I had difficulties to adept to a slow server in the beginning but after the start on kingdoms test which is a 3x I think I’m lucky this server is 200 days and only 30 have gone 😀

I have begin my meandering journey around Rise of Alliances and the first presentation is about Lords. An interview with the leader, some maps and a visit in their ally chat. Although they mostly was to shy to talk with me I got one more interview and saw an appeal to attack more to not lose the top rank on attackers for the week to TM. Lords got it so congrats 🙂

First a look on the usual gt map, Lords with wings and confeds. When I started my research Lords was expanding toward North East with exception from .War. that is located in South East and neighbors with Murx. The new wing Lords! with the confed IDTS! is located in North West and South West.

When I’m writing this they changes name on the allys.



Together they for now have the majority in 14 regions with many valuable artefacts.

Lords 59 members. Regions:

Bagacum 66% small diet


Aquileia 61% small diet


Vandali great boots 36%.


Lords* 55 members. Regions: 

Burgundi 84% small trainer


Venedae 66% small architect


Marcomanni 58% small eyes


Lords+ 34 members. Region: 

Sarmatia 77% small trainer.


Lords! 49 members (former Anthrax). Regions:

Mogontiacum 66% small storage


Argentorate 63% small confusion.


WAR 60 members. Region: 

Segestica 67% small architect.


.War. 46 members. Region:

Salona 62% small fool.


IDTS! 58 members. Regions:

Alalie 82% great architect


Caralis 80% great trainer


Lilybaeum 71% small trainer.


Interview with Lord Aslan


Safiren: Start with some basic info about yourself.

Chris (Lord Aslan/Lords):

(Basic RL Info)
My name is Chris, I’m male, 26 years old and currently living in UK.

(Basic Game Info)
My current server: Tournament + RoA
My IGN: Lord Aslan
My Skype: Lord-Aslan

(Something extra for the audience)
My name is Chris, I’m 26 years old, born in South Africa to Missionary parents and immigrated to the UK in 2004 at age 14. after school had some work exp then went and studied theology in Scotland. I’ve just come back (August) from a two year mission trip where I had the privilege of working with remote shepherds in the mountains of Lesotho (Africa).

I’ve been playing travian since 2007, starting out with the name Aslan, till I formed Lords of Travian in 2008 with 23 other pre-arranged players who all went in with the prefix of Lord… been playing under the name Lord Aslan since.

I’m well known for founding Lords on the 2009 t3.6 beta server which had 28k registered players – the largest at the time by a long way. Lords ended up winning the server with myself ending rank 1 off.

Since then I kind of retired from any serious travian game-play, just keeping up to date in the game by playing on the uk servers, and writing guides.

My dream right now is build an international community of players, and turn Lords from an Alliance, into a community. This year I’ve started a forum community which you can find at www.lordsoftravian.com with a view of creating a community to rival and even better the travian forum community.

All my future guides will be going on there only. So far there is a guide written for RoA on there that is quite useful which contains information you cant find anywhere else on the web.

Safiren: Which versions have you played?

Chris: I have played all versions since t2.5. But not SE only RoA.


So far RoA is my favourite start game version, and as start games are my favourite part of the game, I think this could become my favourite version!

Safiren : Kingdom?

Chris (Lord Aslan): Kingdom?

Safiren : have you played that?

Chris (Lord Aslan): Lol all these names are confusing- isn’t that the tournement?

Safiren : no it is Travian version 5.0

Safiren : apparently you haven’t 😀

Chris (Lord Aslan): lol apparently not, link?
Chris (Lord Aslan): oh haha I already registered to Kingdoms but was while I was in Africa and it took too long to load 😀

After a while:
Chris: …this game is hilarious!

Safiren : well, I return to RoA questions 🙂

You liked the fast start i RoA, what do you think about the regions?

Chris (Lord Aslan): the regions makes organization of leadership early on more important and helps players to have more of a team focus than individual.

Safiren: You have a NAP with WAR. Any comments about that? They are moving in the same direction as you but their wing stays at the border to Murx area.

Chris: Our NAP with WAR is fairly new, we know we want to work together and as the server progresses we’ll see how that develops.

Safiren: I’ve done maps. Lords is expanding towards the Baltic Sea and Russia. 2 small trainers, great boots. In RoA you can’t move the artifacts. What do you do instead? Change ally? Any comments about your strategy?

Chris: A member simply needs to change wing to get use of the arti, we have no issues doing that as we’re all one alliance.

Can’t tell you what our game plan is- we don’t even tell our members. We spent a good 72 hrs developing a detailed game plan as a leadership team this last week which we’re already starting to put into action and which the server will start to see some results of soon!

Safiren : lol, I had to recheck my maps for changes and found that you have a new wing ^^

Any comments? 😀

Chris (Lord Aslan): 😛 Anthrax has decided to fully merge with the Lords community and we’re happy to have them 🙂

Safiren : (chuckle)



Interview with Romeo Alpha

Safiren: So what do you think about RoA?

Alanas (Romeo Alfa)I think this is a great mode. Altough for new players it’s kinda difficult to find out what’s going on at first. But I like it, and it encourages team coordination more than ever. Something different to what we used to have, maybe it will help to bring old Travian players back.

And no auction is great! Makes a game more equal and also quite similar to Old Travian, which people were begging for. But it’s also more time consuming as you cant build cluster. You need to split your villages by a long distance to cover a much greater area.

About myself: I am 21 years old architecture student from Lithuania. I’ve played Travian since I was a kid 😀 Like 8years now.. Although, ended only few servers, always lost my motivation.


I enjoy playing Travian because, well..I don’t really know, I just like it and I suppose that once you start playing Travian you can‘t really stop it, don‘t you?

Safiren : Yes, it’s easy to get addicted to it. Is RoA more motivating?

Alanas (Romeo Alfa): Yeah, in some way. Because you have to push yourself to get those region control points and if you don’t, your enemies might get too far ahead.



Killing clubs



A follow home by Lord Aslan:


A private war between two players initiated by the first player accusing the second for reinforces farms with def and hero to get def points.

(after this a complete lock)





(after this a complete lock)





An attack on Demon player

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