A Newspaper for Travian players around the world.


I have always believed that communication is an importent part of the game. This is a try to ease the players way in to the big world of Travian by collect information and offer communication between players, allys and servers.

And to be honest a place where I could write without restrictions in fear of hurting poor TG admins feelings. Of course I will do my best to tell you the positive and interesting things firsthanded but if the players are displeased with TG’s way to handle things – I will write about that too.

Skype is the most usual way to communicate beween travian players and if there is any interest for it, I will open chat rooms for worldwide communications.
TG’s strategy with national domains and native forums is appreciated  by the players. To be able to communicate on your own language is highly valuable. But it also have an inbuilt danger. The servers and domains are inbreeded. The players know to much about each other and the best ones can’t find opponents good enough to motivate them to continue the game. T4 didn’t make that better, the possibillity to buy your way to the first village and the best hero do not gain the best skilled players and certinally not engage them in showing  us other how things should be done.

I have for a long time argumentet that players shall visit other domains to meet new players and to discover new strategies and develop their way to play. Some also do, the curious ones that like to discover what is behind the horizont and alliances who want to challenge other domains best teams.

If this newspaper shall work in the intended way I need help to collect information. There are many travian players that have done excellent guides. Some have done nice videos on youtube. There are a lot of websites offering information and helpful tools for the game. My intention is that this should be a place where you can find the most useful ones.

Where will the next interesting server start? What is happening in the qualification tournament? Who are the best players/alliances in the world? From time to time I will post interviews and short stories but the beautiful swedish summer is here with its amazing bright nights and I will enjoy and thrive in my garden too 🙂

This will be the place to post links, get information and news, search for duals from other time zones, meet new contacts and to discuss the game.


A place for Travian players  world wide.

Contact me if you want to be my reporter or  spy for a domain.




“The Official Spy”

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