Last statistics Part 4

The ND meta in SW have only two alliances on Top 20.

ND Top 9 pop, rank 24 off and rank 2 def. Mostly friendly chiefings.


ND-TH, Thai players, Top 10 pop, rank 44 off and rank 7 def. Conquers concentrated on Dacia ans Ukraines.


NE never managed to the necessary co-operating for a real chance in endgame. Three active WWs in the same quad is two too many. NB – Chinese was the only ones that had 2 building plans. Vietnam got one and Germans none

TI~DE Top 13 pop, rank 11 off and rank 17 def. Vietnam and Hellas was the primary opponents.


FC-DE Top 15 pop, rank 15 off and rank 25 def. WIN and Hellas was primary targets.


REN A Top 18 pop, rank 34 off and rank 9 def. Russians was the decided enemy but French lost more villages then they conquered from them.



@NB-2, the biggest Chinese ally, rank 30 pop, rank 68 off and 30 def. Lost more villages then conquered.


VN@FINAL rank 53 pop, rank 20 off and rank 26 def. Germans was the enemy and chiefed more then they lost.


HELLAS. Greeks, rank 33 pop, rank 47 off and rank 15 def. Primary target DI-Hive (DI(ex)).



HELLAS H, The most offensive Greek players formed an own ally. Rank 90 pop, rank 51 off and rank 116 def. They continued to concentrate on the area around  WW 0/100. DI-Hive merged  with DE-WWF and was primary target. Hellas goal was to take the area and they succeeded in that.


I got pictures from Anafi to show how well they had done.  Hellas are blue.


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