Anglosphere 2 November

Hi! I’m Safiren, the Official Tournament Reporter, and I got curious about this server. Someone said it was like a mini Tournament.  Scarecrow draw me into a prestart chat and I asked for permission to join the ally chat for the server. Well there I asked if someone was willing to let me in on an account so I can check what is happening and Charlie on Panda was kind and let me in 🙂

For you that not know me  that is my usual way to work in the 6 qualification servers, I only hold my own account on one server and on the rest I’m working as embedded reporter.

I’ve sent interview request to  leaders on the top20 alliances. Naturally the players are a bit suspicious and don’t know if they shall answer my questions or not. It’s never easy to start my Corner on a new server 😀

I assure you that I am quite harmless =)

A couple have been brave enough to answer, one need translation and I have to confess that I’m not sober enough to try to do that this Friday evening.

I haven’t much to say about the server so far. It is a slow and it take a while before things starts to happen. Of most interest for now is if the alliance members got their cropper or not. When I check getter it seems that Bifrost is the ally that is best on simming and have settled most second villages.

The amount of accounts have passed 2200 but the last days all that have joined have been gauls and I expect them to be deleted most of them. TG’s new system to discover multies and bots  will  pick them out.

This is the first server for me with the small map and I look forward to see the different strategies that will be needed.

On the Tourney I’m allowed to be in several allychats but you might not be ready for that yet, in any case I hope that you will dare to invite me for an evening to talk about the server. As I’ve seen in other post on this forum this new server is appreciated by many by the challenges it implies.

I hope you will like this first part of my special Corner for this server 🙂



The first interview is with Emogirl from Cereals.


Hello Safiren,

Nice to hear from you :) We are a dual team so will try to answer for both. :)

1. Introduce yourself: Who are you? Male/female, age, profession? Where do you live? For how long have you played Travian? What do you do when your not playing?

We are both males who played against each other in our first server, then sat each other in the same alliance in our second server, and have finally decided to dual! Our normal IGNs are DaegontheSnake (26 years, lawyer, lives in the UK but originally from Georgia), and Gellewza (34 years, computer systems administrator, lives and is from Malta).

2. Tell us about your alliance: History -new ally or old, what have you achieved together? Which server do you usually play on? Why did you chose to play on this server?

Our alliance is a relatively new one. We joined together last server and played with another bigger alliance (MFH on UK1). This server we decided to stay amongst ourselves as friends and see what we can make of it. We are a relatively small alliance with a range of different experiences (mostly in the beginners’ sphere), but all get along extremely well, which is really the genesis of creating and playing together. We weren’t picky which server we’d play so picked the first one which started after UK1. As luck would have it, seems like it will be a competitive and bloody server which is always our preference :)

3. What do you know about the other alliances here? Anyone you recognize/ have fighted with before?

We haven’t really engaged other alliances as much. We see there is an American 1776 alliance in our quad and a Finnish Vikings one with a few wings. We expect to have some engagement with both of them at some point this server. There are also a number of our previous allies playing in REBEL so good to see some friendly faces around!

4. Your goal for this server: Only have fun? New challenges? Victory? Who will be your primary enemy?

We are not about winning. For us playing as a team, playing fairly and having fun are the most important things. Who knows, we might come away with a few surprises!

5. Name 5 players on this server that you want to know more about and I will try to interview them.

I guess we should pick a few from our quad:
Mike Scofield
Mean Machine 00

Thank you!




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