WW stats week 18

have added players on servers. 8 ended – 7 left. Next week, 1 september, the Natars will begin to build.



WW stats 26.8


Balkan 1134 players: Lords 96, Dacia 96/87. All WW taken. 6 are building the rest zero. 4 over level 50.

International 1886FU 94, Rev 93, TL 85. All WW taken. 4 WW over level 50, all belonging to the same meta. Enemies are WantomW (Phoenix) 23 and Wolfpck 6.

Asia 1192NewB 91, Vietnam 44, UC 3. LES zeroed. All WW taken. The most not building at all.

Report LSD




Luso 935: NN&GOEPT 89, MET 71, LL&GOENN 59. 6 WW taken. MET holding the resting 3. Levels 44,44,0.

Saud Arabia 1432: GSS 88/6, 3RB 11. GSS down from 55 to 6. All WW taken. GSS have 7 of the rest levels 4-0.


France 1357FHC 86 (-11), M zeroed – again. All WW taken. No one builds.


Turkey 2116: DOST 81/74, TRK 78. All WW taken. 8 have levels over 50 and are building.



Germany have finished. FC won.

Players: 875. All qualifyed.
Top pop: Venceremos
Top off: Integra
Top def: Suchthaufen

My account: Rank 585, pop 2320, 5 villages. Invited to FC.
Auctions: Bids more then average. Easy to sell items for Gold club and Plus. Enough for some weeks of 25% bonus too. 74 gold and 4915 silver left.
Server: Some problems early but swift action from the ally. Good organization in start with recommended spots for second village fitting the accounts. Boost to get the village up fast. Informative Ally messages. Good circulation of artefacts including boost.

Report: Last Natar attack. They seems to be equal on every server.


Hungary has finished. AVG won.

Players: 768 players. All qualified.


My account: Rank 519, pop 1287, 4 villages.

Actions: Cheap bids. Problems to get enough for Goldclub and Plus. 26 gold and 597 silver left.
Server: I miss the Italians who played here last round. They made the server more fun. Start village catad several times, croplocked. Filled with crannies. Another small server with a too dominating meta.



Interview with Ajax , Travian Legends, from Arab Emirates


Dear friend

Write this letter to you and translate automatically.



1. The ARAB coalition was strong. Did you had any chance to defeat them?


Answer: In fact, the Arabs alliances was very strong and we alliance TL Our desire was to chief the village and the miracle has already been occupied. And to have Architect in the war is a strong defense and kills Army.

Indeed, we have succeeded to catch thousands of Army. Arabs did not desire to attack us, especially in the villages that were close to us.


2. Tell us about your ally. How long have you been playing together? Have you played the Tournament before?


Answer: I try to earn friends before everything and almost playing in the eighth year

Since the start racing is coalitions T.L


Legends Travian

And conflicts always start from the name and I do not want to change it never. Coalitions consists of a very few number. I have members of other alliances and told them, if necessary, to attend with me. As I was playing in other servers and I saw a lot of stuff, even though it once but beautiful.

3. If you played the last Final. What is your opinion about it? The results for your country?


Answer: Unfortunately not, did not recognize Travian fully, but in this year I found many of my compatriots from Iraq, either in relation to the rest of the Arab countries. There are many exercises and playing Travian.


4. The Final is about cooperation and endless war. Which country should you like to cooperate with? Which countries do you look forward to fight against?


Answer: Nice to be in the end, such as the war is the beginning of friendship. I noticed that a few Arabs had luck in the world because there are heroes of the countries of Russia and Germany. And other countries, and I saw they played strongly and with experience and talk about their heroism.


We Arabs can go into a war with any country in the Travian for a miracle.

But the real obstacle is the dispersion of ideas and the multiplicity of leaders. The reason for the weakness of the coalition and the weakness of the Arabs.


I enter with any country that wants a miracle and fights and defends the spirit of sports. But I eventually play with Arabic and I would like to win with the Arabs, even though it is not more then a game …

Also I have friends from Russia. We played together and we defended our army together and died together …. It was our motto:


All for one and one for all.

5. Tell us something about yourself please. Where are you from? Male or female? How old are you ?? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game? What do you do when not playing Travian?


I am a young man from Iraq – Male

Travian love is not just a game. But I considered war develops the mind and the ability to highlight this and I like it especially to win friends from all Arab and other countries such as Russia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Germany and London.


As for the living, I work in a cinema actor and director in Iraq. I martial arts instructor military.

My real name Ali, I have used different names.

Thank you, very nice to me.




Down to 6 remaining servers, Balkan ended some hour ago.. Will we all have a surprise or will Turkey give us a long and active endgame as last year? They finished before the Natars though. If I remember right the corresponding servers to Luso last year let the Natars win.

On International Russians showed their hammers today. A lot of rams, but where are their catas?



WW stats 27.8

International: REV 97, FU 95, TL 86.
Saud Arabia: GSS 91/16, 3RB 18.

France: FHC 90, M 0.
Luso: NN&GOEPT 89, MET 76, LL&GOENN 59.

Asia: NewB 87/4, VietNam 50.
Turkey: DOST 85/79, TRK 80.

Balkan has ended. LORDS won.

Players: 1124

Top 1000 pop: 742

Top 500 off: 9214

Top 500 deff: 6272



Pop: 1000

Off: 10/8

Def: 56


Summary: 1058


My account: Rank 832, pop 1744, villages 4.
Actions: Low bids. It took time to get enough for Goldclub and Plus for parts of the server but fair enough. 4 gold, 6389 silver left.
Server: Peaceful, I was surprised every time I got a visit. Heavier fights between the blocks. My hero got good points in WW.

International reports:


Vesuvio steals Unique Architect from FU.











Phoenix against REV WW. No damages.







Interview with esnusmumrik, Vesuvio, International.

Safiren wrote:




I got some reports about the stolen architect. Do you have any comments?


May I ask you to answer some other questions too?







1. Your opinion about this server with no dominating Russians?


2. Tell us about your ally. How long have you been playing together?


3. If you played the last Final. What is your opinion about it?


4. How about next Final. Which country should you like to cooperate with? Which countries do you look forward to fight against?


5. Tell us something about yourself please. Where are you from? Male or female? How old are you?? What do you do for your living? How long have you played this game? What do you do when not playing Travian?

esnusmumrik wrote:

Comments: Don’t capture an artifact too early.


Answers to your questions:


1 Perhaps this server became more interesting for those who had previously played against the Russian-speaking alliance.


2 Players of the alliance for a long time playing together. Our guys were the backbone of the coalition SK on the first qualifying tournament. At the last championship our alliance called Equinox. I think that we have a strong team. The aim of the game on this server is to receive an invitation to the finals and just fun to play around with old friends. Purpose we performed. On the street summer. During the holiday season. The game is not strained. Bring only pleasure.


3 With regard to the last finals. The loss Russian team was natural. Only when we are united, we are invincible . And at last the final was not a single Russian-speaking team. All coalition played first separately. At this time it will not. I hope so.


4 I would like to play against the Italians, Romanians, and our old friends – French) These teams showed an interesting game.


5 My name is Ekaterina. I live in Russia. Works as a coach. Engaged with healthy children and persons with disabilities. In Travian play more than 7 years.


Sorry for bad english.


Regards, Ekaterina.


Safiren wrote:


Thank you for your nice answer. I publish tonight in my daily review together with reports.


It would also be nice to know why you like Mumins so much, and why you have chosen to name some of your villages in “swedish mode”


esnusmumrik wrote:


Names of the villages not only in Swedish. There are different languages ​​of the world. And all the names – the characters stories about Mumm trol. Good good fairytale.


WW stats 27.8



Saud Arabia: GSS 96/34, 3RB 29.

France: FHC 95; Aigles 7/5.

Luso: NN&GOEPT 93, MET 81, LL&GOENN 59
Asia: NewB 92, VietNam 56, UNKNOWN 16.
Turkey: DOST 90/84, TRK 81.




International has ended, REV won.



Players: 1853
Top 1000 pop: 2912

Top 500 off: 36699

Top 500 def: 23372




Pop: 1000

Off: 46

Deff: 164



My account: Rank 408, pop 10593, 14 villages. Invited to REV. I choose between to be active on International or Scandinavia the last 1½ months but even if this account was a bit better developed and the server more active it was too attempting to play on my national server for once.

Auctions: Over average bids. Easy to hold Gold club and Plus for most of the server and even some 25% bonus. I bought 1200 gold for this server. 148 gold transferred. I remembered to change my silver before end (6K).
Server: I have to confess I simmed trough the server very peacefully with only a few combats with neighbors. My ally comrades fought with joy everywhere around me. Mighty wars rolled over the map. Good organization, informative ally messages. Thanks for the invite it have been fun following you!

REV-FU-TL meta


Phoenix- Wolfpack-Spectre meta



No changes on WW stats during the night except all is still building.

Interview with Dutch, REV, from International.

1. The international qualifier had a lot of players that were new to the Travian Tournament structure. There were many new American and Dutch players that joined TT for the fist time which is a great development I think and it must have been a good experience for them. I just hope they are prepared for the finals which is again much different than the qualifiers. Our server at first seemed to miss the quality it usually has, probably in large part due to the lack of Russians who did not join the international server this time, besides za VDV! and Vesuvio. In the end it did turn out to be a very fun server with lots of action during the whole round which is great preparation for the finals. In summary there were two large meta’s fighting each other for the win: REV-TL-FU against Phoenix, WolfPack & Spectre. Both of these meta’s wiped out all other large meta’s, gained control of their areas and continued to fight each other until the end. Cross quad catapulting, artifact steals and WW battles were plentifull and I thank our opponents for keeping the armies going and making the server a very interesting and fun experience. On an interesting note, one WW holder got deleted. Alexander_d_gr8, we miss you already!

2. REV was formed on the international qualifier a few years ago by me and my co-leaders Strategic and Mackini. We have a core group of players that have been playing with each other on the Travian Tournament servers from the start. Many players are from North America, Europe (mostly Netherlands) and Asia which is great for sitting and dualing, and for making new friends all over the world.

3. Yes, REV was there as an international/global alliance as part of the EU Meta and supporting the hard fighting Italians by cleaning out a few Russian alliances out of the NE quad and defending WW artifacts. It was an amazing experience and a great result to prove that we could beat the Russians after they won pretty much every TT server they played on for years. It was not easy and hard fighting was necessary all server and diplomacy played a large part as there were many internal arguments within the EU Meta. This is something that has to change if we want to stay united. REV has an advantage here as we are not bound by politics and country chauvanisme and our players are used to playing and communicating with people from all over the world. I do wish to thank Funcool, Fabio & Nic Nic for showing me how to lead a Meta, how to fight and how to organize a WW account. I followed their example from the last finals and it helped REV tremendously to win this qualifying server.

4. I expect the next finals to have the same intensity, 24/7 catapulting and many def and attack ops every day. I love it, and would recommend every player to try to survive in the finals at least once as it is very different from any other server I have ever played on. No rankings chasers, simmers or raiders will survive. It’s all about keeping def and attack troops moving every day and about total teamwork and sacrifice. As there are WW’s in the outfield now also at +100, I do expect the strategy, cooperation and structure we had last finals to be different next time. REV will remain on the side of the EU but I’m not sure we will be as heavily involved again, especially as we are seeking a new quad. REV will be cooperating with DK, SE, the Italians and Dacia as they are always a pleasure to play with. We will also bring many Dutch players, our new found friends -TL- and FU (mostly americans) to the finals as well as some of our enemies from the qualifier and we are making arrangements with some of the French players that joined REV and with the Ukrainians KO3AK.
I still think the Russians are the best team in the world. I respect them a lot and I’m looking forward to killing them again!

5. Account = Dutch, my name is John, I am half Dutch / half American, 40, Residential Real Estate investor and I own a security company. I started playing Travian 3 hard drives and 8 keyboards ago. Not sure exactly, I think 2006? Sending waves really kills my keys and the many skype rooms and travian reports kill at least one PC every few rounds. When I’m not playing travian, I play in live poker tournaments (WSOP & WSOPE), I practice Shotokan karate, I love to travel with my wife, and my dog “Buddy” takes me out for a walk every once in a while.

Thanks Safiren for joining REV this round, as always it was a pleasure to play with you!


28 August


WW stats

Saud Arabia: GSS 98/38/17. 3RB zeroed.
France: FHC 98, Aigles 25, M 17

Luso: NN&GOEPT 97, MET 86, LL&GOENN 62

Asia: NewB 96, VietNam: 61, UNKNOWN 32
Turkey: DOST 88, TRK 85/71. Leading DOST WW down to 34.


WW stats 29 august


Saud Arabia and France have ended.


Asia: NewB 98 (down 1 level)/5/4. VietNam, UNKNOWN, LSD zeroed.

Luso: MET 90, LL&GOENN 66, NN&GOEPT down to 54.

Turkey: DOST 89, TRK 85/73.


Reports from Asia













Interview with Sulivan, AVG, from Hungary

Yes, indeed, we have gained quickly.

The enemy had no problems, well fought all the way, they were decent opponents.

I think we can thanks ourselves for a quick victory, the team was great and works good together.


There are many old friends among the Allies. Working with the leaders was new, but I think I have operated without major problems.

It was good to play with them, we will be together in the finals as well.

And it’s possible that we start with the next qualification together.


Yes, I played. I really enjoyed the game. I like to play finals, I ‘m back there because I got to know what done to old Travian.

We were in the EU as a federal system. Initially, we started 6-7 nation.

We closed with good results, the clan record as far as the Hungarian clans, and the key to our victory in the association reached .


We are happy to work with the allies last year.( ITA,PL,RO,BG, ect.)

But it does not reject new things either.

Whom you do not want in any way an alliance with is those Russians and Brazilians.


I’m from Hungary. I’m nineteen years old. About 8 years playing Travian. I’m male.

If you do not play Travian: with my friends, spend time with my family.

In my free time I used to play football. 🙂

I know enough to share my time, so the problem does not usually arise up to the time between the game and real life.

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