Banner contest 2019

I don’t have wildcards to give away this year but I found 30gold vouchers that I had forgotten that I had. They are valid to 31 December so it was lucky I suddenly reminded them.

You can check here the top10 banners from last year (I’m too lazy to try to find them on forum).

You can tell me to use the old ones or make new. If my Corner team don’t get to involved making their owns they will act as jury.

The banner that gets most votes will get 5x 30 gold, the second will get 3x, the third 2x 30 gold. 4 to 10 will get one 30 gold each.

Only one banner per player and I prefer the format 400×1100. It shall be possible to scale them down to 100×300 and still be readable. They don’t need to be exactly that size, it is most to give you an idea how they shall look.

The contest ends the 21 November at midnight.

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