Statistics before midgame and artefacts

First a look on the Grey Zone, counted 26 December. The settling here continues. Maybe Grey Zone will be filled with villages before endgame?

Russian: Hamsters 38, USSR 5, Azbuka 12, 13, FV 7, Ded 9, MightyRU 21, Mega&Co 15=120
Italians 292
Bgtangra 74
FL 7
EU-Clown 2
Chinese 5
LAT 16
arab 2

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NW is most crowded, not many free spots out to 140. If the unique artifact will spawn around 50 there are not many choises. Hamsters (Russians), Romanians and Italiens are settled around the few ones. Even big arties will have hard to spawn except out to the borders of the quadrant. Maybe the best chance to get an arty is to zero an own village to make a free spot ^^ I would be tempted to give that a try *chuckle*

NE is crowded out to 50, more possibillitys here and more nations that have a chance to be the lucky one and found the unique beside. A bit out there are also areas very crowded.

SE,crowded out to 30. in the 50 coord area there are mostly Italians and MightyRU (Russians) with friends.

SW, the crowded area here runs out to 30-40 and then only half settled out to the 50 area where it’s a band of villages filling nearly every spot. Arabs, Portugal, and Equinox (Russians) are the biggest allys here.

The biggest players

Norway is the leading ally with 3 players amongst the top 6. 5 of them is EU-meta and 1 (rank 2) is a lonely? Chinese. First Russian on rank 10.

5 players from NE, 2 from SE, 2 from SW and 1 from NW on top 10.

The biggest alliances

Enola (Russian) is the biggest ally. KSN&MoD (Czech-Slovakia) on second rank and EU-TRWL (Norway) on the third.

NW: Enola, KSN&MoD and TP1 (Polen)
NE: EU-TRWL,EU -M- (France and [U] (Russian)
SE: MightyRU (Russian), Family1 (Chinese) and Ax. (Chinese)
SW: 3RB (Arab)


Turks are the ones that have bought most scrolls as they have 3 heroes on top 10. Fant may have had some help with fighting points too since he is top 1 attacker. A bit mysterious since he had settled out on 400/250.

Attackers players

As mentioned a Turk on first rank, followed by 5 Russians. 

Attackers alliances

With Enola on top followed by 5 more Russians allys the russians shows that they still are a force to count with. Even with near the hole server against them they are not an sitting bird.

8 of top 10 is Russians, 5 of them in NW. TP1 (rank 7) and KSN&MoD (rank 10) is also in NW.

Deffers players

Rank 1 and 2 belongs to Russians. A romanian on 3rd rank, a polish an 6th and a yugoslav on 9th. 7 of 10 is Russian.

NW 6, NE 2, SE 1, SW 1

Deffers alliances

Mostly Russians here too, 8 of 10. The 7 first, Hamsters in top followed by Azbuka with nearly half as many players. An Italian ally, EUollasL ,on rank 8 followed by TP1. 5 allys is based in NE. 4 in NW.


Natars in top with 666. A french next with 9 conquests. A russian and a swede on 2nd and 3rd. 4 more russians and 3 polacks fills in up to rank 10.


Family(Chinese) have rank 1, 3 (Ax.) and 4. Enola (Russian) on 2nd. EU-TRWL (Norway) on 5th.

All counted on Dec 26.

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