Artefact deff

I have tried to get reports from the artefacts on all servers. Busy at work but managed to get some scoutings on way. On some servers I got attack reports, thank you very much. I didn’t have time to check how fast the artefacts was gone.

Next year when players ask me for reports from the former qualification I at least will have some to direct you to.

If you have better reports or some that I miss I hope you will contribute to this list and send me the reports. My account name is Safiren on all servers, if you haven’t figuered that out 😀

AE 2200 players

The metas:

MD 17 small, 6 great, 4 unique.
SWAT 11 small, 5 great, 1 unique.
WTG 14 small 7 great.
No Mercy 7 small, 3 great, 1 unique.

3 small and 1 great architect remains. 4 great Rivals confusion.


This one have been hit. The amount of crannies is 36000 from beginning.


I think I was fast enough for a full report on this. Rally point 1 and Main buildin 10 is standard. No wall.




I got this reports from the player الجرمان He was busy. Taking two arties and conquered a third.


Asia 2200 players

There is a lot of alliances sharing the artefacts, I stopped counting at 20. I think SCR has the most,10 small, 4 great. There is an ally called NoMercy here too. 2 small and 1 unique.

2 small1 great architect,  2 small 2 great Rivals left.

It must of course be connections between the 20 alliances, but no time for that research now.




First attack report, 28 K troops


Full reports shows the crannies and no cropfields. Sometimes players chiefs the artefact village. It’s quite worthless.


Balkan 2000 players

Normally I had  great and unique artifacts near me so I usually got full reports on those. Small was to far away and mostly gone before I got there, a later second try sometimes was lucky. I should have builded scouts in my villages far out too.

Hellas/Wing 15 small, 4 great, 2 unique.
Dacia 11 small, 10 great, 2 unique.
Scorpion/BZB 7 small, 4 great, 2 unique.
TTT 3 small, 4 great, 1 unique.

Left as usual some of architects secret and rivals confusion.







CZ 2200 players

KSN&MoD 13 small, 9 great, 3 unique.
Floret 4 small,  1 great, 3 unique
Eur 7 small,  2 great.
War 7 small, 1 great.
HTF 7 small,  1 great.
AS  4 small, 2 great.
IK 4 small, 4 great.

And some more alliances got a few artefacts. 1 great Rival left.


This is the only report I have from Cz but it should be a great.


DE 1600 players

I hoped that my ally should provide me with reports here but the ones I got is from another friend, probably an enemie 😛 Language is a problem 😀 Many alliances have artefacts. I counted some.

BER 8 small, 7 great, 1 unique.
SG 2 small, 1 great, 2 unique.
^. ^ 8 small, 1 great.
? 1 small, 2 great, 2 unique.
Pooc  1 great, 2 unique.
FC 4 small, 3 great.
GP 7 small,  2 great.

All artefacts taken.



Nice with attack reports, Near to 40 K in each attack.


Einheiten 12138 6535 9751 346 6328 6743 3631 1245 1 1 0



France 2700 players

At the first look it seems that there are many alliances sharing the artefacts, at least among the small ones. I picked some.

Ru 3 small, 6 great 3 unique.
Alges 8 small, 5 great, 1 unique.

ZI-GOS 5 great, 2 unique.

LRDD 4 small 2 great, 1 unique.

FHC 7 small, 1 great.
M 4 small, 2 great.

No artefacts left.


No reports.

Hungary 1700 players

It looks as it is 3 groups on this server. At least made it easy to count.

AVG/CsV 25 small, 9 great, 4 unique.
IL/LES/WoH 16 small, 5 great, 2 unique.
Outlaws 9 small, 5 great, 1 unique.

Many great artefacts left: 2 great architects secret, 2 great eagle eyes, 4 great Rivals confusion and only 1 small architect.





Ibero 2300 players

The italians who held the winning WW in last Final is playing here.


LAT 16 small, 11 great, 1 unique.
Uollas & Co 11 small, 5 great, 1 unique.
MCNRss & Co 15 small, 4 great, 2 unique.
NLA 4 great 2 unique.

No artefacts left.

I saw that NLA have a nap with LAT. Such naps is not to trust on =) I was first invited to LAT-00, kicked because I builded too slow before I got a dual. Invited to a wing – I thought – no one there seems to speak english. A couple of days before artefacts the confed was broken by LAT. And then I got problems..




Yes, my account 😛 I have a few duals and on ibero he choose to go for small boots. That gave him a couple of busy days when I was occupied late on work. Our nearest neighbour suddenly was an enemy and our ally couldn’t neither provide enough of def or in time.

Back again, guess facu got a bit surprised.


Lost at last. No available def and after a hunting from village to village the artie at last was lost.



LAT had now realized that I had an alone start village and some began to attack there and so that village was lost. I like the possibillity to gold down buildings immediately. I leaved a village filled with crannies level 3. It’s a pity it isn’t possible to gold down fields ^^

Well, the boots at least gave us an nice deffrank. We will see if I survive. The account is a mess…




International 3700 players


On International I have the pleasure to be in REV. Nice ally, good organisation. I look forward to follow them to the end.

A different qualification than the last rounds, no russians dominating.

REV 10 small, 4 great.

FU 5 small. 5 great, 2 unique.

TL 8 small, 3 great, 2 unique

Phoenix 11 small, 6 great, 3 unique.


No artefacts left.







Luso 1500 players

Easy to count here, 3 blocks as it looks in the treasury.


MET 20 small, 9 great, 4 unique.
NN 18 small, 10 great, 3 unique.

PTLL/GOE 10 small, 1 great

Left is 2 small architects and 1 Rival. 3 great architects and 4 Rivals.






Poland 2100 players

TP was one of the most offensive alliances in the last Final. No exception here.


TP 25 small, 12 great, 5 unique.
SWG/TH 7 small, 7 great, 2 unique.

PL CYNK 7 small, 1 great.

Left 1 small arcitect and 3 small Rivals confusion. 1 great architect and 4 rivals.

No reports

Russia 3800 players


Many different allys shares the artefacts. You have a review of the russian server here, written by Ming, and about artefacts by Adventure Man,

Wizards/Frostbite 10 small, 5 great, 1 unique.
NPV/Matrix/BJ: 7 small, 7 great, 1 unique.

Enola 3 small, 3 great, 2 unique.
Внезапно 5 small, 3 great, 1 unique

FV 6 small, 3 great.
Nova 2 small, 1 great.


No artefacts left.






A 5000 players


Heh, I had to check last counting, 3100…

GSS 25 small, 7 great, 1 unique

KD 25 small, 16 great, 5 unique.

Left: 2 great architects, 1 eagle eye and 3 Rivals confusion. No small.



Scandinavia 1200 players


My “home” server. Small as last year. Everyone will qualifye again, even the 2 pop accounts. TG haven’t closed the registration as usual. It’s still possible to get an easy ticket to next Final.

Who 15 small, 4 great, 2 unique.

RnR 4 small, 3 great, 2 unique.
No Brain 4 small, 2 great, 1 unique.

WB 3 small, 1 great, 1 unique.

HB 1 small 1 unique.

SE 6 small, 7 great.

STT 7 small, 1 great.
JAS 3 small, 5 great.


Left: 2 small architects and 3 Rivals confusion. 3 great rivals.




I asked a friend who helped me when I started all accounts to jump in and check for a possible artefact. He choose to go for great boots, someone was faster and when troops was back home I sent on the Unique Rivals confusion. I think it fits me well as confused I’m already am with all accounts to keep track of, I can swear the confusion spills over to other servers. On Asia my attacker seldom hit what he had as target so he gave up and began with random *chuckle* But he has no catas left now *happy*


Turkey 4800 players

MEHTER/IMZA/TÜRK 37 small, 20 great, 7 unique.
AYYLDIZ 9 small, 4 great.

TÜRKIEY 4 small, 2 great.


2 great rivals left





I have used Natars “clubs” for this list.

It’s a bit difficult since I can’t be sure that I have a full report an all but where I have had the possibility to compare they have been equal.

The difference between arties is around 3K . The DE unique report stands out as too high as the ibero is too low, but they insist it was a unique, the trainer.

As far as we know it is the amount of troops on the server that gives how much troops it will be in Natar villages. If that is true we have the best hammerbuilders in RU and DE. RU have many players but DE have one of the lowest players on server. In opposite we have Scandinavian, lowest players and nearly last.

I checked which allys that took artefacts because that is the ones that will fight in the endgame and show up in next Final so I am prepared when it’s time to follow the endgames.

It’s summertime and this is my last report from qualification for a while. See you again in the endgames!


Small Great Unique Players
RU 5673 8822 13077 3800
DE 5263 8096 12138 1600
CZ 7699 2200
HU 4914 7371 1700
Int 4609 7090 10635 3700
Asia 4593 7067 10600 2200
Balkan 4578 7043 10565 2000
Ibero 4411 6786 6786 2300
AE 6324 9734 2200
TR 6312 4800
SA 4198 5000
Scand 3708 5710 8564 1200
Luso 3620 5569 8534 1500
FR 2700
Poland 2100


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