The Metas- NW

Time to take a look on the metas. Most of allys have formed up and that makes is easier to count. I have counted 7484 of 9278 players. All allys with 10 members or more.

As usual I have made some mistakes – probably. Be my guest! Most is right though and so it is possible to make the first prediction about the server.

Have fun, I have ^^

I start with the easiest quad, NW. The most homogene quad where all from the last Final gathered again. With some accidents they worked well together and as they looks quite sure to do it again.


I have separated the NW meta in 5 maps or it would be a mess.

Czeck&Slovakia 405 players

Poland 298 Players

Romania 262 players


Hungary 225 players

Balkan 202 players…

NW meta has 1392 players. Who are their enemies? Well, there is always the turks ^^

Turkey 199 players

And so we have the small ally Legion from International. 19 members. Whatever their planes about settling in NW it will have no influence on the server. The same for the turks. As last time they will be whip out. If turks was able to agree about to land in same quadrant they could be more then something for other players in the quad to play with.

So except the turks willingness to be the only enemy the players in NW will have a boring server, only the neighbors to querrel with about oases.

NW have 4 “fronts”, WW -100/100, that will be hard for their opponents to do something about. WW 0/-100, also far away from enemy. They have also a front in the center, those WW’s can’t be leaved all lonesome ^^ And of course they see to have players prepared at -100/0 too

Summary: NW have to be one of the favourites in endgame. With no real enemies they can prepare for endgame from start. They will have no problem taking all artifacts that spawn in the area.

So next question is: Do NW as last time have connections to NE?

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