rank 1, SE.

Inc (Germany) rank 2, SW.

NB (China) rank 5 , Gray Zone.

Best ally pop: Thai/International

GG™ HS 53 10009 530462

Best ally off: Germany

INC ® 50 57526 2876303

Best ally def: China

NB-HUNT 8 143508 1148064

Turkey Group B:

I wonder… Turks have always been undisciplined, unable to cooperate in Final and therefore never have been more then irritating locally and no real opponent. This time when I look trough ally profiles I find the same text about cooperation for the nation and to not let old grudges as religion affect the common goal and to not let foreigners win. If Turks begin to cooperate and starts in same quad they will be a real threat in Final.

The foreigners, Brazil meta, only chance, as I see it, is if the peace not holds and Turks starts to fight each others as happy as usual. Favorite have to be a guess. 1453 or HILAL,

Notable: The ally VN@Final from Vietnam that holds high positions both in pop (6), off (2) and def (1) together with wings (2,3,5), a part of Brazil meta.

Players 5831. Rank 2000: 1850 pop.

9 WW:
HILAL 1 (Turks), rank 10 NE, HILAL 2, rank 13, Border East.

G&D&A (Turks), rank 28, SE.

SEHIT (Turks) rank 12, SW.

Turkey (Turks) rank 9, Border North,
1453 2 (Turks) rank 6, Gray Zone, 1453 3, rank 2, Gray Zone.
KARA (Turks) rank 3, Gray Zone.

BRAZIL (Brazilia) rank 17, NW.

Best ally pop:

1453++1 60 8544 512612

Best ally off:

1453++2 48 75449 3621530

Best ally def:

1453++2 48 75449 3621530

France Group C:

In here there are also 3 WW, outsiders all of them. Gods are going for the victory, my favorites. Ukraines have always been good players. Can be a good fight.

2425 players. Rank 2000: 561 pop.

3 WW:

$G0D$- (France) rank 1, NE.

Nibiru (Ukraine) rank 8, NW.

S.H.S.N. (LAT) rank 9, SE.

Best ally pop:

-$G0D$- 51 12524 638734

Best ally off:

-$G0D$- 51 74133 3780766

Best ally def:

-$G0D$- 51 26060 1329062

Russia Group D:

If you don’t have a lot of WW’s you have 3. We have two different strategies clearly. The server who waited as late as possible to take the WW’s. common on Russian servers I’ve been told. Russians holding 2 and their opponents the Hungarian meta waited a couple of days more before starting with WW. It’s strong of a foreign meta to survive on a russian server but Cerber are my favorite to victory.

2989 players. Rank 2000: 1269 pop.

3 WW:

CerbeR (Russia) rank 22, NE.

40° (Russia) rank 26, Border South.
AVG (Hungary) rank 6, NW.

Best ally pop: Russia

CerbeR 55 11673 642007

Best ally off: Hungarian

AVG 58 74682 4331544

Best ally def: Russia

1. Press 36 71830 2585888

Czech Group E:

A server with many WW’s. 3 metas. Hungarians here too. Both Dacia and KSN&MoD is used to win their national servers. Both have done well in Finals. They cooperates too so either one of them is my favorite. As all this alliances likes to fight it can be a long endgame. A very homogen map,

Players 2737. Rank 2000: 796 pop.

9 WW:
Dacia 2 (Romania) rank 5, NE.
KSN&MoD (Czech), rank 1, Gray Zone.
CP&LAT, (PT/LAT) rank 12, SE and Gray Zone.
WTF-WOW (PT/LAT) rank 23, Gray Zone 2.
Aegina, (Cz) rank 2, SW.
DRACUL™ (Cz) rank 18, Border North, Dracul-H, (Cz/Hungary) rank 33, NW.

Best ally pop:

KSN&MoD 55 10425 573385

Best ally off:

KSN&MoD 55 85235 4687918

Best ally def: Italians

Wolfpack 27 60120 1623251

So, when the real wars starts and WW’s goes up and down, will we see a better amount of catas this time? Last qualification the average was 5000 catas and that is not enough for real damage on a WW when it’s on 90+ levels.

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