Is it easier to qualify using certain servers?

Question from Whizkid:

My guess is that it is much easier to qualify on servers from certain countries. For example, as of June 13th, 2013: On the French Server,, the 1,000th ranked person has a population of 4,123. On the International Server the 1,000th ranked person has a population of 5,075. Perhaps others could post the population figures at the 1,000th rank for other servers.

My answer:

To qualify in the Final you need to be population rank 1000 or offensiv rank 500 or defensiv rank 500. A totally of 2000 players from each server as we belive.

But is that true?  What happens if the of and deff rank also are poprank 1000? As far as I know we have never got an answer on that from TG. In worst case that could imply that in fact only the 1000 pop rank is the importent. It could not be so either..

Last Final the only server that filled the quota was the russians, since they qualified from .com too. A counting in the beginning of Decembre Shows 2700 russian accounts. No other nation was over 1000 accounts, many lost up to 70% of their players in the long waiting for the Final to begin. I find it a bit remarkable that the russians not have been affected by the losses i the same ratio as other nations.

What will this give us? If you take a look on the list below it’s easy to see that we will not have 2000 players x 16 i the final this year either. Take into consideration the “normal” losses between servers – around 30%. If my theory about pop beeing the most iimportent that will give in average 700 accounts per nation. 700 x 15 + russians 2500 = 13000 accounts. I guess why it is so easy to get a wildcard.

I have reduced the amount of russians – because some of they think it not so fun when they have no resistance and therefor will not play.

A last notice about the list. It’s not many servers that have needed any effort to qualify. Only 4 servers have a population over 5K on rank 1000. I’m lucky one server didn’t need any effort at all. I will get a ticket to the Final 😀


Server Population/Rank 1000 (players) 0 (700)

International .com 8000 (3300)

Germany .de 1370 (1300)

Russia .ru 3484 (1700)

France .fr 5742 (2000)

Czech .cz 1970 (1500)

Hungary .hu 4050 (1800) 6434 (2100)

Turkey .tr 5253 (2000)

Spain .net 1142 (1400)

Portugal .pt 1836 (1400)

Brazil .br 602 (1100)

Poland .pl 704 (1300)

Chile .cl 1363 (1300)

United Arab Emirates .ae 1837 (2000)

Saudi Arabia .sa 2553 (3000)


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