I’m a member of “The Friends of the Swedish Railway Museum”. The 31 May we (40 people) departed from Gävle Museum for a 750 km journey (100 km/h) to the Museum in Ängelholm. When you are a Friend you have access to the trains belonging to our museum so we traveled with a RC 1007 locomotive, built 1967. We had a restaurant wagon, a bar wagon,a wagon with arm chairs (very comfortable), two sleepers, a cinema wagon and a freight wagon.

It was my first journey with the Friends and it was so awesome to travel with your own train!


Day 2

Old trains are noisy! I didn’t fall asleep until we arrived to our destination 5:30 in the morning. I got a couple of hours sleep before husband woke me up for breakfast. Todays mission was to make everything ready for the anniversary. After dinner we spent the evening in Sahlins wagon – the bar. Cozy armchairs here too.



Day 3

You can’t have a Railway anniversary without a steam locomotive. This was build 1900 and in use to 1979, I was told. You could buy a ticket for a short trip. The children was fascinated (and parents too) when the conductor cut the tickets in the old fashion way!


Steam train




Day 4

This is the cutest little steam train I ever have seen! It was built 1888 and renovated 1890 when the Swedish king Oscar II wanted to try it. Of course a royalty couldn’t sit on hard wooden benches so a Royal coupe was created in the front with padded cushions on the seat, double glass in the windows and a little stove so His Majesty shouldn’t be cold.


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