Endgame Day 16 Dacia WW

Congrats to Dacia for a well deserved victory! And best of all, they will donate their prices  to a charity organisation! A most generous gesture!


A good example for us all and I whish “you know who” will hear about this and be ashamed for their selfish behavior.


The Final list has only one last surprise. Alfa lost his WW today before Finals end.


It took a while to sort the reports and as it looks some is still missing. It don’t make it easier that the time stamps isn’t synced.
FC started in the morning but Hellas and Dogma was also involved.
















WW screenshots from Dacia


The building time for a WW is 305 hours, 12.7 days. Dacia made it on 16 days minus the roll back. It should have ended on Friday ~19:30 but instead it was today Sunday at 14:26.


New record for def 93.5 million


Inside WW



Building plan def



Inside BP




I will continue tomorrow with pictures from other WWs and last statistic.

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