Waiting for qualification to end.

Since last time I have published an interview with an german diplomat. We also talked a lot about the remakable amount of russian site for cheating. It is so sad. Every time I talk with players around the world, the first thing they say about russians is “the cheaters”.  It doesn’t matter how skilled the russias are as long they are known to be cheating they will not be honoured for this. There is also two interviews from International, one  AIM and one russian ww-holder.

If you already have read those articles you have some new ones I have added today. A Travian Profile interview. A very fun comic strip about the russian disagreements before the Final by Evilga.

A short summary: Since the russians have had no real competition on the last rounds, one russian leader, Krios, have decided to gather the best alliances in NW and go for the victory themselves. He doesn’t care what the other russians do. The rest of the russians have no clear leader but be sure they will show up nevertheless and bring chaos on the server.

The russians will not be as organized as last time. Will that increase the posibillitys to a more equal server?

At last an analysis about how many players that will join the Final 2013. Alot of text and numbers, but if you make it trough it contains a lot of information.

I haven’t finished my round to all qualification servers, sorry. But this is a hobby for the dark half of the year and in my part of the world it is still summer 🙂



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