Week 5

This week I can offer the Russian rules for their alliances/players and an interview with a guy that tired on all the problems on this Final.

The text of a treaty of alliance

1. Fundamentals

1.1. The present treaty of alliance between the two groups of alliances is ru-area participating in the World Championship of Travian 2012-2013, played in the same sector and in different sectors under the code name (here and below) ru-tim
1.2. This agreement provides a level playing field for all alliances entered into the contract.
1.3. This agreement governs the relationship of alliances in the areas of contact on the line separating the zones of influence

2. The rights and obligations of the parties.

2.1. The Parties undertake to abide by this Agreement for the duration of its action and the right to demand compliance.
2.2. Parties can help each other: military, diplomatic and resource without notice other contractors
2.3. The Parties undertake not to conduct military and intelligence operations against each other.

3. The base village and share a room.

3.1. Reason the second village, and further seizures and settlement kropovyh cells are made only through the Coordinators.
3.2. Before the beginning of the base or capture kropovoy cells (does not apply to ordinary villagers) player submits a request coordinator.
Application for settlement kropovoy cells (15 or 9) is applied, subject to the Coordinator Poselov (zakazanom third settlers) and the European Commission for the establishment of the village. Occupancy is made after confirmation of the possibility of settlement. If confirmed, the application for the capture of the player has three days to its implementation. If the village is not captured, the application will be canceled.
3.3. Prohibited without the mutual agreement to establish and capture villages within the zone around strangers trehkletochnoy villages.
This rule does not apply in cases when the village is based on the instructions Facilitator of
3.4. Claims for shares, taken within three days of its founding, or capture the disputed village.
3.5. If the conflict caused by the base (capture) villages in the zone of influence of one of the parties has not been settled, the injured party has the right to capture (peeling) of such villages. At the same party guilty of conflict has no right to send reinforcements to a village.
3.6. Seizure of villages accounts derived from an alliance ru-zone agreed with the head of the alliance.
03.07 Arrival at the borders of East and West sectors:
a. If a player wants to take a cell on the border sector in its area and claims to HAP located on the other side of the border he has to check with your coordinator is not against a neighboring sector. Coordinator clarifies the representative neighboring sector allocated to address these issues.
b. If a player wants to take kropovuyu cage on the other side of the border in the same sector, it must request a permit from the representative of a neighboring sector.
a. If the player was denied, but he decided to put his village in the adjacent sector or take HAPs from a neighboring sector, adjacent sector may roll away a village and HAPs. The player has no right to put deficit. The final decision shall be made after the talks, the perpetrator sector and representatives of the affected sector

4. Oases.

4.1. All oases within reach belong coalition and will be used most effectively.
4.2. Priority use of crop oasis:
Capital pyatnaha, nine metropolitan, metropolitan seven, six metropolitan, pyatnaha, nine.
4.3. Priority use nekropovyh oases.
Six Capital, Capital Seven, the capital nine.
4.4. In case of equal capitals (pyatnaha pyatnaha-, nine-nine, etc.) live player has priority over a cartoon, two live players that anyone with this oasis of a large parish CROP (for example if one of the players gets to this oasis sumarno + 75 and the second 100, then the one who gets to +100) in the event of a tie, and this parameter receives the first populated. If the dispute does not stop even after taking into account all factors, the final decision rests with the head of the Coordination Council of the sector
4.5. In other cases, the priority is the first capture oasis player.

5. Staging a DEF player ru-zone.

5.1. Staging a DEF player ru-zone foreign or captured villages and oases prohibited. Exception: when the village (the oasis does not apply!) Is an attack on the part of the player, which does not belong ru-tim. Ban on setting DEF is valid for one day from the capture of the village / oasis.
5.2. In the capture of the village a player must: rename the village to “TITLE ALLIANCE!” And send a message to the capture of each player ru-zone, from which there attack.
5.3. When you capture an oasis player shall: send a message about capturing each player ru-tim, from which come the attack, the capture of the oasis, indicating its origin.
5.4. In case of violation of the rules set out in paragraphs 5.1. – 5.3., He must compensate for the loss of troops attacking resources double.
5.5. If the attack on the village / oasis repeated after reading the letter of warning, if the day is not yet over, this should inform the management of the alliance attacking player, which will take the necessary measures.
5.6. The player who continues to farm village / oasis, after receiving and reading the reports of the capture of the oasis / village is obliged to compensate the owner of the oasis / village loss ests double.
5.7. At any time after the ban on the substitution of DEF and provided direction to other players written notice of the seizure oaza / village claims DEF substitution of players will not be accepted and payment is not lost troops. In this case, the attacker must compensate the owner of the village / oasis loss (DEF, ests) double.

6. Artifacts.

6.1. All the artifacts seized players ru-zone are owned by py-team and used the most effective way for it. The concept of “my artifact” does not exist.
6.2. Issues of priority to the use of artifacts speed units training, speed and reduced grain consumption and coordinators decide offkory artifacts.
6.3. Questions of priority of use and storage of other artifacts decides leadership coalition.

7. Contacts.

7.1. The Parties undertake not to unions or newer other national teams
7.2. Players are allowed to enter into private agreements with the players outside the coalition, but has no right to claim them from the other players ru-tim. May be asked to explain. Require prohibited.
7.3. The coalition has no “personal def-alliances”, “personal defery.” The player is either in the hands-team or is an outsider.

8. Conflicts.

8.1. Unfortunately, conflicts between players is inevitable. But even if they occur, occur and they should be resolved correctly. Insults in chat rooms and in person are not permitted. For the players, neglecting the rules of communication, and constantly provoking or initiating conflict, measures will be taken to the exclusion of the coalition. Even if the person – a great player, but can not respect those who fought with him shoulder to shoulder, we do not need.
8.2. If a player is one of allov refuses to comply with the decision of the union contract – APL undertakes to eliminate that player from their ranks and roll
8.3. Procedure for resolution of conflicts and disputes.
8.3.1. All conflicts are resolved special council consisting of 12 players (3 on each sector).
8.3.2. In the event of an attack of one of the representatives of the Parties to the representative of the other party agrees to indemnify the attacker to the victim 200% of losses (cost of DEF and nafarmlennyh ests). In the case of exploration of one of the Parties, the attacking party must pay 10k explored resources of every kind, regardless of success.

9. Miscellaneous.

9.1. Exploitation of bugs in the coalition is strictly prohibited. If you find a bug player must immediately report it Multihunters.
9.2. Players shall not use bots, scripts, and other things, that the rules allowed, is at the risk of the player. In the event that a player is required to ban immediately inform the head of the alliance, pointing out the true cause of the lock.
9.3 All the above rules apply also to the gray area unless otherwise specified additions to the contract.

9.4. Terms of the contract can only be changed by mutual desire of the Parties. The changes take effect immediately upon approval by all parties.
9.5. In their mutual relations shall be governed by the principles of equality and mutual respect.


I met this player. Disappointed over Travian’s way to handle all jams that have been since the beginning. And the resource bug ended his patience.

This is a true story about what happens if you really claims your money back.



This whole episode started shortly after the resource bug came to light. A few players in the alliance spotted it and, sadly, abused it. It soon became clear that it allowed certain players (not all) to gold up buildings and yet receive back the resources spent in the building process.

The bug only lasted a few hours but in that time those players were able to increase their CAP crop fields from 10’s to 15’s and 16’s, something which would normally take a few weeks at least.

This is on top of the event jams we’ve all experienced since early on in the game.

So, I asked Support what was being done about it. I was told to contact TG HQ which I did but several days and emails later, I still had no response.

In the end I decided that if nothing was being done then there was no point playing in a biased server so I raised a dispute with PayPal on all the deposits I’ve made so far.

At last a email that got the HQs attention.


I emailed Travian HQ several times about the resource bug and did not get a single reply. This constant innability or reluctance to resolve this mess has left me with no choice than to quit the game and raise a payment dispute with PayPal..


Darren Anscombe


The answer (which not can be quoted) shortly says that the earlier messages with complaints can’t be remembered.

Happy over the first response I forwarded my complaints again. searching justice.



As I am sure you are aware there have been numerous tech problems with the 2012 Championship server, the latest being the resource glitch during the last maintenance upgrade.

I would like to know why this has not been resolved yet. If players have abused a known bug then they have violated the rules and should be punished. At the very least a server roll-back should happen, again, in line with the advice given by yourselves when you click on 00:00:0? link.

I look forward to receiving a speedy reply.

Kind regards

Darren Anscombe


The most surprising thing in the answer is that it claims that players that have abused the rules have been punished.

A bit irritated over what seemed to be a pure lie I typed the next mail.


In what way were they punished ? I know of 3 people from my last alliance that seriously abused the bug and haven’t received any punishment at all so what are you basing this on ?

If this is the case, why has it not been reported in the forum ? I’m sorry but I do not believe you at all. In any case, this server is not fit-for-purpose and never has been since the beginning.

I have now upgraded to a full claim with PayPal since it is clear TG are unwilling to provide an adequate service.




The account received an instant ban. Since it’s a automatic message like those who comes with registration it should be ok to quote.


Sender: Support

Subject: Account banned due to PayPal chargeback

Sent:19/10/12 10:48 pm


Your account has been banned due to a negative booking of your PayPal provider. Sadly we have received a chargeback.

For chargebacks we unfortunately have to pay a lot of fees and beyond that we have a lot of work. Therefore we have no other choice than closing your account until the issue has been solved.

As soon as the amount including fees is paid, we will unban your account. You have to pay all banking fees yourself.

If we receive a scanned receipt or screenshot of the transfer, we will be able to unban your account before receiving the money.

Please transfer the amount:

Package: 48.25 EUR

Fees: 5.00 EUR

Total: 53.25 EUR

with the subject: comf-1021

to the following bank account:


Electronic transfer is the only option in order to unban your account.

This message was automatically generated. An answer is not necessary.

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact chargebacks@traviangames.com

Yours sincerely,

Accounting Department

TG Payment GmbH


Darren: Either the support staff are lying or their “superiors” have told them a lie. Either way, this is unacceptable. I raised the PayPal dispute to a full claim and received notification today that the claim was successful.

If this was a normal server then I would be ticked off. But this isn’t a normal server. It’s a Championship server with cash and prizes to be won. If TG can’t abide by their own rules (ie, abusing a known bug is cheating and will be punished) then how can they expect everyone else to follow-suit ? This whole server is untenable, on the verge of fraudulent and should either be terminated with full refunds for everyone, or a rollback to before the bug happened.

In that case why bother playing any server if Travian will do whatever they feel they can get away with ? Fools will always be fools. I have my money back and will never play again. You can all do whatever you want.

Who is the fool in this situation ?

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