I’m not sure that my tries to not play Travian is a success. I have managed to hold to only one village in this Final until midgame and my settlers is on way to start my second. But… on my RoA server I suddenly have 10 villages. It’s a mystery, I was going only for an observation account there too. Maybe they reproduce themselves when I’m occupied with real life?


I had a RoA account on .se too but gave that away for over two months ago. See? I really tried to not play. The 19 December I click-clicked and suddenly I was back on the, very surprised, the guy hadn’t changed password. As it looked he left the account 2 weeks after I left. He also left 577 gold behind. The account was a farm, 20-30 incoming raids continuously on each of the 3 villages. It had 3 villages when I left, the new guy built 2 more, lost two and gave up. Not fit for Final that one ^^.


I couldn’t resist the challenge. Account isn’t a farm anymore but I wonder if players check their farm lists before they send them. Took most of them 2 weeks to realize a) They didn’t get any resources b) Their troops died or was trapped. Some of them reacted and payed me some visits with catas so I still have some rebuilding to do. And yes, now I have 6 villages and the 7th in a day or two..


When artifacts arrived I was up under the ceiling painting, our business center is closed this week to be renovated. I have 40 friends in the cellar enjoying our yearly Winter LAN party and trying to write something for my Corner too. It’s a bit fun, even the Russians complains that I write too little! Maybe this new year I will have more time.


Thanks to friends I have reports from artifacts. I’ve been told that the release was a bit different this time. The artifacts came in batches, first the large and then the small ones. The natar villages disappeared after the artifacts was taken, I don’t remember for sure but that must be quite new?


I also wonder about the release time. I thought it was 13 server time but when I check my treasury it says Natars at 12.00.


The earliest artifact was conquered 12:49 which is a bit late if 12 was release time and too early if it was 13.


12:49-13 4 artefacts

13-14 28 artifacts Great Architects, Diets and Trainers

14-15 19 artifacts

15-16 19 artifacts many fools

16-17 9 artifacts

17-18 5 artifacts

18-19 1 artifact

19-20 1 artifact

20-21 1 artifact




The RU meta 30 artifacts, not unusual that they takes the most of them =) 2 small Architects, 2 Great and the Unique. 2 small Boots, 1 great and the Unique. Eyes – 1 small 2 great. Diet – 2 small, 1 great. Storage and Trainer – 2 small 2 great of each. Confusion – 2 small, 1 great. Fool 3 small and the Unique. HellasDT took 6 artifacts and Def&Dest took 4.


Turkey 17 archifacts. Architects – 1 small, 1 great. Boots – 1 small, 1 great. Eyes – 2 small and the Unique. Diet – 1 small, 1 great. Trainer – 1 small. Storage – 1 small, 1 great. Confusion – 1 small, 1 great and the Unique. Fools – 2 small. Pesmerga took 3 artifacts.

Dacia 17 artifacts. None Architect. Boots – 2 small, 1 great. Eyes – 2 small, 1 great. Diets – 1 small, 1 great and the Unique. Trainer – 1 small, 1 great. Storage – 1 small. Confusion 2 small, 1 great. Fool – 2 small. PAN tz took 3 artifacts (and they are back in Dacia meta)

NE meta 7 artifacts. Architects – 1 small, 1 great. Eyes – 1 great. Diet – 1 small. Trainer – 2 small. Storage – 1 small. KAK took 2 artifacts.

Arabia 7 artifacts. None architect. Boots and Diet – 1 small of each. Trainer – 1 great and the Unique. Storage – 1 small, 1 great. Fool – 1 small. ND..4 and SNBO0OL took 2 artifacts esach

WINter 5 artifacts. Great boots, small eyes, great diet. Confusion 1 small and 1 great. WINter P took 2 artifacts.

We have a guy who wants to sell his small architect. An arab in NW with a small fool. And ~GO~ that have 1 small architect and 1 small fool. They are germans but I’m not sure if they belong to a meta. Rumour has connected them with Arabs.

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