I had to do a lot of maps for SW because it is so crowded. Let’s start with the Italians.
I haven’t double-checked the numbers/artefacts. They are a week old.

2 small boots, 1 small storage, 1 small fool.

Great architect, boots, eyes, confusion.

Unique fool.

WoW 0/-100 and -5/11.

Two strongholds, one close to centre and the other around -150 at the border to NW.

346 accounts.

The second big part of this meta is the Arabs

2 small diet, 2 small trainers, I small storage, 1 small confusion, 2 small fools.

Great diet and storage.

Most Arabs have settled far out. Notable is that Power-full that have hold the top raider position with the double amount raided compared to the others until now have dropped down. Can it have something to do with that the second alliance around him, PWR-B has got most of their members deleted? And a lot of accounts in his area have been turned to natars…

281 accounts.

The third part of this meta is G&V, and NewOrder.

NewOrder: 1 small boots, 2 small eyes,1 storage and 1 fool.

Great eyes, Confusion.

Unique boots

G&V: small diet and trainer.

Great architect, trainer

Unique architect

WoW -100/0

G&V is situated in SW on the border to NW, NewOrder in NW.

151 accounts.

This map contained 3 Vietnamese alliances but they joined their meta in SE. Left is NKRI and Fr

NKRI: small artefact.

Several NKRI-players have settled as far out as you can go. There is a small Russian ally named Fr that also have settled far out.

73 players

Summary: After that the Vietnamese left this meta is down to 851 accounts, still biggest on the server. Seems at a bit overkill for a meta in qualification. Ofc favorites to win the server due to the amount of players – if they cooperate and not only use the meta to sim trough the server 😀

Natassa in G&V holds as usual a WW. Will she finally be the winner of a qualification?

Together they hold a great amount of architects even though they lost not so few when the Vietnamese changed side.

The opponents on the last map from SW is Exodus and DT.

Exodus: Small architect, eyes, trainer and fool.

Great storage and confusion.

Booth have formed strongholds a little bit out between Italians and Arabs but close enough to have some fun.

Even though their low number, 159/18 they don’t seems to be worried to fight against the meta with 5x as many players.

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