Endgame day 12


Today’s biggest surprise was when the last WWk hit PL/Prime WW. Zeroed?!?  I talked with Dacia yesterday about a bug with the def in their WW. Troops starved even with full granuarys and enough of crop incoming.

In PL/Prime WW it is said that the troops suddenly disappear. An account could have 200k def in WW and next moment they have disappeared.

Can’t the server handle so much defence? I hope the tech team will take a close look at this.

[Dacia] CSA




I got contact with one of the players on CSA for a fast interview.

Safiren: Congrats to this servers mightiest hammer!


Lorant(Devil)-CSA, Thank you 🙂


Safiren: Did you expect to zero the PL/Prime WW?

Lorant(Devil)-CSA, No. We expected more defence.

We expected at least 1 lvl and the most 2 or 3.

But 81 lvl-s was a big surprise.

It was a big team effort.  🙂


Safiren: I think all of us is as surprised

Lorant(Devil)-CSA, Yes I don’t really know what happened there


Safiren: It have been talks about a def bug in WWs

Lorant(Devil)-CSA, Yes it is possible but even in case of a bug 81 lvl-s is exaggerated I think.

Like from 50kk deff they went to 10kk.

Something like that I think


Safiren: I guess will the tech will have to take a look on what happened

Lorant(Devil)-CSA, Yes definitely


Safiren: btw – this is an interview =)

Lorant(Devil)-CSA, Yes I know 🙂

It’s ok i read a few of your articles on the forum 🙂


Safiren: You are two on account?

Lorant(Devil)-CSA, Yes we are two on the account


Safiren: What is needed to build a hammer like that?

Lorant(Devil)-CSA, A lot of nerves, a lot of sleepless nights, a good dual (chuckle)

and a very good team that supports you the entire time 🙂

The account is the one who makes the troops or the hammer in this case but the team effort is the most important 🙂


Safiren: Do you had a trainer?

Lorant(Devil)-CSA, Yes we had the trainers unique talent(1/2 account effect)


Safiren: and a small diet too

Lorant(Devil)-CSA,Yes but the small diet at the end because the unique diet was moved to  WW Dacia, we needed it


Safiren: and small boots when the WWk was on the run

Lorant(Devil)-CSA, Yes the thing with the boots is that we didn’t want to make 24 hours to the WW

And the minus on the village was almost 1,2kk so to keep the troops alive is more easy 🙂


Safiren: How many hours did it take?

Lorant(Devil)-CSA, 10:22:21


Safiren: How do you feel now?

Lorant(Devil)-CSA, We feel good 🙂 We had the goal to make the biggest hammer in the Romanian confederacion.


The End Game made it possible for us to make the biggest Hammer of this final.

We hope next time to keep up with this performance. 🙂


Safiren: Can you tell us something about yourself and your dual? How long have you played Travian? How old are you? What do you do for your living? Do you have any hobbies?


Yes sure.

My name is Lorant. I am almost 24 years old(my birthday is on 9th may).I work at a delivery company in Germany. I am from Romania,Timisoara. I have played travian for 10 years now with a 2 year pause. My hobbies are Travian and skype :D, listening to music and traveling.


My dual’s name is Stefan. He is a Police officer in Romania. He is 34 years old. He have played Travian as well for 10 years i think. I don’t know what are his hobbies but i guess also playing travian 🙂

Safiren: Thank you!

I had 3 interviews prepared but they will have to wait until tomorrow. Goodnight!


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