Solid 15 december

I saw this link in a chat;….

If I understand it right Solid from Def&Dest, a Russian ally – Swedish players, settled a 15c in the Turkish player Poker’s area. Solid had an operation and Poker was locked (croplocked?)

In the 3 days that Poker was locked, Solid continued to smash Turkey villages around.

On the evening of the 3rd day it was time for revenge. After 2½hour the cropper was zeroed and resettled by Poker.

I have seen more nice reports but I’m still occupied with private business.

I’ve been told another version of the reports above. Solid was first in that area, Poker came later and the reason he was locked was that he was banned.

Later I got this from a player on Solid:

Martin Rian – Sinzey – Solid: Ahh alright, well I’ve been reading your corner posts, really nice work btw, I see we’ve been featured a couple of times, you haven’t really gotten the full story 😀
There was some talk about us losing our hs to POKER a while back, the reason behind it was some real sketchy stuff… or just using the “rules” for your advantage I guess.
Basically there was the new-years eve peace, a few hours after POKER was banned for 1 to 2 days (Can’t remember how long exactly), NOKTA started sending a bunch of fakes on us and allies close to us, he then got unbanned an hour before the attacks landed, he did not get any punishment of any sort, he then sent attack towards our hs which obviously was planned, how he got unbanned at the exact time they wanted, we do not know but it seems like sketchy.

The attacks weren’t timed 100% so we had plenty of time to gold things up in between, we had a sitter and the owner of  Solid doing it at the same time, which lead to us being banned for 1 hour because of “clicking too much”, I guess it’s an attempt to stop botting. (Pretty weird though imo, we were basically using 2gold every 3-5 secs for 20min+)
That’s not even the last part about it all – After all of that we’ve tried to find a way to get a new hs or a way to get POKER’s back, after mulitple off operations from turkish and german players where they targeted all of our support villages having 500+ attacks and an uncountable amount of hammers landing on our supps, we finally got some peace and tried to take a 15c from “GALENDER”, first try failed as they walled a couple of russians hammers before us, a week or 2 later we were going to try again, but when the fakes started raining upon GALENDER, the turkish/german players zeroed all of his villages so the pop difference would be too high so it would be near impossible to zero the village ourselves.

We then tried to take “Braverik” or “dady007″‘s hs, but they kept using vacation mode in their favor, we kept them off the vacation mode by sending long reinforcements after they got off, but they got deff walls instantly.
Finally we figured out a plan to get GALENDER’s hs even though the pop difference was crazy high, but as we should have expected… GALENDER was banned, and is still yet to be unbanned.

Last but not least, 3 days ago there was an off operation against POKER’s hs (As you wrote about and showed some reports from) which eventually helped us on Solid to being able to acquire the hs from POKER ourselves, is this the end? No, definitely not, the turks probably still have a bunch of sketchy plans..What, we do not know yet 😉

You can see some nice reports on…. Russians in NW in war with both Turks and China and giving complements to China to be worthy opponents.

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