Viva KSN – MoD

I asked viva about his opinion about the server.

Viva said that this Final have become boring because of the Russians, that they have destroyed the game. That the only chance to beat them is a meta as Dacia last year.

He also said that a Final without Russians would be more interesting because the Russians plays in a different league than we normal players do.

They would win even without a strategy because Russians have the best players and the best organisation. Which makes us others very poor players.
We are not able to cooperate, for example many CS players refused to play with Dacia this year because of conflicts between you last year.

Safiren : What to you think about Arabs and Turks? The Turkey Error ally? Winter?

viva KSN-MoD: the Arabs and the Turks big disappointment for me. They had so many players and they made almost nothing. CS had about 200 accounts at the beginning, they had thousands. They were some time even united.
The only chance for next finals is huge meta around Dacia again or Russia must play more teams two or maybe three 

2: Tell us something about yourself and your account. How many are you?, Male/Female/age/profession? How long have you been playing Travian/Tournament? What do you do whn you’re not playing Travian? Which music do you like?

I’m 37 years, male, I have tennis academy, I have been playing Travian for 7 years<<<<



Coup the Grace WINter

1 I have had many questions if you have cooperated with Russians or not. Can you tell us now when the server soon ends why you chose to play far out in NE?
Can you tell us your opinion about the server? What do you think about the other metas, The Turkey ally Error?

We did not cooperate with Ru-team from the very start of the server and literally not until the building plans, where the lines of responsibility were delimited (the general task was not to let the other teams take Bps).
We decided to play in the Northeast, so as not to interfere with the Ru-team and not interfere with each other in any way, well, to try our hand as independent.
Nevertheless, we played on the common interests of the Russian world.
I can say about the server like this: personally, I had the impression that all the teams would decide to play together on the miracle-building against the Russians because they saw how a formidable force we had 
It’s good that they have failed, a convincing victory has come about.
The Turkey ally Error was a rather weak formation, they finished their game even before the artifacts by our efforts, the interaction between them, between the players, is very weak and in general the level of even individual accounts is low.
About the rest of the teams, so everyone knows everything, or we did not strongly intersect with them to comment somehow. I can mark G & V meta, they are in an order of magnitude stronger ally then Error.

2: Tell us something about yourself and your account. How many are you?, Male/Female/age/profession? How long have you been playing Travian/Tournament? What do you do when you’re not playing Travian? Which music do you like?

My name is Alexander, in the game is more known under the nickname PriStoL. Our account was not particularly important on this server, the most interesting began after the BPs were dropped and a few enemy trains were sinked by us 
I’m 21 years old, a student. I started playing the travian for a long time, I do not remember exactly when )) This tournament is the second for me, the last time was at the World Cup 2014/2015.
What do I do when I’m not playing a game? I read, I walk, I watch movies and all the same things that ordinary people do  I like different music depending on my mood.

3 Anything else you want to say?

The tournament, in my opinion, is the most interesting round of all servers where everyone can find fun for themselves. There is a decent number of people playing compared to other servers in most countries, and at the same time the duration of the round is not that big, which is a plus 

I can wish the rest of the teams not to throw away the tournament next time and collect stronger teams 
Play more actively around the gray zone to take your BPs for the Wonder of the World – and happiness will be to them 

I thank all people with whom I communicated in this difficult round and those who supported me 

In Russian

1. мы не сотрудничали с Ru-team с самого старта сервера и буквально до свитков, где разграничили сферы ответственности ( общая задача была не дать взять свитки остальным сборным)
Мы решили играть на Северо-востоке, чтобы не пересекаться с Ru-team и не мешать друг другу ни в какой мере, ну и чтобы попробовать свои силы в самостоятельной игре
Тем не менее мы играли на общие интересы русского мира.
о сервере могу сказать так: лично у меня сложилось впечатление, что все сборные решили сыграть на чудострое совместно против русских в первую очередь, потому что увидели грозную силу)
Хорошо, что у них ничего не вышло, убедительная победа получилась.
The Turkey ally Error – довольно слабое формирование, они закончили свою игру еще до артефактов нашими усилиями, взаимодействие у них между игроками очень слабое и в целом уровень даже отдельных аккаунтов низкий.
про остальные сборные итак все всё знают, либо мы с ними не сильно пересекались, чтобы как-то комментировать
могу отметить G&V metas, они на порядок сильнее ally Error

2. Зовут меня Александр, в игре больше известен под ником PriStoL. Аккаунт наш ничем особо важным не отметился на этом сервере, самое интересное началось после выпадения свитков и слива нескольких паравозов вражеских у нас 
Мне 21 год, студент
В травиан начинал играть давно, уже и не помню точно когда))) Турнир этот для меня второй, прошлый раз был на ЧМ 2014/2015
Что я делаю когда не играю в игру? Читаю, гуляю, смотрю фильмы и все тоже самое, что обычные люди)
Музыку люблю разную под настроение

3. Турнир, по моему мнению, это самый интересный раунд из всех серверов, где каждый может для себя найти веселье, тут играет достоточное количество людей, по сравнению с другими серверами большинства стран, и в то же время продолжительность раунда не такая уж большая, что является плюсом)
Остальным сборным могу пожелать не бросать турнир в следующий раз и собирать более сильные команды)
Играть активнее около серой зоны, чтобы брать себе свитки для чуда света
и будет им счастье 

Благодарю всех людей, с кем общался в этом непростом раунде и тех, кто поддерживал меня)


Arxontas HellasDT

Arxontas78-SSS greece: It was an easy server without any excitement. We cleared our area at the start of the game so it was a little boring after. The pantz was good players but not very organized and without experience of the final, so our work was not very hard!
Many weeks before the start of the final we had already make the ally with the Russians and there was never another idea in the table so your information is wrong.
It was our second final and we played both times with Russians, both times we have won.
I choose always Russia because our cooperation is great always.

HellaDT made another great server and our meta have won again the final. Hellasdt have played until now 5 servers. The results are: 3 qualifications 3 wins alone as HellaDT. 2 finals 2 wins as members of the Russian team.
I think is a great achievement for my team and I have to say a huge thanks to all my players for that.
As for this final I think the Russian team won that very very easily. They have very good players, they are very organized – so the result is always VICTORY.


Cherul from THAI

1 Tell us your opinion about the server, the other metas, how it is to work with Russians.

– My opinion is that Final round 2016 Union teams can win without a rival. As a result of hard work all the time 100 days before the construction plan will appear.

Why not fair? I do not understand. Do not forget that we play under the same game environment. It is important that Russia has more knowhow than our competitors. These things can not be bought. But it is from experience accumulation to knowhow.

UNION meta, I was impressed because there was a defining area to our team. We had power to make decisions in our area. Our teams follow the rules strictly. Anybody exterrestrial will be eliminated.

Turkey Team, I see them raising the quality of the team up from last year. They have a lot of players. They control the Southeast. I think if they have a clear plan and play policy they will become awesome competitors.

ND Team, Thailand team worked with ND on the Final 2015. I think ND do not have the discipline to play. I feel they are relatively lazy, hard to communicate, no play policies that lead to victory. It made me decide not to work with ND again.

NB Team, We was competitors on Qualifier round 2015. At that time I felt they are a good team. but not arbitrariness. They used to invite Thailand team to the ASIA team around Final 2015, but it was unsuccessful because I felt that I had been offered an unfair offer. Later they had problems with Germany and Vietnam. If they are decisive and have a brave leader they will be a very good team.

Dacia & 777 team, I have always opposed them. I do not know much about this team. But they are the team I’m most tired of fighting. They are good quality and smart. I’m not sure why are they so weak this round?

Winter team, This is a very crazy team. I see them fighting with many teams in the North East. They have very good quality. If they have more players they have the chance to win by themselves. as qualifier round 2016.

Q : How it is to work with Russians.?
A : It happened mid-game on final round 2015. We used to send reinforcements to Muramasa&Co player when he was attacked by Dacia. I think the enemy’s enemies are friendly. After that we have non-aggression treaty. As ND-TH in Final round 2015 we sent reinforcements to Russia several times I. At the end of the round, Russia persuaded us to join team in the Final 2016.

2: Tell us something about yourself and your account. How many are you?, Male/Female/age/profession? How long have you been playing Travian/Tournament? What do you do whn you’re not playing Travian? Which music do you like?

I am 27 years old. I am male. I play Cherul account. and my sitter is Man_u42 account. I work in data center on a bank at Thailand. I’ve been playing this game since 2008. First time joined in 2012 tournament but no team. And executives of Thailand team in Qualifier round & Final 2015 and Qualifier round & Final 2016.
While not playing the game. I like to travel and take photos as a hobby. I like to listening alternative music.

3 Anything else you want to say?

This game is very hard to quit. I tried many times, but finally came back.

Thanks to the Turkish team. That made us awake at 3 AM to take care account almost daily and go to work in the morning.


Emerik  on Zalmoxis Wrath/Dacia

Bottom line, RU Team deserved to win WW race, hands down, well played, congratulations !
If I were to describe this server with one word that will be overkill …
After all is no secret anymore that russians have the biggest team and most skilled players from the server, year after year.
Plus they use all the tech and all the cheats and all the tricks from the book to get advantage.
Just check one of their veterans confessing here on this forum :…
And on top of that it’s almost hilarious to read interviews from HELLAS, Def&Dest or THAI being happy with the server as it was.
HELLAS won all qualification servers that they played on year after year, right ? So why they felt the need to ally with RU , to do what ?
THAI is a strong team , after all they player qualifications in group D against Dacia+777 and they won that server, no ?
But they allied with RU Team for Finals
Sheriffen is telling us how his skandinavian team is one of the best in terms of defence , so why provide all that additional defence to RU Team ? Do they even need it ?
Not to mention that one of russian leaders (mamba) invited bulgarians to joined them also (CerberBG) they produced also few hammers and several million def troops , last round for Dacia this round for RU Team… but why ?
Why russian leaders felt the need to kill the server ? To kill travian …
I think it’s also our responsability as veterans to learn from the past and keep this game balanced and fair play, it’s not just MH responsability… We need to enjoy playing our favorite game, and to play a server like this one is just not cool.
Not for the victims, who struggle for months without having a chance …
Not for the victors who somehow manage to motivate players to join their huge meta but 90% of the time have no action, no OPs, just sim, train def , train hammers .
I mean what is the point in spending all that money and time if there’s no balance to enjoy your victory properly ?
Just my 2 cents anyway…


Omaross from ND

My opinion … this server is corrupted, by admins. What happened in Bp is not normal or a matter of perfection. It’s just cheating. Travian is not a cumulative game. So it’s related to past finals. Let’s say it’s my first finals in travian … why you give advantage to old players over me? It’s not real it’s fake victory and we know travian history full of things like that (I have pics and videos ) but we think finals is fair but it is not.
Silence of Arab was a strength . Our strategy is not to go into any war so our def and hammers stay strong. And that what happened exactly. If you realized Russian attacked Turk and Dacia but they never attacked us. Why? I think because they knew our defense power so they knew they will got huge loses. I thought they will try to attack our WoW before Bp but they didn’t. Cause they know wwll that we got all of them. They didn’t even tried to weak us.
I have in my diet control def 8.5 million negative crop side to side to our WoW.

About other meta I think Dacia was not as always. Turk we gain them as friends and they played well with some mistakes.
We actually start to plan for next finals by one important step. We withdraw all our gold charged to make message to travian if your policy remain like this. I think we will not join the game. They must have a tough supervisor to admins, not treat them as gods . We need warranty that server gonna be fair .

Last qualifications I was defensive and this finals also. We are always first in top robbers last weeks before BP. With only 100 k clubs to feed 17 million def in our diet control. I think we played well but what happened destroyed the finals.

I have a lot of dual but we have different way to manage our accounts.
The main players
Me / Omar accountant 39
Khalid / officer 40
We have played travian since more than 10 years I think. I achieved biggest Roman hammer in T3.6. Hi used to play Chess but not as professional as a hobby. I am good with normal players 



Sheriffen Def&Dest

My name is Pontus and I’m from the deep forests in the south of Sweden. I have played Travian for nearly 10 years. I began my career on s7 and one of the other players was Safiren and after that I played several Swedish servers until I discovered the Tournament. After that I have kept to this server Except one I will begin on tomorrow after our victory here.

Ordinary servers is too slow, x2 is perfect for me.

I play alone on the Sheriffen account but with the two best sitters you can have. I only play offensive which fits me best and this year I have beaten all my old records in off points and will end on 580K which is good for an account without boost or support from fake accounts 

This Final have been a good one and the opposition have been too easy I think but as we settled in the boonies to keep the Turks from our area it did work very well.

The cooperation with Russians have worked as planned in contribution to some years ago when we played with Europe against the Russians 

Russians is skilled and that showed for example in that all Building plans ended on the right side  My ally has deffers in world class and that is crucial in such a server with the best players in the world…

Besides Travian I don’t play much, I spend most of my time in the nature, hunting and fishing. I like to go on festivals and travels a lot. My favorite music is Metallica and Zara Larsson !!

At last I only want to say: The three musketeers Sheriffen, Fluffy & King Kong will play se2. Look up! (If any will play se2) and next years Final we will cause chaos wherever we will play 

A huge praise to the def leaders in our dear ally which is the best one!!

Take care and thanks for a fun server and see you next year!

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