NR 5 Tournament 2012

Philosophic News

NR 5 Tournament v 15 2012

Fourth year of publication


In this edition!

Part 1

– Safiren’s Corner

– Prizes of the tournament qualification

– The meta alliances around Natars area – and some other alliances too.

– Top 10

# Part 2

– A look on the map


Safirens Corner

This number had taken me over two weeks to be done with. Not because I had a lot to write about but because my irl life have turned up with a challenge that for the first time in four years is more thrilling than Travian.

It has also been a challenge to do my journal on a language that isn’t my native language. I wish I was better to express my thoughts about the game and what’s happening on the server. I have seen many that should do a better work with this than myself, I miss especially Valiant who wrote very good stuff on the last qualification.

My irl deadline is the 15 May and I felt that if I should managed to do any more FN it had to be now. If all in irl goes well I will have no time for writing about the tournament in the future.

But I have a memory that I said that I had done my last FN last year in Mars too. Maybe when winter is coming again and the dark and cold evenings leaves little else to do but sitting before the computer I show up somewhere again. I’m still curious about the australian servers, should be nice to play there I think. They have a very good forum with well formed discussions. And if I’m lucky I will be unbanned on my swedish travian forum…

Aja, Travian have gave me many funny times and I will find it hard to keep away totally. We will see what happens as the wheel of time moves around.

I hoped you have enjoyed my trials to amuse you and that you find something useful in this, probably, the last number of Filosofiska Nyheter.



Prizes of the tournament qualification

I know that I have read about some raffle (lottery) that should be held under the qualification server so I took a look and the raffle haven’t been yet. I wrote to Phanttis to clearify some things.

Question: I haven’t heard any more about this that you can win 300 gold if you have 3 villages. Has the raffle been?

Answer: The raffle will start soon… all information published about it is found in the tournament page.

Comment: Oh! I have in mind about this 3 villages thing the hole server so I swiftly decided to give it a try. I got my three villages one day before the raffle but I wasn’t one of the hundred winners.

Question: “Alliance Population Rank 1-10 and “Alliance Population Rank 11-30 ” Who wins the prize? Not everyone in the alliances up to rank 30 I think??

Answer: 3. Every player in those alliances get the prize.

Comment: Wow! With full alliances it is 600 players who will win a 100 euro voucher. I didn’t understand at first where I could use that voucher because my webreader didn’t show the last word ”shop” and there was no link. When Phanttis enlightened me I at last found the shop on the mainside, I had forgotten that it existed. I think that many players as me seldom look on that side.

When I looked trough Travian Shop I was disappointed. There was nothing who could attract me as 30+. And whats more.. they haven’t anything with Tournament motives. Not nice to win a prize in the tournament and don’t get anything that reminds of it. Phanttis was nice and forwarded this opinions to HQ.

The third prize, 1200 players get 1000 gold. In my opinion a more desirable prize than the second. At least as long there are no Tournament t-shirts. It will give a good start in the final, to have 1000 gold to spend. Haha, come to think on the in the beginning mad bids on for example The helm of the Gladiator, will be a lot more of that crazyness.

This prizes have consequences for the game, I think. First, 2000 players get tickets to the final. 1000 best pop, 500 best off and 500 best deff. 1200 get 1000 gold. On each qualification server. Even if some of them don’t reach the final and some will chosen to not play, it implies that very many in the final will play with gold in the beginning. Will be a tough round that. And I guess some wildbrained player will spend his 1000 gold the first days in a way that make us other staring.

What will happen with the alliances before endgame is over? A membership in the top 30 alliances will be attractable. What will the alliances do with the members that don’t qualify for the final? It should be desirable for them to have as many players with 1000 gold with them to the final as possible.

Question: I have heard something about “Wildcard” What’s that?

Answer: Wildcards are randomly sent emails that invite players into the tournament. Those are sent in case tournament qualification servers do not yield enough participants for the finals. Comment: I’m not going to play the final if it’s in summer, but I can’t avoid to hope for a wildcard though. My observation account can not get an ordinary ticket to the final.

Question: I saw one that had a medal from the first final,not highranked. Will every player in qualification got a medal too??

Answer: Sadly the gloria medals have not been decided yet so there is no definite answer for that question. So I just say I THINK there will be gloria medals awarded for everyone who manages to endure whole qualification round. Meaning, they have to stay in game until the server end, to get the endurance medal. Simply registering and then deleting in qualification does not grant a participation gloria medal either – those supposedly come during finals. But again, I do not have confirmation for those either. :/

I never got an answer on this: Thanks for your answer. I hope it’s ok that I use them in my journal. But since he continued to answer I really hope it’s ok that I publish (chuckle).


The meta alliances around Natars area – and some other alliances too.

From the beginning I have been asked to do a research about the Natar area and now when we are near the endgame I decided to do a research. Not so many maps this time. If you are curios you can use the gettertoolthing yourself. Instead I have been counting and checked most of the alliances on top 100 to see which has bands with who. At least the official ones. More interviews too. Thank you to all who answered.

As usual my numerals is a couple of days old, you have to excuse me if something dramatical has happen and I have missed to noticed it.

And plz tell me if something is wrong so I can edit.


The centre with natars and one alliance from each coalition.

If I have done my counting right the Natars has 14 villages – or is it 12 – 13?? I didn’t believe it was so hard to reach the same number two times in a row. One of the villages have been taken by ~DoP~, 475 pop. None of the others alliances has been attempted to follow yet. The DoP-WW lies in the border between them and the V-coalition. Maybe we can see forward to some nice fighting there.

The whole map with natars and one alliance from each coalition.


The DoP confederation

D*P: Rank 1, 60 players, 840K pop.

DoP: 6, 51, 596.

DøP: 14, 58, 491.

xDoPx: 15, 57, 488.

-DoP-: 19, 52, 397.

D~P: 20, 53, 386.

DoP.: 23, 51, 383.

~DoP~: 26, 58, 333.

*DøP*: 40, 50, 242.

D@P: 48, 54, 210.

DoP Wing: 65, 8, 81.

*DøP*: 84, 15, 39

567 players 4486K pop


Artefacts: 2 Architects’ slight secret, 1 Slight titan boots, 1 Eagles slight eyes, 2 Slight diet control, 1 Trainers slight talent, 2 Slight storage masterplan, 1Rivals slight confusion, 2 Slight fool.

1 Architects’ great secret, 2 Eagles great eyes, 1 Great diet control, 1 Trainers great talent, 1 Great storage masterplan, 1 Rivals great confusion.

1 Unique diet control. 1 Trainers unique talent


BoW™2.1: Rank 22, 60 players, 423 pop.

BoW™3.2: 35, 56, 301.

BoW™3.1: 37, 44, 300.

(C): 43, 48, 242.

BoW™1: 47, 43, 218.

BoW™4: 55. 25, 128.

BoW™2.2: 57, 26, 122.

Wing (C): 67, 30, 77.

VN-3K™: 69, 23, 66.

355 players, 1877K pop


Artefacts: 1 Slight fool.


DH: Rank 18, 37 players, 454 pop


Insider in Noname

When I was looking for players to interview in my contact list. I found a guy in NE who was willing to talk with me about the server. He wanted to be anonymous though so you will know him as the Insider in NoName.

I told him that I needed questions about what to ask the leaders of the alliances. Together we worked out the questions and of course I immediately tested them on him.

1. Can you tell us about what’s going on in your area?
Insider: aod and l&p merged with the best players from winners. Some of the outcasts that were left outside the fusion are still fighting against us. mainly the chinese guys but they are pretty much wiped out. So we have pretty much taken the control of our own quad now and preparing for endgame. Some small skirmishes with v-meta players on the south border. That’s about it.
Safiren: Where do ppl come from in NE? You named Chinese..
Insider: L&p which is the other half of our initial meta is from Croatia, bad english, but their players are very good. Then there are the indian guys.
Safiren: Do they use skype?
Insider: leaders do. I think at least 90% of the players use skype, but we don’t share skype rooms with them so I can’t know for sure. Then there are asian players: Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese. These have worst english skills, some use google translator, so it’s kinda hard to operate with them.
Safiren: You have a lot of player from other parts of the world?
Insider: I think those are the 3 major groups in our area, then there’s the occasional odd players from around world, but i think those were set up before server started to start in our quad.
Safiren: NE had a slight bigger parts of players from the beginning
Insider: yes, dunno if it’s still so
Safiren: it is
Insider: Maybe players are too lazy to use – in the coords. I know I am.

Safiren: That was a lot about your area. Thanks.

2. What do you have for opinion about the other quads? You said this:

” I know V-Mobs and their meta are losing lots of hammers lately, fighting Solar system and they have alliance called misfits in their own area that are playing only for fun and giving v-mobs a headache.”

Insider: I don’t know enough to have good opinion, but it seems they are little bit more ridden with war still than us.
Safiren: Do you know anything about NW?
Insider: All i know is that the alliance P2theE is there, dunno how strong they are really, and some solar systems are there aswell. They are fighting with V- meta players.
Safiren: I think that the offensive alliance, named Ares for a while, destroyed much there. That made NW weak in endgame.

3. What do you think about endgame? What will happen?
Insider: It will be little bit different from normal server, as there’s still players that are trying to qualify. It’ll cause some strange things. People will put all their efforts to simming or maybe they will try to qualify by offensive rank and make lots of scouts and kill them in their own village to boost their statistics. And of course there are those prices too. Starting final server with 1000 gold is pretty tempting. Too early to make any kind of guesses who’s going to win as anything can still happen.

Safiren: hmm, can we sort out the alliances in NE? D*P is biggest now. where are they from?
Insider: You can’t sort them out like that it has players from all around world, but I think if some part must be mentioned, they have more indian players than other.
Safiren: the BoW people?
Insider: indonesia, vietnam, some chinese guys still left in them( most were caste out).
Safiren: Are you still in war with them?
Insider: Nothing too intense but we haven’t stopped all actions against them.

4. Do you have plans for the finals already?
Insider: Little bit, but nothing too serious yet.
Safiren: Can you tell us anything more that that? =)
Insider: Well we’ll be teaching our players end game on this server so they know a bit more on the finals. Take as many players to finals as we can.
Safiren: Is it any players from other quads you should like to engage with in the finals?
Insider: it just happens i was thinking about that today, I know some english players so some form of co-operation might be possible, but haven’t really given it any more though yet.

5.Who do you think is the best player on the server?
Insider: That’s hard to answer.
Safiren: Ok, If I ask this way: Which players will you remember from this server and why?
Insider: Wiro Sableng, for wasting ton of money on gold ( or (censored) silver).

Insider: Leaders of l&p for their reckless yet fun and effective attacking.

Safiren: Thank you. You have been very helpful. An I got a very nice interview too. I appreciate it very much!



UnitedGenerals from DH


I’m doing a research for the next edition of my newspaper on the tournament server. I hope you will answer my questions.


We don’t actually wanna do somekind of intervieuw, sorry.
i will only answer a few of them:

2. We are all Dutch.
5. We do not have any problems with language.

Sorry but that’s all i’m gonna answer right now.

Friendly regards,



SW +|-

V-Moßs: Rank 4. 60 players. 666K pop.

V-BOB: 7, 58, 622.

V-Moßs 2: 11, 59, 586.

V-WYCKD: 12, 55, 570.

V-Lo®ds: 15, 58, 506.

V-TAM MA: 23, 60, 414.

V-RED-G: 27, 51, 351.

V-LOB: 31, 60, 314.

V-SYND: 32, 56, 306.

V-BOS: 36, 59, 298.

V-RED ID: 60, 27, 113.

V-RED K: 65, 32, 78.

RED-V: 72, 17, 52.

V-WAR: 79, 22, 47.

RED-HK:128, 9, 11.

572 players, 4934K pop


Artefacts: 1 Architects’ slight secret, 1Slight titan boots, 1 Eagles slight eyes, 1 Slight diet control, 1 Trainers slight talent, 2 Rivals slight confusion.

1 Architects’ great secret, 2 Great titan boots, 1 Great diet control, 1 Great storage masterplan, 1 Rivals great confusion.

1 Eagles unique eyes. 1 Unique fool


Misfits: Rank 34, 21 players, 305 pop. Artefacts: 1 Slight fool. 1 Rivals great confusion.

Tyria: Rank 49, 33 players ,190K pop. Artefacts: 1 architects’ slight secret,


The following coalition is both in SE and SW

W-T-F1: Rank 29, 42 players, 337 pop.

Balkanci: 31, 52, 333.

W-T-F: 45, 44, 232.

w-t-f3: 48, 45, 203.

®BALKAN®: 58, 35, 118.

W-T-F-2: 66, 33, 78.

W-T-F.5: 76, 18, 48.

269 players, 1349K pop.


C.S from V-Moßs

1.Can you tell us about what’s going on in your area?
We’re getting a new Tesco down the road

2.Where do ppl come from?
Let me tell you about the birds and the bees…

3.Have it been war in your area and who won and why?
I’m from N.Ireland…so no comment

4.Who are your confeds?
William Wallace

5.How’s about the language problems?
Actually alot of them Confeded with some viet wings and can be annoying

6.What do you have for opinion about the other quads?
Planets and AoD both looking good, not sure what quad that leaves or who’s there, if anyone

7. What do you think about endgame? What will happen?
The usual

8.Do you have plans for the finals already?
Ireland vs Spain

9.Is it any players from other quads you should like to engage with in the finals?

10.Which players will you remember from this server and why?
Sekundes for moving into the sticks and being no.1 attacker through killing nature. (facepalm)

Best regards



Chillaxing from Misfits

The player who showed up and told me to write about them when I first started to think on doing a FN. He has been waiting a long time to see his interview published. I’m sorry it took so long but I hope you will be pleased now!

Safiren: So what can you tell me to write about Misfits?
Tom: Ok Misfits – We’re the only top 50 ally with no confeds, we’re the top defence ally as well as having the best attack and pop average on the server. We love a bit of war and have had a fight with just about every ally on the server so far!

We think it’s important for people to remember there is another option than going down the whole meta route, it is more fun and you can still do well.

Safiren: You are 21 and spread over the SE. 10 small island in a sea of V’s but strong as it seems
Tom: We have a really good core of players, the spread is not great but this has not been a problem for us so far. Being surrounded by V has given us plenty of action, and whilst we have mainly been fighting with them we have also seen action from plenty of others

Tom: Could maybe rustle up some reports for you as well.


Safiren: Looks like you have a lot of deff if none of your own died ^^
Tom: Hahaha, as much as I would like to share our def numbers, we all often have lots of incoming attacks and it would be a little dangerous.

Safiren: Can you tell us about why you chose to be Misfits?
Tom: Most of us started in Mobs, the groups were pre planned and it was meant to be just Mobs and Lords playing together, then they started taking on more allys,.We were not interested in being part of a large meta during a qualification server so decided to break away and go on our own.

Safiren: You have a small fool and large confusion, but no other artefacts in the ally. Rank 1 in deff, 16 in off. 39 in pop and Nr 1 in pop/player, def/player and off/player
Tom: We did have the unique fools and a storage arti, all members of the alliance used the storage arti so we gave it away, and we lost the unique to V. Our stats go to prove you can be a small ally and still compete with the big guys, defence wise we are currently the 6th best defending alliance across all tournament servers, not bad for an alliance of 21 people.

Safiren: With T4 a lack of artefacts can be counterbalanced by good items to the hero. Have you equipped your hero’s well?
Tom: Yes I would like to think so, the artefacts can be quite hard to hold as a small alliance as everyone on the server thinks they can have a pop at them.

Safiren: But tell me. How is your hero equipped? What items do you think is most valuable? Or is it impolite to ask?
Tom: Ok my most important items are my helmet of cavalry and helmet of the warrior for queuing troops. I would also never go out without my lance of the caesarian
Safiren: Come to think on that I heard about shoes that maybe is better than artefact and the difference is that the other players can’t see that you have such.
Tom: The thing with shoes is you cant tell which ones people have on which makes a army follow home very hard.

Safiren: It’s about two months left of the server. Will your ally survive until then?
Tom: I think we will survive, most of the ally are def players in any case so we will be hard to take out. We will make sure that everyone qualifies whatever happens.

Safiren: What do you think of the metas on the server? Which one have the best chances to win?
Tom: my money is on AOD as long as their new confeds work out. From what I have seen from V they do not work well as a meta so I can’t see them winning it,.As for the solar group they stand a good chance and they probably have the best set-up, but I could see most of the server wanting to stop them from winning so they will come under a lot more attacks.

Safiren: And you will be a pain in the ass for all of them , or?
Tom: Ummm not decided yet, we will probably pick on whoever has annoyed us the most, and we will also support whoever we think deserves the win. It can be easy to hamper the WW race by taking out feeder towns and wheat fields so it should be some good fun!

Safiren: Do you have plans for the finals already?
Tom: No, we will be staying together for them and are watching to see who we want to work with, but I have a feling we will operate more as an attack squad than sitting back simming away in a large meta.

Safiren: Is it any players from other quads you should like to engage with in the finals?
Tom: No, we have friends in various alliances, so we will have to see what happens, up to this point we have been very impressed by what we have seen from AOD, V-BOB and P2theE

Safiren: Which players will you remember from this server and why?
Tom: I will probably remember some of the guys from V-BOB as they have provided the most action.


SW -|-

Earth Rank 2. 57 players, 761K pop.

Mars: 7, 55, 620.

Mercury: 9, 59, 600.

Pluto: 16, 53, 498.

Haumea: 17, 51, 480.

Niburu: 30, 44, 331 .

Neptunus: 40, 32, 264.

Uran: 41, 30, 251.

Faeton. 47, 59, 229.

Arctic: 54, 14, 150.

Solaris: 71, 7, 59.

Sirius: 79, 13, 46.

474 players, 4289K pop


Artefacts: 1 Architects’ slight secret, 1 Slight titan boots, 4 Slight titan boots, 2 Eagles slight eyes, 2 Slight diet control, 4 trainers slight talent, 2 Slight storage masterplan, 1 Rivals slight confusion, 3 Slight fool.

1 Architects’ great secret, 2 Great titan boots, 1 Eagles great eyes, 2 Great diet control, 1 Trainers great talent, 2 Great storage masterplan, 1 Rivals great confusion.

1 Architects’ unique secret, 1 Unique titan boots,


Djeb from Mars

1.Can you tell us about what’s going on in your area?

Absolute anarchy. Someone raised, someone falls.

2.Where do ppl come from?

It*s a multinational coalition, mostly Europeans.

3.Have it been war in your area and who won and why?

There are still several structures within the sector, that waging a guerrilla war and not going to give up. I would prefer a peaceful course of events, because of the approaching WW-race, but at the moment we do not even have time to fight outside the SW. Sometimes respond to those who have attacked us, and that is it.

4.Who are your confeds?

We have got an equal alliances, so to speak about some confeds is not quite correct.

5.How’s about the language problems?

There are some, but not so bad in general.

6.What do you have for opinion about the other quads?

I do not pay attention to what happens outside, it*s too much problems within the sector. But it seems that DoP and V-meta going to fight for the victory very seriously and allready began to capture the WW-points. They have some advantage in this case.

7. What do you think about endgame? What will happen?

Someone will build a 100 lvl of WW and it’s over)

8.Do you have plans for the finals already?

Not yet.

9.Is it any players from other quads you should like to engage with in the finals?

I think, that in the final every nation should fight only for itself, any unions will be shameful.

10.Which players will you remember from this server and why?

Let*s talk about this at the end of the server)



NW -|+

Predator, Rank 3, 57 players, 685K pop.

P2theE: 6, 59, 637.

Poseidon: 10, 57, 594.

Predat.A: 22, 56, 401.

Predator W. 24, 55, 392.

DILLIGAF: 32, 42, 307.

Predat.X: 38, 51, 265.

Fenris. 44, 23, 238.

ECHO: 45, 56, 236.

S Corps: 52, 58, 175.

Delta: 53, 43, 171.

557 players, 4101K pop


Artefacts: 1 Architects’ slight secret, 2 Slight titan boots, 2 Eagles slight eyes, 1 Slight diet control, 1Slight storage masterplan, 2 Rivals slight confusion, 1 Slight fool.

1 Architects’ great secret, 1 Trainers great talent, 1 Rivals great confusion.


Ripler from Poseidon

1.Can you tell us about what’s going on in your area?

1. My alliance Poseidon recently merged with DILLIGAF to become stronger.
Poseidon have always worked closely with P2theE and both alliances have recently been at war with Predator and predator wings. It appeared that other other alliances in other quads had taken advantage of this and soon began to attack players all over the NorthWest.
Talks took place with leaders form Poseidon, Dilligaf, P2theE and Predator and wings and the decision was made to stop fighting and start working together to fight other quads.

2.Where do ppl come from?

3.Have it been war in your area and who won and why?
3.Recent war between Poseidon and P2theE against Predator and their wings I personally feel Predator failed to win this war and became concerned there server will be severley damaged and approached us to stop fighting.

4.Who are your confeds?
4. P2theE and Dilliagaf stayed as our overflow wing.

5.How’s about the language problems?
5. None

6.What do you have for opinion about the other quads?
6. None

7. What do you think about endgame? What will happen?
7. End game may be quads against quads. Will be interesting. There are some very serious hammers around on this server now.

8.Do you have plans for the finals already?
8. I will offer to take my alliance into the finals and to continue to work together.

9.Is it any players from other quads you should like to engage with in the finals?
9. No, I enjoy playing against strong players. I tend to keep myself to my own quad .

10.Which players will you remember from this server and why?
10. robotboy was an enemy and cause of wars. He is arrogant and off travian on skype very rude.
Jasna selomaniac are friends from other servers.
Most of the players in Poseidon, P2theE and DILLIGAF I have worked close with.


Dutch Misery in Predat.A

One of a handfull players who says something in my skypechat for the tournament.

Safiren: So, I think I have to ask on which account you are playing?

Anna Rexia: I think I have to answer by saying I’m Dutch Misery.

Safiren: Predator A

Anna Rexia: True fact.

Safiren: Do I remember right if you said earlier that you were leader?

Anna Rexia: I have been leader when the current Predator A was playing with an other name.. Then the leader quitted and I wanted to take it over and ‘save’ about 300 people. Fortunately, I managed to regroup completely, but failed in keeping everything going smoothly. That’s why I stopped being leader. I wanna have fun playing the game, instead of spend my spare time just to keep everyone active. People in this server play too much for their own, instead of for their alliance. It’s a true talent if you can manage that.

1.Can you tell us about what’s going on in your area?

Anna Rexia: Well, the point is this one big group, which was growing on and on, once had to fall apart. This resulted in alliances like JV-X to be found and other people leaving the big group. Now that we are Predators, I think there are more people fearing us now, than we are fearing other people. We got some fun going on, but we are also preparing on the real deal.

2.Where do ppl come from?

Anna Rexia: They come from all over the world, if that’s what you mean. I see lots of people coming from Indonesia, and I even spotted a few ‘Dutchies’, which is nice. People from other servers I still know.. Many Scandinavian people… Actually, I just expected more Americans.

3.Have it been war in your area and who won and why?

Anna Rexia: I haven’t actually seen any big wars going on so far. In the beginning, we certainly had our targets and some other allianced certainly have targeted us.. But I haven’t really seen alliances being ‘killed’ yet.

Safiren: The alliance who was named Ares for a while disappeared.

Anna Rexia: Yeah but we didn’t target Ares particularly at that moment. We were trying to get groups together to focus on the whole ‘Gods’ group.. At that point, I was in Trojan, and we were talking with VUCO and other groups to participate in this ‘big operation’. By myself, I haven’t seen anything happen.. To me they were just gone all over sudden, and that’s when P2E came up and together with Predators seemed to be the strongest groups.

4..Who are your confeds?

Anna Rexia: The whole predator group, and personally I got Thulwa as my best mate and Bad Company as an ‘old’ friend. Anna Rexia: I’m not someone with a big social life on Travian. That just isn’t necessary in my opinion.

5. How’s about the language problems?

Anna Rexia: Like as “How’s about”? 😛 I’m able to let other people know what I mean, and I think that’s enough. Of course there are grammar mistakes, but most of other foreigners aren’t even aware of these mistakes. And what I can’t understand from strangers, I am not even attempting to understand..

6.What do you have for opinion about the other quads?

Anna Rexia: I am not even looking at those areas, to be honest haha. I’m in NW and I’m happy with that. I don’t know who the big players are in other quads, and don’t even think of asking me mentioning 3 alliances haha. Because I just don’t know.

7 What do you think about endgame? What will happen?

Anna Rexia: I think we’ll attempt and get to know some new alliances. We drink coffee at their villages and then drink a few beer after we have been destroyed?

And then this major house party will start at my capital

And suddenly, I got WW level 100?

Safiren: Lol. Do you know about the Solar system?

Anna Rexia: is this Travian related or the whole earth-is-warming-stuff?

Safiren: It’s a lot of russiians in the Solarsystem and they are very resolved to win.

Anna Rexia: Ahh, never heard of it haha.

Safiren: Haha ok..

Safiren: 8. Do you have plans for the finals already?

Anna Rexia: I just wanna finish the server and go to the finals. I made a mistake by becoming a Roman, after years of experience as a Teuton. I think I will be more ‘into the game’ there than I am here, if I’m going to make it that far.

Safiren: Will your alliance reappear in the final?

Anna Rexia: I have no idea. I really don’t have 😛

Safiren: I drop next question then ^^ Time for the last 🙂

9.Which players will you remember from this server and why?

Anna Rexia: I definitely won’t forget Helms Deep, for his brilliant way of playing. Thulwa because he became a good friend of mine this round, and we’re teaming up on a norwegian server. And ofcourse Safiren, because of the brilliant skype chat 🙂

Safiren: ironic that 😉 It doesn’t worked out well. I think people don’t dare to talk about the server with other they don’t know and very many are not comfortable with english. And I myself had not work enough to get it in function.

Anna Rexia: at least you tried and a failed attempt is sometimes better than a perfect idea.

Safiren: Yeah, without trying you never will know

Anna Rexia: this server is just too big, cuz everyone’s on his own, to get through for championship. That’s the whole issue, I think.

Safiren: Thank you for the interview. Do you want to say someting more?

Anna Rexia: Roses are blue, violets are green. I got to pee.



Comment: So far it seems that we have 4 metas that will fight to win the server and some outsiders who play only for fun. In my opinion The Solar coalition and the DoP confederation are the strongest parts. But all of them seems determinated to do their best so I hope for a funny endgame.

One thougt: The russians are strong. Many of them will qualify. They have an own qualification server too. They will not be easy to handle in the final.



I didn’t check and of course I didn’t got the whole image, gah! Sorry.

Wiro Sableng used is troops this evening and got the Attackers medal. Hypnos defended himself best and was out fighting too, as C.S. Seems that they have a lot of fun in SE. Rondo-la was a devil as robber. And I myself managed to climb.

Congrats to all medals this week!

I got myself a surprise. Tom on Chillaxing changed our positions and began to interview me.

Tom: I did notice you were in line for getting a climbers of the week ribbon!

Safiren: I’m going for gold climber. Let’s see how it will work out.

Tom: I think you will get it, I could interview you about it for your paper…..

So Safiren, why did you decide to go for climber of the week? Was it always part of you plan to get a ribbon later in the server? Who do you feel trethens your place as top climber most at the moment?

Safiren: I need 3 villages to participate in the raffle where 100 players will win 300 gold. I have been aware about this 3 villages raffle the hole server and I got a hint it will be soon. And the climbing is a result of getting 3 villages.

It’s to early to talk about treaths yet. It’s a different situation when the server has been closed from the beginning.

For now it’s 3-4 on the list that maybe can pop better than me. One of them seems to be trying, but it’s only tuesday, new ones can show up.

Tom: well good luck

Safiren: I will not be lucky to copy this though (chuckle)

Tom: hahahaha, how did you get all them..

Safiren: The first one was when I started an observation account. It was a bit in on the server so it was easy. I had never climbed before. The second was when a guy who didn’t like that I had immunity for my writings so he zeroed me and forbid me to pop. I build all that didnt give pop and begin to climb at midnight sunday. He send new catas. The other players boost me so good that I never fell down from gold place. One took down his catas in the end of the week. The last three was the last three weeks on the server. No more FN to write and I got bored. And the other players boosted me all the way.

Do you want to complement it with more questions?

Tom: ummm well you should answer some of your own questions…

Tell us something about yourself. Sex, age, work.

Your best Travianmemory. What is it?

Safiren: I’m female, 56 years old and cobbler to my profession

Hard to chose..

All people that have encouraged me to do my journal under this 3 years.

When I, high on praizes for an extraordinary FN and drunk on whisky got “half” the server to send catas fakes at my “boyfriends” in the docusoap we played out in the ordinary game.

Tom: haha, thats good….

Safiren: Btw I haven’t bought any gold on this server. As my account don’t have any need for the hero items I sold them so I could get Plus and +25% on resources. I bought a Book of wisdom and changed my heropoints all on resources. That gave me 600 extra of each resource or 2000 of one. I got boost from a friend to settlers and the highest levels of Trapper buildning.

Trapper is the cheapiest pop so now I have 3 villages full with trappers.

Any more?

Tom: No thats good 🙂 Will be funny if someone chiefs 1 of your towns…

Safiren: Don’t scare me now..

Tom: Haha, I’m sure no one will.


The End

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